Where to Buy Blank Credit Cards From Cheaply?

Are you looking for where to buy blank credit cards from cheaply?

Credit cards are slowly becoming a feature of our day to day lives.

They are suitable for day to day expenses for the average person.

Banks have to get these cards to their customers at the lowest possible cost.

However, they need to buy the actual credit cards from suppliers.

The bank has to buy blank credit cards so they can put the customers’ information on them.

You can also become a blank credit card supplier only if you know where to purchase them at a cheap cost.

When I heard about it, it seemed like a sound business opportunity so I decided to look for the best places to get blank credit cards cheaply.

You’d be doing business with the bank for Christ’s sake. It is a very lucrative opportunity.

Before we get into where you can buy blank credit cards cheaply, let’s first talk about what credit cards are.


What are credit cards?

A credit card is a small plastic card issued by a bank that allows the holder to purchase goods or services on credit.

The credit card always has a limit that is determined by the bank.

The limit is determined by your credit score.


How do credit cards work?

Credit cards are a form of consumer loan. The user is liable to interest that is accrued on the interest card for the amounts of money used.

Normally, the credit card is given a grace period of 21 days before you start paying off any interest on the amounts of money spent using the card.

When you are paying up your credit card loan, you have to pay back the loan amount used plus any other charges imposed on your credit card.


Credit score.

A credit score is a number usually represented by a figure between 300 – 850 that depicts a customer’s credit worthiness.

These scores are useful to the lending institution and the customer.

For the lending institution, the credit score helps in evaluation of the borrower in terms of their ability to pay back the amounts owed to them.

For the borrower, you are able to determine how well you handle credit and how much you can borrow at a certain time.

The credit score model was created by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO).

Although many credit score models exist, the FICO scores is the most commonly used credit score model used by financial institutions to date.

Your credit score is calculated by evaluating these five factors;

1. Payment history

Payment history accounts for the largest portion of the credit score.

It counts for 35% and tracks how a borrower pays their obligation.

Most borrowers have irregular payment times and this affects your ability to get a good credit score.


2. Total amount owed

Amounts owed takes up 30% of the credit score. This is better explained by the term credit utilization. Credit utilization refers to the amount of credit being used by a person at a certain time versus the amount of credit available to them.


3. Length of credit history

The length of credit history shows the amount of time a person has been borrowing money from lending institutions.

It is better if a borrower has a longer credit history since potential lenders can evaluate his ability to pay back over a long testing period.

Length of credit history accounts for 15% of the credit score.

4. Types of credit

The types of consumer credit accounts for 10% of a credit score.

It shows the variations of debt that a borrower has. The credit cards include car loans, mortgage loans, credit cards and others.

This gives a potential lender a picture on the financial expenditure of a borrower.

5. New credit.

New credit accounts for 10% of the credit score. Potential lenders carry out credit inquiries to find out the number of accounts created by a person recently, most recent account opened and when it was opened by the borrower.

All of this is done to evaluate the credit worthiness of the borrower in the eyes of the potential lender.

All these factors aggregate to a total of 100% to come up with a credit score for the borrower with payment history taking up 35%, new credit and type of credit with 10% each, length of credit history with 15% and total amounts owed taking up 30%.

A credit score can be compiled basing on the factors above. The FICO credit score range is often used and it looks like this;

  • Excellent for score between 800 to 850
  • Very good for scores between 740 to 799
  • Good for scores between 670 to 739
  • Fair for scores between 580 to 669
  • Poor for scores between 300 to 579

For you to be on the safe side, you should always try to rack up a score above 670.

That can be a good starting point for you to get better credit.

The best way to get better credit scores is to make your payments on time and use as little credit as possible.

That way, it is easy for you to make your card payments in time so that you avoid the issues of additional interest.

With that valuable insight, let us move on to where you can buy these credit cards cheaply.


Where can you buy blank credit cards cheaply?

As mentioned earlier, the bank does not make the plastic cards in house.

In some cases, banks purchase them on their own or they outsource the activity to outside suppliers.

When you try to search online, you will come up with a lot of suppliers that include;

1. Amazon

This is the most famous supplier for products online. It has an extensive network of suppliers that can deliver products to you anywhere.

When you check out Amazon, you will come across suppliers selling blank credit cards with magnetic strips.

It is important for you to note that all credit cards currently in circulation have magnetic strips.

Be sure to remember this before you make your orders.

The sellers are ranked according to the score rating of 5 stars. One of the suppliers has 10 cards listed for $9.99.


2. Alibaba

This is the largest online market place in China.

The ecommerce site has over 1000 products listed on its website.

It has stood the test of time just like Amazon and hosts millions and millions of businesses.

There are a lot of suppliers on the platform with prices determined by the amount of cards you buy from them.

For a particular seller, the prices for the blank credit cards with magnetic strips (in white color) ranges between $0.15 – $0.05.

For you to get any discount from this manufacturer, the minimum order quantity is 200 cards.

Another seller has the products listed for $0.55 – $0.98 with a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces.

When you get to this platform, you should expect to find such prices for the cards.

It is up to you to select the most convenient supplier for you.


3. Dhgate

This is a gold mine for anyone looking to find any type of product online. It has various products reasonably priced for its customers.

When it comes to discounts, Dhgate is the best in the market.

They put you in position to negotiate with the suppliers on the platform buying their products at the factory price.

The site gives you specifics of the product you should expect to get from thee supplier.

At the moment, I have seen one supplier with their name listed.


The supplier is called hellen8599 and sells the credit cards at a starting price of $0.54 which can fall to $0.45 per card.

The supplier gives discounts starting at 500 pieces ordered.

Even after buying these credit cards, you may be asked to design them in a way that is determined by a client.

In this case, you can go online and check out platforms like Freepik and Shutterstock.

These platforms provide you with free stock photos that can help you in designing the credit card for the banking institution.


Where can you buy business cards cheaply?

Due to the simple nature of business cards, you are probably better off if you search for them from local stores in your area.

Business cards are used by companies and individuals and you can find information on it like the company name, phone number address and job title.

With regards to designing the card, you have the option of hiring a business card designer to help you select a suitable design for your company.

There are freelancers that can design it for you for a certain fee. You can find them on platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer.com and other freelancing platforms.

If you want to do it on your own, there is a tool known as Canva.

This web based tool is the most commonly used tool for designing anything from certificates to cards.

You will find already designed templates that could fit your design needs.

This is actually cheaper since the platform is free to every user.

This is actually an option you should try out in case you do not have enough money and aren’t generally in a rush.


Conclusion: Where to Buy Blank Credit Cards From Cheaply

Make sure that you check out the supplier before you buy any products from them.

I have suggested these platforms because a lot of people have used them therefore the risk for being scammed is almost zero.