Which Dutton died in 1923?

Which Dutton died in 1923?

After the shoot-out in episode five of 1923, John Dutton Sr. died, while Jacob, Jack, and Elizabeth had sustained serious injuries.

1883 and 1923 are both sequels to the extremely popular Yellowstone series, but they take place years and generations apart from one another.

1923 is the newest entry into the Yellowstone franchise and it promised to be a difficult chapter in the Dutton family’s lives. This was confirmed when John Dutton Sr died in the fifth episode of 1923.

How does 1923 fit into the Yellowstone timeline?

If you are one of the millions of Yellowstone fans who has tuned in to watch Taylor Sheridan’s newest spin-off, 1923, you may be wondering how all of the Duttons connect to each other. This is because it can be quite difficult to keep the Dutton family tree straight.

The earlier show saw the first Duttons heading to Montana’s Paradise Valley to establish a new home there and 1923 kicks off with Jacob and Cara Dutton continuing that mission.

It is still unclear exactly how 1923 will  connect to the events in Yellowstone, but there will most likely be a few unexpected twists and turns in the story along the way.

Which Dutton died in 1923?

The first episode of 1923 premiered on 18 December 2022 with a bang, literally. The episode opens with a dramatic scene of Cara Dutton shooting a man with a shotgun and screaming into the trees.

Not long after this, Elsa’s voiceover confirmed to fans of the show that two of the Duttons were going to die in this first season of the show.

So far, fans have been on the edge of their seats, ready to find out who the doomed Duttons will be since things are not going quite as planned at the Yellowstone ranch.

Throughout the first season of the show, the Duttons had to face a myriad of trials and tribulations as they fought to keep their land out of Banner Creighton’s hands, but all of this led to a massive shoot-out in the fifth episode of the show.

During this shoot-out, John Dutton Sr., who is played by James Badge on the show, was killed almost immediately after being shot multiple times by Banner and his men.

At this point, it was finally revealed who the first Dutton was that died on the series. However, Jacob was also gravely wounded in this battle, and so were Jack Dutton and his fiancée, Elizabeth Strafford.

Although they were still technically breathing by the end of this episode, fans will have to wait for the next episode of the season to see whether they all survive their injuries.

Did James Badge know that his character was going to die so soon?

Since John Dutton Sr. was one of the only cast members who connected 1883 to 1923 and fans of the franchise got to watch him grow up between the shows, his death devastated many fans of the series.

But James Badge has confirmed that he knew his character was going to die right from the start.

Reportedly, Taylor Sheridan had explained to him from the beginning that John Dutton Sr.’s death would be the catalyst for many of the events to follow in the future of the show.

How did this episode of 1923 end?

When Banner Creighton’s attack on the Duttons is finally over, Jacob pleads with Cara to send Spencer a letter to convince him to come home.

As a result, Spencer and his new fiancée, Alexandra, take a perilous boat trip so that they can return from Africa as soon as possible.

Back in Montana, Donald Whitfield is closing in on the Dutton family’s land by purchasing the plot right next to theirs. Moreover, it seems like he and Banner are planning their next attack.

When will the next episodes of the show air?

The sixth episode of 1923 is set to air on 12 February 2023 on Paramount+ and this episode will certainly have a lot to resolve, considering the events of the fifth episode.

Right now, though, the most important plot point that fans of the show are worried about is whether Spencer and Alexandra will survive their boat accident and make it back to Montana in time to help the surviving Duttons at the ranch.

Another important question is whether Jacob Dutton will pull through after he was so badly injured in the fifth episode.

Besides all of the injuries and uncertainty, the rest of the Dutton family will no doubt also be mourning the death of John Dutton Sr., and this may make them vulnerable if Banner decides to attack again.