What to Do After Evolving Kubfu in Pokémon Sword & Shield

The Isle of Armor is the first expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield. It introduces players to a new mechanic/item, the Max soup, which makes obtaining Gigantamax Pokémon easier. The star of the show is the legendary Pokémon, Kubfu. After evolving Kubfu in this DLC, what should you do?

Without guides, watching YouTube videos, or absolute focus on dialogues, you may get lost sometimes. For example, you may not know what to do after your Kubfu has evolved. The answer to that is making your Urshifu – Kubfu's evolution – able to Gigantamax.

Continue reading to learn more about how to progress in the game.

What to do after evolving Kubfu
What to Do After Evolving Kubfu in Pokémon Sword & Shield 4

How to Continue After Evolving Kubfu?

After evolving Kubfu, you will be warped in front of the Master Dojo. The game does not say where you should go next to progress. So, you may be completely clueless.

To start the next part of the DLC story, all you need to do is go inside the Master Dojo.

When you enter the Master Dojo, you will see your rival, Hop, inside. After conversing with Hop, Mustard will inform you that Urshifu is capable of Gigantamaxing. He will say that you can make Urshifu GIgantamax by feeding it Max Soup.

Unfortunately, Mustard's old age prevents him from remembering a special ingredient that will make Urshifu eat Max Soup, as it can't stand the taste of the regular variant. That leaves it to you, along with Hop, to figure out what that “certain something” is. 

What Is the Next Step After Getting Urshifu?

You will be told that your newly-evolved Urshifu is capable of Gigantamaxing. To enable the Legendary Pokémon to do that, you must feed it Max Soup. 

But Urshifu is not a fan of the taste of Max Soup unless a “certain something” is thrown into the pot. The problem is Mustard can't remember what that is.

Hop suggests that it could be Sticky Honey because he read somewhere that Urshifu likes it. And so, you should look for Pokémon that look like flowers and plants because honey is made of nectar.

What to do after evolving Kubfu
What to Do After Evolving Kubfu in Pokémon Sword & Shield 5

So your quest is to find Applin and Lilligant in a nearby forest.

Is There Anything to Do in the DLC After Evolving Kubfu?

Yes, there are many things to do after evolving Kubfu. First of all, you must take the mission to allow Urshifu to Gigantamax to say that you have cleared the story for the DLC. After that, you are free to do whichever of the following.

One of these things is to catch the newly added Pokémon to the Galar region games. In case you have forgotten, not all Pokémon are in these games because of “balancing” purposes. The Isle of Armor brought 100+ new Pokémon to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

One of those Pokémon is Galarian Slowbro, a new form for this pink, derpy Pokémon. 

While you are at it, you might want to farm apricorns. That will allow you to craft different Apricorn Balls, making catching Pokémon easier.

You can also farm over 1,000,000 Watts to unlock all the quality of life features on the Isle of Armor. That includes the Rotomi Terminal, the hairstylist, vending machines that sell vitamins for a discounted price, etc.

If you want to get all of them – league cards included, you need to spend 3,000,000 Watts.

You can also make Gigantamax-capable Pokémon able to Gigantamax by feeding them Max Soup. Of course, you need to collect the ingredients for the Max Soup to make it.

How Do You Make Urshifu Eat Max Soup?

Regular Max Soup is no good for Urshifu. So, you need to find a special ingredient to add to it.

Hop first suggests getting nectar from Pokémon that look like flowers and plants. Those will be Lilligant and Applin. However, the nectar you would obtain from them is not what you are looking for.

So there would be a change of plans. Now, you need to find Vespiquen on Honeycalm Island. Shake the tree in the middle after a cutscene to fight a Max Vespiquen in a Max raid battle.

Defeat the Vespiquen to obtain a comb of Max Honey. Go back to the Dojo to throw that into the Max Soup. And there you have it.

Can I Switch Between Urshifu forms After Kubfu Evolves?

Kubfu will evolve after touching the scroll at the top of either the Tower of Waters or the Tower of Darkness. Depending on which tower you choose, Kubfu will evolve into Urshfu – Rapid Strike or Urshifu – Single Strike.

Some would think that you can challenge the other tower to unlock the other form. However, that is not the case, as that would forever be locked after you choose which tower to challenge.

Therefore, you can't switch forms after Kubfu evolved. If you want the other Urshifu form, you must obtain that from another account.

Should I Let Kubfu Evolve?

You can't progress in the story unless you let Kubfu evolve. So, yes, you should let Kubfu evolve.