Who Owns Fanta?

Fanta is an orange soda drink available for sale worldwide. It was created in Deutschland(Germany) in 1940. It was created by the German based coca cola bottling company.

It was created during World war 2 when there was no free trade between Nazi Germany and the United States and products from the US were unavailable in Germany at that time.

Therefore, the German plant was not receiving the coca cola syrup and the manager of the plant at the time, Max Keith wanted to keep the plant going. He therefore came up with a fruit flavoured drink.

He used apple fiber leftover from lollipops and whey, from cheesemakers to create the popular drink. The original Fanta had a red-orange colour from beets. The flavour changed overtime depending on what ingredients could be found until it became the Fanta orange we have today.

It was named Fanta after an employee contest to name the beverage and Keith told the employees to use their imagination which is Fantasie in German. This is when Joe Knipp came up with the name Fanta.

There are over 90 different flavours of the soda but Fanta orange is the most popular Fanta flavour available in over 180 countries in the world.

Fanta was brought to the United States after the war and in 1960, coca cola brought the trademark. Fanta is a type of soda under the coca cola company. Therefore, the coca cola company owns the Fanta products and franchise.

So, to know who owns Fanta, we need to look at the ownership of the coca cola company.

The coca cola company is an American Multinational beverage corporation. It is a public company that trades its shares on the New York stock exchange market. Therefore, anyone can buy stocks and have a stake in the company’s ownership. A share of the coca cola company is currently at 59.99 up 0.76 % as at 19th September, 2022.

The biggest institutional shareholders of the coca cola company are mentioned here. Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. is the biggest shareholder owning 400,000,000 shares which make up 9.25 % of the company.

It is followed by the Vanguard group, Inc. owning 342,813,617 shares which make up 7.93 % of the company, Back Rock Fund which owns 199,523,725 shares amounting to 4.61 %.

These are the top three shareholders of the coca cola company. The other shareholders are SSGA Funds Management, Inc. which owns 3.95 %, Fidelity Management and Research Company which owns 1.91 %, Geode Capital management LLC owning 1.70 %, Wellington Management Company LLP owning 1,59 %, JP Morgan Investment Management, Inc. owning 1.44 %, Charles Schwab Investment Management company owning 1.21 % and Northern Trust Investments, Inc. owning 1.07 %.

The top mutual fund shareholders are also as mentioned here. Vanguard Total stock market index which owns 2.67 %, Vanguard 500 Index Fund which owns 2.01%, Fidelity 500 Index fund which owns 0.97 %, SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust which also owns 0.97 %, Government Pension Fund-Global which owns 0.85 %, IShares Core S&P 500 ETF which owns 0.80 %, Vanguard Value Index Fund which owns 0.78 %, Vanguard institutional index which owns 0.67 %, SPDR Series- Consumer staples which owns 0.61 % and then Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF which owns 0.59 %.

These are the top shareholders of the coca cola company which also owns and produces the Fanta product.