What would have happened in Gypsy season 2?

What would have happened in Gypsy season 2?

Season two of Gypsy would have been more of a thriller and would have explored more of Jean’s backstory.

Unfortunately, Gypsy was just one of the shows that Netflix decided to cancel in 2017, likely because of its poor reception.

However, the creator of the show, Lisa Rubin, has revealed that if the show had been renewed, it would have given fans insight into Jean’s past and her motivations.

Why was Gypsy cancelled?

The end of 2017 was a difficult time for the shows on Netflix. Gypsy, along with a myriad of other fairly new shows at the time, including The Get Down, Girlboss, Marco Polo, Bloodline, and Sense8, were all cancelled by the streaming service over the course of a few weeks.

The reasons why each of these shows were cancelled almost certainly vary. But since Netflix is notoriously aloof about its decisions, fans have speculated that Gypsy’s lukewarm reception and disappointing viewership may have been the reason why this series, in particular, was axed just six weeks after its release on the platform.

What would have happened in Gypsy season 2?

Most shows like Gypsy, which have a complicated plotline and slow pacing throughout, usually need a few seasons for all of the pieces to start falling into place.

This is what makes it all the more sad that the show was cancelled after just one season, with many of its crucial plot points still up in the air and unresolved.

Through the course of the first season of Gypsy, fans of the series watched as the corrupt and confused clinical psychologist, Jean Holloway (played by Naomi Watts) crosses professional and personal boundaries.

Jean basically splits her life in two – one part of her is a doting mother and wife and the other part is a thrill-seeking, hyper-sexual, ethically grey psychologist who has a secret apartment and manipulates her patients.

Unfortunately, the slow pacing in the first season of Gypsy meant that the finale episode left many fans of the show with more questions than answers and did not quite have the punch that a series finale should have.

However, before the series’s cancellation was announced, Lisa Rubin, let some details slip as to what she was planning for the second season of the show.

She confirmed that the second season would have gone deeper into Jean’s past and would have answered some of the questions about her motivation for acting the way that she did in the first season.

This includes questions about her childhood, her father, and possibly even the fire that Melissa started.

Would Gypsy season 2 also have been so slow-paced?

Lisa Rubin has explained that while Netflix categorised and marketed the first season of Gypsy as a thriller, the lead actress, Naomi Watts, definitely regarded this first season as a character piece, where the first few episodes were meant to get fans immersed in Jean’s world.

However, while they planned for the show to be a slow burn initially, the second season would have definitely felt more like a thriller in the traditional sense. It would have been more intense, like the last few episodes of the show’s first season were.

What would have happened between Jean and Sydney in season 2?

One of the pivotal moments in the Gypsy season one finale was when Sidney saw the pictures of Jean in Michael’s office and subsequently tracked down the school where Jean was giving her speech.

Although Jean’s reaction in this moment, a look of satisfaction, shocked many fans who thought that it would have made her panic, Rubin has explained that Jean and Sidney both see it all as a game.

In fact, that they even considered doing an episode from Sidney’s point of view for the second season to explain this further.

What would Jean have been thinking and feeling in the second season?

There is no denying that Jean was feeling the walls close in on her by the time that the season one finale aired. This feeling probably would have continued well into the second season.

Sidney was not the only one figuring out what Jean was up to by the end of the first season and Rubin has teased that the second season of Gypsy could have definitely seen Tom and Allison team up in order to take a stand against Jean after Allison was shown tied up in Tom’s car in the finale.

Furthermore, to add to this stress, Jean would likely also have had to deal with even more questions about Allison and the photograph which she left in the apartment in the second season of the show.