What Kitchen Nightmares restaurants are still open in 2022?

What Kitchen Nightmares restaurants are still open in 2022?

Kitchen Nightmares featured over 77 restaurants during its seven-season run, with only 15 restaurants still open in 2022.

Kitchen Nightmares first premiered on the Fox Network in 2007. The show’s premise is, “Gordon Ramsay visits struggling restaurants across America and spends one week trying to help them become successful.”

In 2014, after seven seasons, the Ramsay fronted series concluded. In its seven seasons, the show profiled and intervened in over 77 restaurants.

However, the show does not have an impressive success rate in terms of the restaurants that are still operational in 2022. Only 15 of the 77 featured restaurants are still in business.

Why did Kitchen Nightmares end?

Given that Kitchen Nightmares’ premise was to help turn failing restaurants around through Gordon Ramsay’s intervention, the fact that the show has a success rate of 21 percent is dismal.

Moreover, Kitchen Nightmares and Ramsay faced public ridicule as many restaurant owners either blamed or sued the show for their subsequent closure.

As a result, it seems that Gordon Ramsay had had enough of the continued criticism and backlash, which spurred his unilateral decision to end the show abruptly after season seven.

What Kitchen Nightmares restaurants are still open in 2022?

Though Kitchen Nightmares’ intention was to help failing restaurants make a turnaround and become profitable and successful restaurants, this was made almost impossible in practice due to extenuating factors that were probably discovered during the shooting of the first season – most of the failing restaurants, the food, and service was caused by deeply-rooted interpersonal issues.

Most of the restaurants profiled were family-owned and run business, and as such, most of the fights that played out were because of conflict in familial relationships, in relationships between owners, or between owners and staff members.

Therefore, while Ramsay could give the restaurant a makeover, he could not deal with the interpersonal matters between parties, which resulted in most reverting to their past behaviours sometime after the intervention.

That being said, Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares are mostly not to blame for the dismal 21 percent success rate of the show.

In terms of actual numbers, 15 of the estimated 77 restaurants featured are still in business in 2022. This is after the recent closure of Cafe Hon in April 2022, after Whiting leased the space to Foreman Wolf Restaurant Group.

The season with the worst success rate is season two, which aired between September 2008 and January 2009.

From the 11 restaurants profiled, none of the restaurants are currently operational, which leaves the season with a zero percent success rate. This is followed by season one which has a 10 percent success rate, with only one restaurant still operational.

It was only the last seasons of the show that began to show promise, which is all the more pitiful considering the cancellation of the show.

A list of operational restaurants from Kitchen Nightmares in 2022

Restaurant Season featured
The Olde Stone Mill Season 1
Le Bistro Season 3
Lido di Manhattan Season 3
Spanish Pavillion Season 4
Oceana Season 5
Spin A Yarn Season 5
The Greek at the Harbor Season 5
Leone’s Season 5
Luigi’s D’Italia Season 5
Mama Maria’s Season 6
Ms Jean’s Southern Cuisine Season 6
Olde Hitching Post Season 6
Yanni’s Season 6
Pantaleone’s Season 7
Zayna Flaming Grill Season 7

Which season of Kitchen Nightmares had the best performance?

Kitchen Nightmares’ success rate has never surpassed the 50 percent average in any of its seasons. In fact, it has not even surpassed the 40 percent average.

The season with the highest success rate is the sixth season which aired between October 2012 and May 2013. Featuring a total of 13 restaurants, there are only four restaurants that are still operational to date, which is a 38 percent success rate.

The only other season to inch close to this success rate is season seven, which has a 33 percent success rate. In this season there were only six profiled restaurants and two are still operational.

Why will Kitchen Nightmares never return?

After making the spur of the moment decision to cancel the show due to the continued criticism and backlash over the lack of success the show had, Gordon Ramsay has regretted his decision in recent years.

This is as it dawned on him that the businesses were always doomed to fail when he realised that all he was fixing was the symptoms and not the cause of the restaurants’ failures.

But despite this, Ramsay does not have intentions to revive the show as he has worked and continues to work on developing new shows like the introduction of Next Level Chef in 2022.