15 Go-To Places to Get a Money Order (Near Me)

A money order is one of the most significant ways of performing any transaction in today's world. With it, you can make international payments with ease. They are very easy to access as well. The chances of fraudulent activities happening through money orders are very low. It is due to the details set alongside money order which makes it a very safe bet for anyone. 

If you're the one initiating the payment, you will link the receipt directly with the bank account through a money order. So you cannot hide away before finally paying your dues. You can use debit cards, cheques as well in order to buy the money orders. 

You might be checking out money orders somewhere around you, it is possible only through the use of certain platforms which drive you towards them.

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Here are some of those opportunities for you so that you can cash your money order:

  • Grocery stores 

Yes, it is so convenient that you can cash it through grocery stores as well. You will be required to bring a money order with you in order to deal with it. You can get the money with a specific amount and use them where it would be required. There are certain things where money orders prove to be a really safe bet. Through grocery stores, it is possible to make it happen. You can imagine money orders as cheques, through which it is easy to safeguard your money. It would have otherwise had the chance of getting lost. The use of money orders makes things very secure for you. 

  • Bank 

You can also get money orders through banks. It is advised that you go to a  bank in order to get the money order. There's a lot of professionalism involved with such a place and no way would you risk your money and get a fake money order. It is easier to cash it through a bank so you can always choose it as an option. 

  • Portal service 

When there were no banks and credit unions back in the day, portal service was one of the things where you could buy the money order. You just have to go to the local UPS office in order to cash in the money you might have gotten through the post office. Although it is not considered to be a great option these days, it is still very much possible to make it happen. 

get a money order near me

Who sells money orders near me? – Top 15 Places

There are various websites or platforms through which you can sell money order anywhere near you:- 

1. Walmart

It is one of the most popular platforms regarding any sort of activity and money orders are one of them as well. It has close to 12,000 locations in the world where you can buy a money order. It will take just 70 cents for each of the money orders. So in case you want to do these on a consistent basis, Walmart will always prove to be a great option. The daily limit is around $3,000 so you cannot go beyond the limit just to ensure your benefit. Even with the restrictions, it is still one of the best options to buy money orders. 

2. Family fare

Family fare is one of the supermarkets as well. It used to work somewhere around America only before but now has a worldwide reach, just like Walmart. Family fare is a great option in order to buy money orders. It has been alike to like a replacement for Walmart as it also charges 70 cents per order. But the amount per money order is lesser. You can get $500 per money order. You can make the payment through debit cards or credit cards easily. Just log into the official website of Family Fare and you will be able to deal with it sitting back at your workplace or home without wasting any time. 

3. Kroger

Kroger is another platform where you can buy money orders. It charges 98 cents per order which is higher than that of Walmart and Family Fare. You can also use your debit card in order to make the transaction possible. The fact that the limit is around $1000 per order makes it easier for you to deal big. It has over 3,500 grocery locations as well. It's easier to deal in money orders here because it happens very often. It is one of the biggest motives of the organization as well, they want to sell as many money orders as they can. The possibility of a safe transaction is always going to be more in the case of Kroger and you can also do it at a fast pace. 

4. Publix

At Publix, you can also use cash itself in order to buy a money order. The use of debit cards is always going to be possible with most of these platforms and Publix is no different either. The fees per money order are around 85 cents which is a pretty decent amount again. They do not cash these money orders. So you will be able to buy them safely but there's no way you can sell them off on the same platform. You will have to use some other website in order to do the job. They are working all over the United States and haven't found their base worldwide just yet. It might be possible after some time for them to cash into the global market! 

5. Hy-Vee

There are a lot of things that can be done through Hy-Vee. Photocopy, lottery tickets are some of the features you might get from this platform. But one of the biggest features of Hy-Vee is that it can provide your money orders, all of that with ease. You have got cash as well as card options to buy those money orders. It is quite an easy process to deal with. You will find the safest houses when you visit Hy-Vee for the same. Other than this, the company has over 240 supermarkets working all over the USA. 

