Where Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free?

Are you wondering where you can learn affiliate marketing for free? Well here are great free resources to help you learn affiliate marketing.

With the drastic changes in mode of operation of businesses today, affiliate marketing; a user-performance-based marketing strategy, has dominated multiple online businesses.

This has been greatly influenced by a number of factors like the massive improvement in technology, changing channels of communication and so on.

The Covid-19 pandemic too played a huge roll in the adoption and growth of online marketing as most people were at the time banned from unnecessary movements.

Affiliate marketing is a commission based digital marketing strategy that allows affiliate marketers promote and sell products or services on behalf of product creators.

The courses are widely and easily accessible and therefore learning affiliate marketing greatly depends on the learners' preference for instance some can opt to use watch videos, read educative articles or enroll for online courses offered by institutions.

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These platforms of learning are normally free to join and have paid subscription plans too.

However, there are also some inappropriate websites that charge huge amounts of money and offer substandard information to affiliates.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing courses available on the internet and most of these are paid though some courses offer both paid and free courses to the affiliates.

The free courses usually offer airless information that leaves the affiliates no other option but to enroll for paid courses which are illogically overpriced.

We have compiled you a few websites and platforms on which you can obtain the necessary affiliate marketing skills and access resources you need to start or boost your online business without having to dig into your pocket.


Where Can I learn Affiliate Marketing For Free?

1. Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is a website designed to provide up-to-date training programs, live help and necessary tools for affiliate marketers, enabling them optimize their business websites and generate internet traffic to their websites.

Even after being in market for a decade and a half, the website continues to thrive and it is still among the top affiliate marketing programs.

The website is 100% free to join and it offers a wide range of information necessary for building online businesses and is strongly recommended for people who are starting online businesses from scratch plus experts seeking additional strategies and info.

Putting into practice the various skills they obtain, most people using this website have registered maximal success with the website's help.

The course usually offers about some free learning sessions and if a person wants more content, they can pay $19 for the first month and $30-99 thereafter.

Those who subscribe for membership are introduced to an eight-week learning module that exposes them to both the basic and integrated concepts of online marketing.


Features and tools in the wealth affiliate website

Wealthy affiliate is a reliable and trustworthy program, the wealth affiliate web hosting services are one of the best in the market and are greatly beneficial to millions of people since it has unique features like; – Multiple FTP accounts, 600MBs-30GB of website space, a band width of 120,000MBs, Email respondents and more than 10 different email addresses, MySQL databases and so much more.

The free version however only has; 

  • An affiliate program research tool
  • Free hosting and a domain name
  • About 10 free video learning sessions
  • 30 searches in the Jaaxy keyword tool
  • A free word press powered website that you can use forever.
  • A week of free support and community access

You can subscribe for a package in order to access more features on the website

The website also has a number of tools like; –

  • The key phase builders tool which helps the trainees easily access and select particular target keywords and build on the advertising strategy.
  • The site rubix which enables users in development of personalized websites
  • The rapid writer tool which helps in creating the right content for the website
  • The competition spy tool that enables the affiliates monitor their competitors


Advantages of Using Wealthy Affiliate

a) The website offers decent up-to-date affiliate marketing training fundamentals through its organized classrooms divided into different topics.

b) The website offers an interactive community to the affiliates since it is embedded with question and answer sessions that help them understand the key concepts in the course.In addition, the website has an auto-response feature that sends auto-replies to questions from the users.c) It is a lucrative program

c) WA affiliates who recommend other people to the site earn monthly commissions as long as the person they have recommended still pay subscription fees. It is estimated that they earn an average of $121 in a lifetime.

d) Even on the free version, the website offers free hosting and a domain name.


Disadvantages of Using Wealthy Affiliate

  • It is generally expensive to use wealthy affiliate since there are other websites that offer quite similar services at a relatively less price. Unlocking more features on the website requires one to pay $49 which is so expensive.
  • No refunds are offered.


Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate For Free


2. Udemy Free Affiliate Marketing Courses


Udemy is one of the most genuine online learning platforms you should not miss out on.

The courses offered provide a user with basic affiliate marketing knowledge plus methods and strategies that can be used for better performance.

