When Does Naruto Get Good?

One cannot deny that the Naruto series has been one of the best anime in its time. With its great story outline, constructive character development and fancy visuals, it has earned popularity and adoration from its viewers.

Many viewers pinpoint that Naruto starts to get good when the Chunin Exams arc began. In this arc, a good deal of fighting scenes and character abilities were shown, granting the fans excitement and joy while watching.

What is the best episode of Naruto?


Among the 220 episodes aired by the popular Japanese anime series, one was acclaimed as the greatest episode throughout its four seasons. A Plea From A Friend, season 1 episode 133, was considered as the top episode of the series by its fanbase.

Shonen Jump Magazine also labeled the episode as the “Greatest Fight in Shonen History” right after it was aired on televisions across Japan.

In this episode, Uzumaki Naruto fought over the right to make Uchiha Sasuke stay in their village, Konoha even if it means beating the hell out of each other. Naruto confessed his feelings to Sasuke, telling him that he recognized him as his own brother, even if they are not related by blood.

The episode was packed with amazingly animated fight scenes between our favorite characters, so who would not think of picking this one as the best episode of Naruto?

What episodes of Naruto Should I skip?

If you’re thinking of binging Naruto series and you don’t want to waste a lot of time in watching, it would be ideal to skip episodes that has no remarkable impact on the whole story. Assuming that you’ve decided to skip and just watched the key points of the series, then the filler episodes are the plots that you probably want to skip on.

Please be reminded that out of the 220 episodes of the series, 91 are filler episodes. The remaining episodes are considered canon or labeled as events that actually happened in the manga. Here is the list of filler episodes that are worthy of skipping.

  • Episode 26
  • Episode 97
  • Episodes 101-106
  • Episodes 136-140
  • Episodes 142-219

Is it worth watching Naruto after episode 135?


Episode 135, titled as The Promise That Could Not Be Kept, is the end of the canon episodes of the series. I recommend not to waste your time watching the episodes after 135. After this episode, most of the succeeding episodes are fillers, which are the unofficial episodes released by the anime.

The only important stuff you can really get from episode 136-219 is when Sakura Haruno, one of the female leads of the series, asked Tsunade Senju to be her mentor in medical ninjutsu.

If you are into a slice of life genre, then episodes 136-219 are definitely worth your time! These filler episodes concentrate on the missions taken by Naruto after being a substitute member of the other teams present in the story.

The last episode of the series, which is Episode 220, Departure, is a mixed of canon and filler type. In this episode, Naruto started his training journey together with his mentor, Jiraiya. This scene is crucial for viewers who intend to watch the next series of this anime, Naruto Shippuden.

I gave you enough spoilers, so I’ll leave it to you to watch Naruto Shippuden to learn why the end of episode 220 is too important to miss!

Should I skip Naruto fillers?


Yes. Some of the Naruto fillers are of not much importance and can only make your hype in binging evaporate. But as I have mentioned earlier, if you’re into a slice of life anime genre, then you can definitely spend time watching the fillers.

Can I skip Naruto and go to Shippuden?

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 Naruto series is not an anime you want to skip if you want to see for yourself Naruto’s journey in becoming one of the most renowned ninjas in their world. Watching the characters’ developments throughout the series is an exceedingly gratifying experience for all viewers of this series.

The Naruto series also introduced the villains that are still present in the Naruto Shippuden series, so it’s best to watch the series if you don’t want to be googling character names when watching Naruto Shippuden. It has become the base story of Naruto Shippuden, explaining important key points such as how the ninja world works, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each character, and fun stuff like love interests of the characters in the story.

It’s a chance wasted if you miss out watching this series!

Is it worth watching Naruto in 2021?

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Of course! Naruto has become one of the legendary anime series, next to One Piece, which is a saga that also captivated many viewers’ hearts. No matter what year we are in, Naruto will still be one of the timeless classics of the anime industry.

If you’re still having second thoughts in watching Naruto, let me explain the genres Naruto have so you can finally settle on with your decision.

Naruto is an action-packed Shonen series, so be prepared to be engaged in exhilarating scenes during your binge. It also has its fair share of hilarious scenes, carried out smoothly by likewise ridiculously funny characters.

Moreover, Naruto is spiced with emotional scenes, enough to be labeled as a tearjerker anime. All in all, the genres present in this anime helped balance the whole series, not giving a moment of boredom for the viewers.

But the most beautiful part of this anime is how the life lessons were delivered with ease and genuine acts from the characters. Honestly, it would make you believe that we are step away from world peace if everyone just takes a time off and watch this series. If you are feeling down for a moment, maybe a bag of chips and binging this series will help you out!

So best believe that there will not be a second wasted if you watch this anime. Grab your popcorn now and start binging!