Who Owns Nestle?

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Nestle professionally known as Nestle S.A. is a Swiss Multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation with its headquarters in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. It is currently the largest publicly held food company in the world basing on its annual revenue.

It made over 87 billion US dollars in revenue in 2021.

The Nestle as we know it today was majorly a result of a merger between two companies in 1905: Farine Lactee Henri Nestle which was founded in 1867 by Henri Nestle and the Anglo Milk Swiss company established in 1866 by two brothers: Charles and George Page.

The company then adopted the name Nestle Alimentana SA in 1947 when it acquired Fabrique De Produits Maggi SA which was founded in 1884.

The current name, Nestle S.A. was adopted in 1977. The company has been a result of numerous mergers and acquisitions some of which have been mentioned.

It was founded in 1866 which is approximately 156 years ago. It has evolved since then and has had many names including Farine Lactee Henri Nestle (1867-1905) and Nestle and Anglo Swiss Condensed milk company from 1905-1947 then into its current name, Nestle S.A. It was founded by Henri Nestle, a German-born Swiss confectioner.

It deals with numerous products such as baby food, dairy products, breakfast cereals, confectionary, bottled water, ice-cream, pet foods amongst others.

They have numerous brands like the world renown coffee, Nescafe, Nesquik, the popular chocolates, KitKats etcetera.


Who Owns Nestle?

Nestle is a public company and therefore, it is owned by its shareholders. Some of its biggest shareholders are institutions and mutual funds which are going to be listed. Gardner Russo & Quinn, LLC owns 8,810,693 shares which make up 0.32% of the company’s total shares outstanding.

Fisher Asset Management, LLC owns 5,143,077 which make up 0.19% of the total shares.

These are the two biggest institutional shareholders followed by First Manhattan company which owns 0.13%, Farmer Steven Patrick and Confluence Investment Management LLC which each own 0.04%, Douglass Winthrop Advisors LLC and Douglas Lane and Associates which each own 0.03%, Beach Investment counsel Inc/pa and Cullen Capital Management LLC owning 0.02% each then Gofen & Glossberg LLC and Bartlett & co. each owning 0.01%.

The top mutual fund shareholders include Washington Mutual fund investors fund owning 0.33%, Harding Loevner Funds Inc, Inc-International Equity Portfolio owning 0.12%, Legg Mason Clearbridge Dividend strategy Fd owning 0.05%, Vanguard Fenway Funds –Equity Income Fund owning 0.03%, American funds insurance Ser-Blue chip income growth fund owning 0.02%.

lastly, BNY Mellon Appreciation fund, BNY Mellon Worldwide Growth fund, Brinker Capital destinations Tr-Destinations Large cap equity Fd, Hartford Balanced income fund, American beacon The London company income equity and Hartford Equity income fund all owning 0.01% of the company. Institutions own 1.60% of Nestle S.A.

However, one must remember that it is a publicly traded company and the statistics of who owns what are changing right this second. But, at the moment, those are the biggest shareholders of Nestle.