What Scott has been up to since leaving Gold Rush: White Water

What Scott has been up to since leaving Gold Rush: White Water

It seems like Scott has switched gears drastically since leaving Gold Rush: White Water and is now focusing on his tree felling business.

There is no doubt that mining for gold in the harsh wilderness and even more dangerous whitewater creeks of the Hurts’ very remote and challenging McKinley Creek claims is a frustrating and difficult endeavor.

But there have only been a few times over the course of the show’s now six-season run, where the miners have been driven to the point of throwing in the towel completely.

All about Scott’s tree felling business

Unfortunately, this includes the fateful moment in the most recent sixth season of the show when longtime member of the cast, Scott Allen, decided to abandon the gold-finding mission in the middle of the season after a scuffle with his manager, Kayla.

In the end, it was evident that it was not only Scott’s persistent disagreements with Kayla that led to his departure from the show. He also confessed that he felt he needed to get back to his family as soon as possible.

But it all seemed to have worked out in the end, as Scott is now running what appears to be a very successful tree felling company called All American Tree Service.

This likely allows him to maintain a much more equal balance between his work- and home-life.

And from what Scott has shared about the business on his social media pages, it seems like he truly enjoys the challenge of chopping down massive trees.

Scott’s run on Gold Rush: White Water

Gold Rush: White Water has been on the air since 2018 and has aired for six seasons with a total of 88 episodes.

And even though Scott only joined the show about four years in and eventually ended up leaving the McKinley Creek operation before the end of the sixth season, he still had quite the impressive run on the show overall.

In the end, Scott ended up clocking in more than 40 episodes over the course of (almost) three seasons, as follows:

Gold Rush: White Water season Year Episodes
Season 4 2020 15 episodes
Season 5 2021 16 episodes
Season 6 2022 and 2023 12 episodes

Scott actually came close to being fired on the show once before

The second half of Gold Rush: White Water season six took so long to finish airing that it can be easy to forget about all of the important things that happened earlier on in the show.

In fact, even longtime Gold Rush: White Water fans may have forgotten by now that Scott had actually gotten into trouble shortly after he joined the Hurts’ mining operation in 2020.

In this instance, Fred caught Scott loitering around the sluice box and immediately called him out for not using the buddy-system to inspect their gold.

However, fortunately, Scott was able to win Fred’s trust back just moments later when he agreed to do a rather risky dive in order to help the team.

Scott is a regular jack-of-all-trades

Whilst Scott mostly seems to be focusing on his tree felling business these days, a quick glance at his Facebook page reveals that he is actually skilled in many, many different trades.

It seems as though when Scott is not panning (or diving) for gold in the middle of the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness, or climbing to the top multi-story trees, he also has a knack for sniffing out other death-defying hobbies and jobs.

In fact, a Facebook post from December 2022 reveals that Scott is also a trained firefighter with the City of Springfield. Moreover, he regularly spends his off-seasons training to protect the people who live in his community.

Will Scott be returning to Gold Rush: White Water next season?

Scott’s run on Gold Rush: White Water ended on a rather somber note in season six.

But since his old manager Kayla has announced that she will not be returning to the show (or to Dustin’s claim at McKinley Creek) anytime soon, this may just be enough to make Scott reconsider his rather rash decision.

However, Scott has not officially announced any plans to return to gold mining yet.

And given how quickly his tree felling company seems to have taken off after his departure from the show, it is really difficult to determine whether he consider returning to the Hurts’ operation for another season, even if Kayla is no longer part of the crew.

But at this point in time, it seems like we will just have to wait and see whether Scott re-joins the McKinley Creek crew if the show does indeed return for a seventh season.