Who does and does not die in Wednesday?

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Although there are many characters that die in the first season of Wednesday, Ajax, Enid, Xavier, Thing, and Eugene do not die.

Wednesday has become immensely popular on Netflix and millions of people have streamed the show since its release.

This popularity can be attributed to many things, but the show’s cast and intriguing plot definitely help.

Since Wednesday focuses on the mysterious murder of townspeople and students in Jericho, many characters have already died in the first season, but Ajax, Enid, Xavier, Thing, and Eugene did not.

Is Wednesday a popular show?

When Wednesday first premiered on Netflix on 23 November 2022, it immediately started gaining traction on the platform and reportedly, over 50 million households have watched the show at one point since its release.

However, the fanfare for the show did not end there. Within its first week, Wednesday was streamed for a total of over 341 million hours, which has made the show the most-watched English language series on the streaming platform to date.

Who does and does not die in Wednesday?

There are many reasons why Wednesday has become so popular so quickly, but some of the main reasons are the amazing acting in the show, from Jenna Ortega in the lead role, to well-known and lesser-known names in the supporting cast.

Another reason why people just cannot seem to get enough of Wednesday is because of the murder mystery at the centre of the series.

Wednesday mainly follows one member of the family, Wednesday Addams, as she investigates the mysterious killings that are happening at her new school for misfits, Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday is no stranger to the gruesome and macabre, but when she sees a mysterious monster attacking Rowan in the woods, she knows that there must be something sinister at work.

She then starts investigating this monster that is terrorising Nevermore Academy and the town of Jericho.

However, the mystery behind the monster is much more convoluted than it seems initially and by the end of the first season, many of the beloved characters have died.

Fortunately, some of the supporting characters like Ajax, Enid, Xavier, Thing, and Eugene are still alive by the end of the first season.

Wednesday characters’ near brushes with death

Although most fans expected some death in Wednesday, as this is just on par for the course in any of The Addams Family show, the murder mystery, monster-hunt element of the show has added a whole new level of intrigue.

Even though not all of the supporting characters, such as Ajax, Enid, Xavier, Thing, and Eugene die, they do have many close brushes with death in the first season, like the following:

Character Closest brush with death Current status
Ajax Being turned to stone Alive
Enid “Wolfing out” in a fight with Tyler Alive
Xavier Almost being hit with an arrow in the final battle Alive
Thing Being stabbed Alive
Eugene Being attacked by the Hyde monster Alive

Does Ajax die in Wednesday?

Ajax Petropolus is most well-known for being Wednesday’s roommate, and Enid’s Gorgon love interest in the first season of the show.

But he is also shown in the background of many scenes, especially those that feature the Nightshade Society, of which he is a member.

However, what really makes Ajax’s character memorable is that he managed to turn himself into stone accidentally by looking at his reflection in the mirror.

This caused him to miss his first date with Enid, but it also got many fans of the show wondering whether this meant that he was dead.

Fortunately, Ajax did not die, and he finds his way back to a human body and even helps to tie Tyler up at the end of the first season.

Did Enid die in Wednesday?

Wednesday fans will be well acquainted with Enid Sinclair, who is Wednesday’s bright and sunny roommate-turned-best-friend at Nevermore Academy.

From the very first episode of the first season, it is evident that Enid is dealing with her own problems outside of the monster at Nevermore, but this never stops her from supporting Wednesday and her efforts in any way that she can.

One of the issues that she is dealing with is that as a werewolf, she is the late bloomer in her pack and cannot get herself to “wolf out” like the others.

However, in the final episode of the first season, she finally does “wolf out,” which helps her to subdue Tyler instead of being killed in the woods.

Did Xavier die in Wednesday?

Xavier Thorpe is a psychic student at Nevermore Academy and when Wednesday first arrives at the school, the two of them do not get along at all.

This causes Wednesday to wrongfully believe that Xavier is the Hyde monster as she investigates the mystery.

However, later in the first season, Xavier is cleared of all the Hyde monster’s charges when the monster’s true identity is revealed and he and Wednesday become good friends.

In fact, Wednesday steps in front of an arrow to protect Xavier in the final battle and as such, he did not die in the first season.

Does Thing die in Wednesday?

Aside from Enid, Thing is probably Wednesday’s closest confidant when she first arrives at Nevermore Academy.

Although this disembodied hand helps Wednesday out a lot in the first season, this ends up getting Thing in trouble and in episode seven, Thing is stabbed to the wall of Wednesday’s room.

Fortunately, Wednesday acts quickly, rushes Thing to Uncle Fester, and it miraculously does not die from the stab wound.

By the end of the first season, Thing is as alive as ever, with one more scar added to the hand for good measure.

Did Eugene die in Wednesday?

Eugene Otinger is one of the only characters on the show that survived the Hyde monster’s attack.

After Wednesday cancels plans with him one night, he decides to stake out the Hyde monster’s lair on his own.

After the attack, Eugene ends up badly hurt and bloody in the hospital, but he is still alive by the final episode of the season, and he even ends up saving Wednesday from Marilyn Thornhill.