What happened to Zombie House Flipping?

How Zombie House Flipping is adjusting to the Tampa market

The most recent fifth season of Zombie House Flipping has changed the format of the show completely by adding teams in Tampa and Dallas.

The most recent season of Zombie House Flipping focuses on how dilapidated houses are flipped into beautiful homes that are ready to sell, just like in the previous seasons.

However, this season introduced two new teams, known as the Tampa team and the Dallas team, to the show. It also included the original Orlando team.

How does Zombie House Flipping work?

Most home renovations only require a fresh coat of paint and a few new decorations, but the so-called “Zombie” houses that the crew on Zombie House Flipping decide to renovate are in such bad condition, that they seem somewhat unfit to live in.

In fact, many of the houses on the show have even been described as scary-looking.

The team on Zombie House Flipping spends most of the show completely fixing up and revamping these disgusting houses in order to turn them into beautifully-decorated and designed modern homes that can then be resold for top dollar upon completion.

What happened to Zombie House Flipping?

When Zombie House Flipping first started airing in 2016, fans of the show immediately grew to love what long-time fans of the show now refer to as the “OG” team, which was mainly based in Orlando Florida.

This crew comprised an already-established team with Peter Duke and Keith Ori in charge of the construction component of the renovation projects, along with Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly, who both had extensive experience in the real-estate and flipping markets.

Though this team and their personalities were such an integral part of the show, it seems like the producers of the show decided to go in a different direction for the most recent, fifth season.

The fifth season of Zombie House Flipping officially started airing on 3 December 2022 on A&E, just like all the previous episodes of the show.

But what was different about this season, however, was that the show was now split between three different crews. These consist of the original team in Orlando, with a new team in Tampa and a new team in Dallas.

Justin and Ashlee from the original Zombie House Flipping Orlando team were also notably missing from this season and had seemingly been replaced by a new permanent Orlando crew member, Alynne Cordray.

Fortunately, Peter, who had taken some time off to focus on his personal life in the previous season, returned to the show in its fifth season and continued to work on new flipping projects with his old partner, Keith.

Though this change shocked viewers of the show at first, it has now become evident that there is a lot to learn in how all of these different teams approach their projects, which has given fans more opportunities to watch as these “zombies” get transformed into inviting family homes.

The different Zombie House Flipping teams

Since so many new team members joined the cast of Zombie House Flipping at once, it can be difficult to keep all of the new locations and team members straight.

The following table should demystify some of these details:

Zombie House Flipping locations Team
  • Dolmar Cross
  • Amanda Areopagita
  • Samantha “Sam” Middleton

What happened to Zombie House Flipping Orlando?

When the fifth season of Zombie House Flipping initially started, long-time fans of the show were confused about the change in location and the teams of the show.

Fortunately, Keith and Peter later clarified in a catch-up, social-style video, posted to the A&E YouTube channel, that the Orlando team had not left the show for good.

While Justin and Ashlee from the Orlando team seem to be focusing on their personal lives currently, Keith and Peter (along with their new team member, Alynne) are still part of the show.

Why was Zombie House Flipping cancelled?

Though some fans feared for the worst when they noticed that Zombie House Flipping was changing so rapidly, it seems like these fears were unfounded. Zombie House Flipping has not been cancelled and has actually officially been renewed for a sixth season.

This sixth season will reportedly continue to feature all three teams from Orlando, Tampa, and Dallas. Moreover, it is set to air later this year in the fall of 2023.

Who died on Zombie House Flipping?

In the past, some websites have reported that Wiley Jones used to be a cast member of Zombie House Flipping and has since passed away.

However, all indications point to these reports being false, as the show’s official Instagram page never made mention of a (former) cast member passing away and the show’s official cast list does not include a Wiley Jones.

In light of this, it seems like the crew of Zombie House Flipping has been extremely fortunate so far and no one from the show has died over the course of the past five seasons.

Why did Zombie House Flipping change its cast?

The show has never officially explained why they decided to introduce two new teams to the cast of Zombie House Flipping in its fifth season.

However, Justin did mention in 2021 that he was struggling to find affordable, run-down houses on the market which he could flip for a profit.

Dolmar (from the Tampa team) later echoed this sentiment, confirming that house prices in Tampa had skyrocketed.

This indicates that the show probably decided to expand into other areas in an endeavour to ensure that there was enough content with which to fill future seasons of the show.

Do the Zombie House Flipping teams know each other?

While the different crews featured in Zombie House Flipping in the most recent season all have similar processes and similar ways of making a living, Keith confirmed that they do not all know each other.

In fact, from their interaction in the catch-up video, it is evident that these teams have probably never even communicated with one another in any capacity.