Who Owns YouTube?

Are you wondering who owns YouTube?

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Brief History of YouTube.

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform with its headquarters in San Bruno, California. It allows users to upload videos which are rated online with likes and dislikes and they also have a comment section to which the original uploader of the video can reply.

It also has channels which allow users to operate personal broadcasting stations which people can subscribe to.

YouTube was created and launched on February 14, 2005 by three people Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim who were former PayPal employees.

However, the founders sold the company to Google Inc. just after 18 months of posting the first video in October 2006.

The company was sold to Google at US $1.65 billion. YouTube is therefore owned by Google, Inc. Google, Inc. is a subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc.

Today, You Tube makes over 20 million US dollars annually in revenue. It made 20 million in 2020 contributing to over 11% of Alphabet, Inc.’s annual revenue.

This was therefore clearly a good investment for Google and its parent company, Alphabet, Inc.


Who owns YouTube?

YouTube is owned by Aiphabet.. Alphabet, Inc. is a publicly traded company available on the stock exchange market. Mutual fund holders are the biggest shareholders of the company amounting to 41.88% of all the shares outstanding followed by institutional shareholders that own 37.45%. individual shareholders take up 0.02% of the company.

The top ten mutual Funds holding Alphabet Inc. are: Vanguard Total Stock Market Index owning 178, 974, 555 share which amount to 2.99%, Vanguard %oo Index fund owning 134,034,244 shares amounting to 2.24% of the company, Fidelity 500 Index fund owning 64,588,541 shares amounting to 1.08%, SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust owning 64, 458,115 amounting to 1.08%, !Shares Core S&P 500 ETF owning 0,89%, Invesco QQQ trust owning 0.87%, Vanguard Growth Index Fund owning 0.82%, Vanguard Institutional Index fund owning 0.75%, American Funds Growth Fund of America owning 0.64% and Fidelity Contra Fund owning 0.51%.

The top ten institutional shareholders of Alphabet, Inc. are The Vanguard group, Inc. owning 447, 778, 400 shares of the company’s total shares outstanding amounting to 7.47% of the company, Black Rock Fund Advisors owning 261,796,300 shares amounting to 4.37% of the company, Fidelity management & research company owning 218,290,680 shares amounting to 3.64%, SSgA Funds Management, Inc. owning 217,085,280 shares amounting to 3.62%. these are followed by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. owning 2.08%, Geode Capital Management LLC owning 1.89%, Norges Bank Investment Management owning 1.67%, Wellington Management Co. LLP owning 1.19%, Northern Trust Investments, Inc. owning 1.17% and Massachusetts Financial Services owning 0.99%.

We now know that YouTube is owned by Google, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc. so, technically.

YouTube is owned by Alphabet which is Google’s parent company.

We have looked at the top shareholders of Alphabet who therefore get the biggest pie out of You Tube’s earnings.