When our heroes get old, they simply get old

stars wars cast looking old

We've noticed a lot of people commenting on how Star Wars ‘Big 3' have aged badly or are simply surprised at how they look. These comments are largely directed at Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.

This is possibly due to the fact they are not in the public eye as often or as widespread as Harrison Ford is. 
I think some people are disappointed that Carrie no longer has the body that made the slave bikini famous. Jedi was 30 years ago, it's ridiculous to think Fisher's body is still perky or that Hamill still has his wide eyed blonde good locks (and locks).
peter mayhew
When 900 years old you reach…

What I've also noticed is that even as Peter Mayhew has aged just as much as the other cast, he doesn't come in for such commentary. I figure that's largely due to people seeing him on screen as a furry Wookie and thus his ‘classic look' is not anchored into people's brains as Ford's Solo ‘look' is.

Anthony Daniels, who played C3PO is an exception, he must have  found a handy fountain of youth at the back of his garden as he's looking pretty good! 
People will just need to accept that every one has become a lot older and they'll have some lines across their faces, they won't walk as tall as they may have in the past and perhaps not be featured wearing a bikini.
This next Star Wars movie is probably going to be a last hurrah for the Big 3 as it would seem a good guess the film is setting up a new saga and will hopefully feature a new set of heroes for us to love and cheer on as we chomp on our ever more expensive popcorn on opening night.

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