Some of the free courses offered by Udemy include;

a) The Free Affiliate Marketing Course Created by Taylor Stokes

This course is basically designed for beginners looking to grow into successful affiliates, it teaches one how to start affiliate marketing from scratch.

The total length of the course is about 2hours with 7 lectures and 6 sections covered in that period as video tutorials.

b) Affiliate Marketing: Advanced Strategy for Quicker Results

As its title goes, the course was created by Obehi Ewanfoh with a major aim of teaching advanced strategies that aid the affiliate obtain quicker results in their online business.

This course is more suitable for people who have already been introduced to affiliate marketing.

The video tutorial lasts about 50 minutes and is highly on-demand.

There are many more free tutorial courses offered by Udemy and in fact they total to about 220 affiliate marketing tutorials on the platform and some of these include: Free affiliate marketing- CPA, Secret to affiliate profits, affiliate marketing basics for newbies, and so many more.

The courses are delivered from the beginner level, intermediate and advanced in 15 different languages including Italian, English, and Latin and so on.



Complete Udemy courses come with a question and answer session with the instructor, direct message responses from the instructor and a certificate of completion.

The free version however only offers video tutorials and nothing more. The course also offers educative pdfs, power points and texts.


Advantages of using Udemy

  • The platform offers a wide range of info and learning is self-paced
  • You do not need to invest in order to access free info as long as you are signed in and enrolled in a free course.
  • Udemy is an interactive platform and it has over 35,000 active instructors.
  • Once you sign into the platform, you get full life time access to support files and courses.
  • You can access the courses on your mobile phone as long as you have Internet.


Disadvantages of using Udemy

  • The platform does not create course content but instead allows anyone who can tutor a given course to do so.
  • The certificates offered at the end of the course are non-accredited.


Sign Up For Udemy


3. My Online StartUp


My online startup is a free affiliate marketing training platform that delivers its content through videos.

All you need to sign-up on the platform is an email address after which you easily access the platform dashboard.

The program contains 8 modules, 38 tutorial videos.



It offers a free support system and affiliates can access various tools and resources like the note taking tool that marks whether or not you exhausted a training video,

  • The website has 50 free educative and genuinely informative tutorials on affiliate marketing, Fixed income stream funnels, Pass up commissions among others.



  • It is typically self-paced and there is no time limit for accessing the free resources
  • It is a relatively high quality structured course.



  • Unlike WA, My online startup requires one to invest in hosting and websites. And there are many more hidden costs for tools, paid ads and chucks' partner program that are never revealed to newbies.
  • The users are persuaded to choose affiliate marketing as a niche which is inappropriate and is actually not good advice. This is simply because they want you to promote “My online startup”.
  • The geographical coverage is minimal since the program can only be accessed in a few countries.


My Online StartUp



4. Coursera Free Affiliate Marketing Courses


Coursera is a globally used online platform that people in all geographical locations can use to access online studies and degrees through partnerships with recognized universities, companies and organizations like google.

The platform is free to join and it has over 4,000 qualified tutors with most of them working in reputable universities around the globe. The course is ideal for both students and affiliate marketers.



The platform offers practice quizzes, course videos, certificates, graded assignments, assignments and feedback. The free version only offers a few tutorial videos.


Advantages of Using Coursera

  • Courses are available in more than 30 languages and is accessible world-wide.
  • The course are accredited by universities and companies like Stanford university, google and others
  • You can easily access a course and complete it freely and only pay if you need a certificate of completion
  • Prerecorded videos that can be accessed anytime hence the course is self-paced



  • The platform does not offer recurring commission.

Try Coursera For Free


5. Alison Affiliate Marketing Courses


Alison is a legit free e-learning platform that cuts across most disciplines of education from child care to health to technology, beauty, cooking and so on.

Business courses are part of the deal and affiliate marketing courses are not left out too! Alison is good for both individuals looking to up-skill and beginners as well.



All courses on Alison are delivered as video tutorials and they are accompanied with pdfs and other forms of literature to enhance the students' learning.



  • Most of the courses delivered to the audience on Alison are free and accredited by CPD
  • Alison helps affiliates identify ideal companies to work with



  • Despite being free, obtaining a certificate of completion will require you to pay money.


