Who pays for Garage Squad restorations?

Who pays for Garage Squad restorations?

It has been confirmed that Garage Squad pays for the costs of the restorations, as the participants agree to see the restoration through to the end.

Throughout the years, a number of successful car restoration and makeover shows have graced television. One of these is MotorTrend Network’s Garage Squad. This popular reality show recently concluded its eighth season.

The premise of the show, according to IMDb is, “‘Garage Squad’ rescues weekend mechanics who perhaps lack the time, resources or simple know-how to get their “project” autos road-worthy again.”

Many have asked questions about who is responsible for the costs of the restorations, and the show has confirmed it fully covers these costs for participants.

Does Garage Squad go outside Chicago?

Garage Squad is a Chicago-based television show, so most of the production of the show is conducted within the vicinity and in Chicago.

The implications of this, however, are that travelling outside of Chicago would increase the costs of production exponentially, and would not make it possible to continue making the show.

As such, the show has explained, “Our production crew is based here in the Midwest, but we’re working out the logistics to take Garage Squad from coast-to-coast. So please submit your project!”

Who pays for Garage Squad restorations?

The car restorations shared on Garage Squad not only look expensive, but for anyone with a car, it quickly becomes apparent what the actual cost of restoring a car is.

Therefore, fans or interested parties that may want to be part of the show are always wondering who is responsible for the costs of the paints, parts, and other financial logistics of restoring the cars featured on the show.

This is because makeover shows have different conditions regarding how much they cover and what falls on the participants, and so forth.

However, for most shows, especially those that are popular, the makeover cost is usually written off as production costs, and sometimes the participants also get compensated for being on the show.

Garage Squad has affirmed that the costs of the car restorations are covered by the show. However, they do not bear the cost alone.

As part of their frequently asked questions, the show affirmed that they have support, writing, “We do, with the help of great sponsors like Cooper Tires and RockAuto.com.”

A matter that the company has not discussed is whether or not participants in the show get compensated for being on the show.

However, this may not be a factor that is taken into consideration as featuring on the show only highlights the mechanic’s work or business, which in the long run, results in new clientele.

Did they cancel Garage Squad?

Garage Squad has proven to be a popular show for MotorTrend, and the fact that it is also a ratings-puller for the channel suggests that it will not be cancelled anytime soon.

The show concluded its 10-episode, eight-season run in December 2022 and as of June 2022, the fate of Garage Squad is still unknown.

This is as MotorTrend has neither confirmed the renewal of the show nor stated that Garage Squad has been cancelled by the network.

But there seems to be hope, as the show’s Instagram is still active and posting new content.

Why did they replace Heather on Garage Squad?

Heather Storm is one of the most beloved hosts to have graced Garage Squad. She joined the show in 2015 during the second season. She was a part of the show for three years before leaving it.

Her reasons for leaving were simply that she was seeking new work opportunities and honing her other passions as she is not only a host, but she is also a producer, YouTuber, and co-owner of her own beverage and boutique event company called Black LAB Ventures.

Following her exit, she focused on creating shows on her YouTube channel, and currently she has two new shows, namely, Motor City & Muddin’ and The Bronco Community.

Who is the new host on Garage Squad?

Before the eighth season of Garage Squad, the show introduced a host by the name of Sarah ‘Bogi’ Lateiner.

Lateiner joined the new season and took to social media prior to the premiere of the new season to confirm her addition to the fellow long-standing co-host of National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) driver, Bruno Massel, and lead mechanic Joe Zolper.

In her post, he wrote a caption that read, “I’m excited to join Garage Squad, which is all about changing lives one car at a time. I’m looking forward to helping make dreams come true by getting some amazing cars back on the road and providing real tips for viewers to use on their cars at home.”