Where is “Belvedere” in McDonald and Dodds?

Where is “Belvedere” in McDonald and Dodds?

There are two ways to answer the question “Where is “Belvedere” in McDonald and Dodds?”, relating to the location and to when the episode was released in the UK and US.

McDonalds and Dodds returned in June 2022 with its third season. The crime murder mystery series, which first premiered in 2020 as a two-part feature-length season, was such a hit that it was renewed for a second season in 2021, and for a third season this year.

Technically, season two and three differed in terms of their releases and the number of episodes that they had, depending on where you were watching the series.

The contentious episode, titled “Belvedere” in the US, was released as part of McDonald and Dodds season two. But in the UK, the episode was released as the season three premiere episode.

Where is Belvedere located?

McDonald and Dodds joins a list of crime murder mysteries series which are premised on two mismatched police officer partners.

The duo consists of the ambitious DCI Lauren McDonald and peculiar and efficient DS Dodds, who are investigating one murder mystery per feature-length episode every season.

The series was shot in and around Baths, which is a popular filming location that is typically used for period and historical television and film productions like Bridgerton. Similarly, “Belvedere” was shot in Bath at Belvedere Villas.

Where is “Belvedere” in McDonald and Dodds?

The “Belvedere” episode is stuck in between seasons, depending on where you watch the series. This can be attributed to the delays that were brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic during the shooting of the second season of McDonald and Dodds.

Season two first premiered on ITV in February 2022 and it aired three feature-length episodes before it concluded its natural television run in March 2022.

However, when the series was made available on BritBox, which availed the series in the US, McDonald and Dodds season two consisted of four feature-length episodes. These include:

McDonald and Dodds season 2 episodes (US) on BritBox

Episode number Title
1 “The Man Who Wasn’t There”
2 “We Need To Talk About Doreen”
3 “The War of Rose: Part One”
4 “Belvedere”

The reason for this was the pandemic and high infection levels, which resulted in delays in the completion of season two in time for all four episodes of season two to be released in the UK.

Hence when the crime drama series returned to ITV in June 2022, the first episode of its natural television run premiered with “Belvedere”, with season three of the series on ITV consisting of the following episodes:

Episode number Title
1 “Belvedere”
2 “A Billion Beats”
3 “The War of Rose; Part Two”
4 “Clouds Across The Moon”

Where is “Belvedere”, in terms of rankings?

The third season of McDonald and Dodds is currently the highest-rated season of the series on IMDb.

The series has a 7.5 out of 10 overall viewer rating, a number which has been propelled by season three, as it marked the season where episodes of the crime murder mystery have surpassed an 8 out of 10 rating.

“Belvedere” which was the premiere episode for UK viewers of the third season on ITV earned a total of 8 out of 10 ranking, which is the same rating score that the season four finale “Clouds Across The Moon” received.

Where is “Belvedere” ranked overall by IMDb?

McDonalds and Dodds has a total of nine episodes in its three season runs. The first season consisted of two almost two-hour long episodes, season two consisted of four feature-length (an average of 90 minutes) episodes, and season three had three feature-length episodes.

A ranking according to IMDb of the best five episodes from the series so far is as follows:

Season and episode number Title Rating score
Season 3, episode 2 “The War of Rose; Part Two” 8.1 out of 10
Season 2, episode 4 “Belvedere” 8.0 out of 10
Season 3, episode 3 “Clouds Across The Moon” 8.0 out of 10
Season 3, episode 1 “A Billion Beats” 7.4 out of 10
Season 1, episode 1 “The Fall Of the House Crockett” 7.4 out of 10

Where is season four of McDonald and Dodds?

To date, following the conclusion of McDonald and Dodds’ third season in July 2022, there has been no official word indicating whether there will be another instalment of the ITV hit crime murder mystery series or not.

However, given the fact that season three is currently the series’ most successful season to date, it seems unlikely that the series will be cancelled.

Therefore, there is still some time before the verdict is finalised, as a summer 2023 release date is expected if the show is renewed for a fourth season.