The Dark Knight Debate: Which Actor Played the Best Batman?

Who is the best Batman? It has been debated amongst Batman fans since the character first appeared on the big screen in 1966. Since then, multiple actors have donned the black cape and cowl to play Gotham's iconic Dark Knight. With a wide variety of Batmen, this debate continues to rage — but which of these actors delivered the best take?

Here is what people online had to say.

Ranking the Batmans

In a now deleted tweet, @Lucifer_Shill shared, “Y'all going to be mad but hear me out… Live Action Batman Ranking:

  1. Bale
  2. Batfleck
  3. Pattinson
  4. Kilmer

This is personal taste and not in terms of faithfulness. Because if it were, Pattinson would be on top, and it's not close!”

Another user online, @Robbins17Chris, clarified this as their Batman list and not an accurate ranking of Bruce Wayne. “1-Affleck 2-Bale 3-Keaton 4-Kilmer 5-West 6-Pattinson 7-Clooney.”

Ben Affleck Batman Fans Enter the Chat

Tweeter @AntoineXavis said, “Friendly reminder that
@jayoliva1 said Ben Affleck Made the BEST BATMAN SCRIPT EVER! We can't lose that!! Happy #BatmanDay to the Best Batman: @BenAffleck is GOAT. And #MakeTheBatfleckMovie.”

User @Itssan17 expressed, “Ben Affleck as Batman is PERFECTION.”

Tweeter @Signs2323 announced, “The door hasn't closed just yet. Ben Affleck is back as Batman, and it's time he gets his solo film. No more Hamadaburgers.”

They continued, “Ben declared he has the highest standards for his Batman solo and the vision he and Zack had for the character needs to be fulfilled. #MakeTheBatfleckMovie.”

Tweeter @magfan7 agreed with another and shared, “Best Batman to date. #MakeTheBatfleckMovie.”

Robert Pattinson Batman Fans Enters the Chat

Tweeter @SUMITSAI19 acknowledged a great while paying homage to the legend, “Robert Pattinson is my Batman, but Christian Bale was iconic. We can’t forget him. Bruh, I can’t wait for #TheBatman2.”

Tweeter @vatsala_sharmaa shared, “It's #BatmanDay today! Batman will forever remain iconic, from Adam West to our beautiful Robert Pattinson (sorry for the bias). #Batman #RobertPattinson.”

Tweeter @scarletbat_ stated, “Robert Pattinson in 2022's “The Batman. Matt Reeves and Mattson Tomlin are currently writing the script for the sequel.”

Tweeter @SmackNPie exclaimed, “ITS BATMAN DAY! From the revolutionary TAS to Keaton's Batman to DC Animated main hero to Bale's Trilogy to Affleck's Dark Knight all the way to Robert Pattinson's Vengeance. DC & World's Best Superhero & Icon: The Batman. No one is gonna take his place, ever.”

Christian Bale Batman Fans Enter the Chat

Tweeter @Elvia_Soto_R announced, “Happy #BatmanDay #ElCaballerodelaNoche #ChristianBale.”

Tweeter @benjeran shared an awesome experience, “#BatmanDay flashback to 2011 when I was Christian Bale's stand-in on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and got to wear the bat suit. Definitely, one of the top highlights of my career #Batman #ChristianBale #DarkKnightRises #Pittsburgh #NYC #NewYorkCity #StandIn.”

Joker Discussions

Of course, Joker, one of Batman's infamous villains, shared their two cents. Tweeter @10earthquakes asked, “Which Batman and Joker have the best chemistry?”

And people responded. They also noted that Joaquin's Joker and Pattinson's Batman are not from the same universe.

Tweeter @VNayr0023 agreed, “Keaton and Nicholson.”

In a now deleted tweet, @NaughtyDogXD stated, “Without a doubt,” while nominating Heath Ledger and Christian Bale.

Tweeter @nonononnnnfff said, “Pattinson and Keoghan have by far the best batman and joker dynamic in live action.”

Who is your favorite Batman of all time?

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