Who Is Mon Mothma? The ‘Star Wars’ Icon Is Finally Getting Her Spotlight

Before her starring role in Andor on Disney+, Mon Mothma only had a handful of scenes in the Star Wars films — and not all of them even made it to the final cut.

Now that she's been introduced to a wider viewing audience in Andor, Mothma's character now ranks among some of the franchise's more popular fictional names. What many may not know is that she was meant to play a much bigger role much earlier in the franchise. Here's what the Star Wars movies don't reveal about the senator's legacy.

Mon Mothma Never Appeared in the Prequels

But she was supposed to. In fact, she would have played a minor but essential role in the film alongside Padmé Amidala. However, her character only appears in the prequels in Revenge of the Sith‘s deleted scenes.

Most of the plot revolving around the senators' disdain for Chancellor Palpatine and the war didn't make the final cut. Instead, the movie focused mostly on Anakin Skywalker's fall to the dark side and his splintering relationship with Padmé.

Two Different Actors Have Brought Her Character to Life

Geneivive O'Reilly first portrayed Mon Mothma in the prequels. She reprised her role in Star Wars: Rebels, offering her voice to the animated version of the character. She wasn't the first actor to portray the character, however.

Caroline Blakiston first brought Mon Mothma to screen in 1983's Return of the Jedi. Her lines were few and her presence minimal, but the character would go on to appear in dozens of Star Wars Expanded Universe books before returning decades later.

Mon Mothma Was a Rebel Long Before She Had Rebels to Lead

Even prior to the Clone Wars, Mon Mothma and a select group of like-minded senators were focused on initiatives that focused on making the galaxy a better place. While many senators seemed to follow the Chancellor and his ideals without question, she always tried to stay one step ahead of the government's pending collapse.

Mothma became an important presence in the final seasons of the animated Star Wars: Rebels series. This was the first time fans got an  on-screen taste of her struggles to balance her work as a senator with her secret dealings as the leader of the Rebel Alliance. Andor sheds even more light on how she went from “rebel in the shadows” to full-fledged Imperial defector.

She Attended Han and Leia's Wedding

Mon Mothma wasn't just a politician, spouse, and parent — she was also a supportive friend. She even encouraged Leia Organa to take time off from her political duties while on her honeymoon and seemed genuinely happy the couple had found each other.

Beth Revis's 2022 novel The Princess and the Scoundrel revealed Mon Mothma was present on Endor shortly after the destruction of the second Death Star. This was right around the time the Ewoks threw Han and Leia a traditional ceremony, of which many rebel heroes attended.

She Served as Chancellor of the New Republic

After years of serving in government and leading the Rebel Alliance to its final victory against the Empire, Mon Mothma served as the Chancellor of the New Republic once it was officially established. The new government resided on Hosnian Prime, the capitol until its destruction at the hands of the First Order.

The Chancellor's retirement eventually sent the New Republic tumbling into chaos. She was a skilled politician and leader, and the galaxy was never the same after she stepped down from her role.

Mon Mothma's legacy spans decades. After years of minimal screen time despite her vital role in the outcome of the Galactic Civil War, she's finally getting the spotlight she has earned. There's a good chance Andor Season 2 won't even be the last we see of her in Star Wars.

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