6. CVS

CVS pharmacy suggests its work by the name itself, it is dealing with medicine and other stuff. It is working around drugs in around 10K locations. But the question in your mind might be if they can sell money orders to you or not. Yes, CVS pharmacy provides you an option in order to buy those money orders. You have to pay around 99 cents which is a pretty solid amount for each transaction. They do not buy money orders either so it's going to be a  one-way transaction here. It's a simple process in order to complete the transaction as well. 

7. Money gram

It is one of the most successful businesses to have provided money orders to a worldwide audience. The biggest reason behind it is the fact that it charges only 70 cents in order to do the job. The setup process is very simple as well. You just need to insert one of your photo IDs and the task will write itself. You can purchase orders up to $1000 per transaction. With a number of payment modes, it becomes rather easier for you to deal with. Money gram is used widely in this regard because of the user interface it has provided. 

8. Commercial banks

There are many commercial banks around you, it's about finding the right one. Although you will have to step out of your comfort zone, there's a sense of assurance you get there. If you don't want to go out of your place which you anyway cannot thanks to the current situation, there are websites available for different commercial banks which make it easier for you to deal in money orders. Different banks have a different set of rules so it wouldn't be clear how much a particular bank is charging for orders and if they can buy them as well and not just sell. 

9. Vons

It is another of the grocery stores to have found the list. It is a very authentic and convenient source in order to deal with money orders. The fee to buy them is around 89 cents. One limitation going into Vons is that it only provides cash as a payment option. Vons has a complex system in order to sign up as well. You have to first provide multiple photo IDs in order to prove that you're using an authentic identity and only then does it proceed further regarding the payment and stuff. 

10. Eleven

It is a platform that can sell both Money gram as well as West Union money orders, thus proving to have an efficient scope to deal with them. The amount of fee to be paid is very contrasting as well. The minimum fee to be paid is 65 cents but there can be certain fluctuations regarding them. In some cases, it can charge up to 3% of the face value. It also limits money orders to an amount of $500. But these money orders will be available to you for use pretty quickly. 

11. Meijer

If you want to find a cheap source in order to buy money orders, Meijer has to be on top of your list. They will charge an amount of just 65 cents from you which is a pretty basic figure. The daily amount of $3,000 can be used so that we can buy money orders. Debit cards and cash can be used in order to complete these transactions. Just like most of the other platforms, Meijer also only sells money orders. You can register now on the website of Meijer and then deal in whatever number you want. 

12. Albertsons

One of the most popular names in this regard is Albertsons. You get three options for payment i.e. credit card, debit card, and cash. The subsidiary of Albertsons called Jewel Osco deals primarily in money orders. It has a limit of $500 per order. The fee charged is 85 cents per order. You just have to register your name along with a couple of details required for the purpose. It would be better that you sign up through multiple accounts making it easier for you to draw more money orders within a given period of time. 

13. Circle K

It operates in about 35 states of the US and has been functioning pretty smoothly. It has dealt greatly in money orders ever since its inception. It can cost you close to $1 which is pretty big considering all the other options we have already provided to you. The payment method is only cash as well which is kind of a drawback. But if you have a branch of Circle K anywhere around you, it's easier to find a good money order option. 

14. Royal farms

The fee on Royal farms can differ depending upon the amount. If the money order costs anything in the range of $300 or below, you will be charged $1.25 as a fee. If it is in excess, the fee charged will also exceed depending upon how much amount you're dealing in any way. You can deal in about $950 per day and this one also deals only in cash. The company got more than car wash and gas stations in store so you can always keep them in mind while considering your options. 

15. Stop & Shop

This is a platform that deals greatly in money orders although it doesn't buy any of them. The fee to be charged has got a range as well, it is never consistent. Generally, anything in the amount of 99 cents to $1.50 is charged. The good thing is that debit cards can be used as well so that you fulfill your task. 

Conclusion: Places to Get a Money Order Near Me with Fees

Dealing with money orders is always a safe option, especially when a big amount is at stake. Considering how much the online business has spread across the globe, you can choose any of the given options no matter which country you live in. It's about buying or selling money orders more than anything else so choose your option wisely before finally coming to a decisive point!