What to Write in a Birthday Card for a Friend

Are you wondering what to write in a birthday card for a friend?

You just landed on the right blog post.

A lot of people get stuck at the point of finding what to write to a friend in a birthday card.

It could indeed be that this is someone you have spent decades with, or someone you talk to everyday, but you just can't find the right words for this particular moment.

You freeze. You consider the options of hiring a writer to write this message for you.

The fact is this is an important day to your friend.

I acknowledge that you obviously do not want to mess it up with a bad message and neither do you want to sound vague and boring.

Well, you do not need to spend nights on Google searching for the ‘best birthday quotes and messages to send to a friend.’ I'm not claiming here that it is bad to send a ‘Google-search’ message to a friend on their birthday.

Well judge for yourself: what if your friend has landed on the same message before, or someone else has or will send them the same.

That will make your message come out as boring, superficial and lacking in connection with this person. You may look lazy and non-creative to them.

They may get the terrible feeling that they don't matter to you that much for you to sit down and write a special message for them.


What if You Don't Have What to Write?

Well, you may feel like you don't have the right message. Truth is, you have the best message your friend wants to get from you.

You carry with you a bag of memories, feelings and experiences you have shared with this person. The best person to write this message is you.

In this guide, I will show you how to craft that heart-warming message that will make your friend feel special on their birthday, and further make your relationship with them stronger.

The kind of message that will make you look so educated, with a great command of language and a mature hold on life. It will make you look like you're a direct descendant of Socrates.


Aspects You Shouldn't Miss Out in Your Message.

Let's explore the goals you want your message to achieve for you. You should tailor your message around these.

 a) You are Special and Important!

You want the message to make your friend feel special. This is their birthday. Someone's birthday is a day when they must be cherished and celebrated for coming in this world.

It is a day when someone's birth is commemorated. One of the messages that should be implied in your gift card should be ‘I'm delighted about this day. It reminds me of when you came into this world because that gave me the opportunity to meet a special person like you.

This goes a long way to make your friend feel important, and not just like a grain of sand among many on the sea shore.


b) Don’t turn a blind eye on this

Every person has qualities that distinguish them from other people. Acknowledge your friend's outstanding qualities and what you admire about them.

How have they been a source of inspiration for you in the past?

State the obvious. Even though a certain quality could be something ‘normal’ that your friend is aware of already about themselves, state it.



It is one of the bases for their individuality. It is what makes them special.

On this note, you should desist from using generalised titles in your opening line, like ‘dear friend'.

Write their name or a special name you call them that demonstrates the closeness of the bond you share.

When you spell out their name on the card, it will serve like a tag to tell that ‘this is specifically written to you.’


c) A day like no other.

Wishing them a memorable day: Each birthday that a person reaches in their lifetime is a one of it's kind.

Even if they celebrate their birthdays in the same way every year, going through the same pattern of drills from day start to end, each birthday is unique.

On each, a new and different age is reached. Your message should highlight the value and uniqueness of this particular day, in words like: ‘On this day 30th November, 2022 that marks your 22nd birthday, I wish you happiness and eternal memories as we celebrate your new age.


d) Re-live the memories on paper

Make the memories you have shared with them stand out to them. Remind your friend of the times you have been together.

This will make them feel like you indeed treasure them and your interaction with them is not like one with a passer-by in your life.

Let them know that you intentionally did and are pleased to live life with them. This will make them more comfortable and livelier around you in future, knowing that you take the time you spend with them to be important.


e) What do you see in the future?

Future prospects: Most people would love to get into the future, and above all have a brilliant one.

Let your friend know that you would love to see them in future, that you pray that this is not their last birthday. Wish them many more because as they live on, they have chance to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Additionally, wish them the best in their future aspirations. To most people, a birthday marks the beginning of a new era of their lives.

Most people's goals and dreams are woven around the timeline of their years. Each birthday comes with new resolutions and is a scheduled time for achievement of a certain life goal.

For example, someone's goal could be something like

‘When I clock 30, I want to have financial independence,’ or a resolution like ‘In my thirtieth year, I want to hit the billionaire net worth.’

It will be a shinning light on your part to demonstrate in your message that you care about your friend's goals and aspirations and that you wish them the best of their desires.

You could also confirm your expected role in helping your friend achieve their goals. You could have planned with them before on how you're going to fulfil a certain goal together.

Point this out in a statement like; ‘I'm looking forward to starting our first business together this coming year. I strongly believe in your unique leadership abilities that have been an inspiration to me for all the time I've been with you.’


f) Make their day awesome.

Liven up their day. A well-written birthday note can be the best gift one receives on their birthday.

The tone in which you write your message therefore is key to how it will be perceived. Words are the raw materials for you to use to craft that message of affection and they're free at your disposal.

Use cheerful words like ‘delighted', ‘glad’, ‘thankful', ‘blessed’ and many more in that line. Words that could stimulate negative feelings or bring to recall negative experiences should be avoided at all costs.

Don't write phrases like ‘you're terribly amazing.’ What's that now? Or statements like ‘I remember how you've been such a loser in life. I hope this new year of your life treats you better’ and ‘I hope you mature and correlate your age with your actions.

That would be mean honestly. Save those remarks, if you wish, for another day.

You have 364 other days to say this to them, if it's really a burning remark you'd love to make, but this particular day should be spared for celebrating life.


Resonance and Authenticity

If you want to write a message in a card that will make your friend laminate the card and store it like a prized possession, incorporate language that resonates with them.

If they are a Physicist, use some Physics concepts and terms to bring out your message. However, be sure to maintain accuracy in what you write.

Do not misinterpret concepts or make technically wrong claims that will be laughed at by their circle of professional colleagues. Write from an informed point of view.

It will build your credibility and in case you're not in the same field with your friend, it will show that you took effort and time to make research and write something that would make them happy.

Creativity earns you a bonus in any form of writing. It's their new age, so you should give gifts that feel as fresh as new.

Authenticity, being natural and free are key to writing a heart-felt message for your friend. Let it flow from your heart.

With the bond between you and your friend, you know what makes them happy. Write from this point of view.

Weave your message to fulfil the above goals. It will make a lot of meaning and will be highly effective in conveying your sincere wishes to your friend on their special day.