Try Alison For Free


6. Skillshare


This platform is educational and it teaches both advanced and beginner level affiliate marketing, connecting affiliates and improving on their skills.

The platform is free to join and offers unlimited access to classes on a monthly subscription and a few the free version.



Offers a cookie duration of 30 days, $7 commission rate per lead, and comes with perks and coupons for the subscribed affiliates and access to softwares like Adobe.



  • Before subscribing for a paid version, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial.
  • Affiliates subscribed on the premium version get 20% off on software like Canva, Adobe, Moo and others.
  • It is generally affordable and convenient.



  • Earnings are quite limited, you may be paid a less amount compared to what you are supposed to get
  • The platform does not offer recurring commission plans


Try Skillshare For Free



7. Four Percent Group

four percent

Four percent group is a learning platform designed to train affiliates and product designers marketing strategies. It is totally free to enroll on the program.



The platform is offers a free zero resistance point of entry, offers access to better third-party affiliate offers to earn from, weekly live events for added support, one click affiliate funnels, a complete website and funnel builders. The free version however only has



Offers easily comprehensible step by step tutorials.



You must be a paying member in order to start accessing affiliate links on the platform.

In order to get access to basic features like hosting, domain names, Auto responder and more, you are to pay a subscription fee.

Try Four Percent


8. ClickBank


Known to many as just another affiliate network, ClickBank is an affiliate marketing/ e-commerce website.

It serves as a market place for affiliates, vendors and product creators thus enabling them work together without complicated paper work and agreements.

The vendors and product creators host products that the affiliates sell on a commission

ClickBank offers a few free affiliate market courses that can be accessible on YouTube and multiple learning platforms. In addition, ClickBank recently introduced Spark by ClickBank; a 3 day free course by tutored by experts.

In the three days, an affiliate gets access to the community and 70 short videos on affiliate marketing.



ClickBank offers online video content, certificates of completion, instructor direct messages, and question and answer sessions. However, the free version only has online video content and the rest are inaccessible.



Offer are highly paid with a commission of usually 75%

It covers a wide market since products can be sold to many countries.



There is a lot of competition on popular products

It is usually difficult to differentiate what works well without investing traffic.


More Free Learning Methods

When learning affiliate marketing, you should not only look at enrolling for courses.

There are very many other alternatives that can get you the ideal skills you are looking forward to obtaining and some of these include:

a) Using Quick Google Searches

Google searches are so helpful more so if an affiliate is looking for specific information. With Google, your answers are one search away!

But also keep in mind not to use info from all websites as some exaggerate and mislead the audience.


b) Following affiliate marketing-tutoring YouTube channels

YouTube channels like Income School always give firsthand information about affiliate marketing.

They clearly explain concepts and in addition, share their own experiences in the field of affiliating.


c) Listening to podcasts

Podcasts can be quite good source of info more so to those who don't have time for watching videos and enrolling for classes.

There are multiple downloadable podcasts on affiliate marketing and these can be accessed on.


d) Pdfs and other educative literature like books

Many successful affiliates have written books and other forms of literature to enable their counterparts also be able to use the same info and get successful. Some of these include: the affiliate marketing handbook compiled by IAB affiliate team, a practical guide (pdf) to affiliate marketing and so much more.


e) YouTube Channels

Like Miles Beckler’s channel, Income schools channel, Duog Cunninnton's YouTube channels and more cover multiple topics in affiliate marketing and if effectively used, can be of great help.


Conclusion: Where Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free?

Success in affiliate marketing depends on the time and resources an affiliate is willing to invest in their business.

It should be noted that even though many people thrive in online businesses, some fail to make it but this should not be taken as a reason for not trying.

Affiliate marketing is rather a game of chance but if one is well versed with the necessary skill, it could turn their financial tables around!

I hope you found this blog post on places you can learn affiliate marketing for free helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What are some challenges you are facing with your affiliate marketing endeavors?

Is there a free program or site where people can learn affiliate marketing for free that you would like to see added to this list?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends and family that want to learn affiliate marketing for free.