Fantasy View Inside the Who’s the Boss Sequel Cast

Who’s the Boss will be back in a moment. Stick around.”

Tony Micelli’s voice boomed from the tv screen as the scene faded into commercials. Micelli (played by Tony Danza) encouraged fans to stay put and wait for the show to continue.

The moment may have lasted three decades, but the popular tv series is finally returning after the last episode aired on April 25, 1992.

News reports say Danza and his on-screen daughter, Alyssa Milano, are in the production stages of bringing the show back to air.

The show is heading to Amazon Freevee, the free-streaming service formerly known as IMDb TV. Mike Royce and Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz (both known for One Day at a Time) are attached to the show as the executive producers and writers.

When talking to Good Day New York co-host Rosanna Scotto, Milano noted, “It’s (the show) not really a reboot. It’s more of a sequel.”

The first episode, “Pilot,” aired on September 20, 1984, set the stage for the series plot line. After retiring due to a shoulder injury, ex-Major League Baseball star Tony Micelli knocks on Angela Bower’s (Judith Light) door, at 3344 Oak Hills Drive, in Fairfield, Connecticut, answering her call for a live-in housekeeper.

Angela is a newly-divorced advertising executive who needs to take care of her son, Jonathan Bower (Danny Pintauro). Micelli appears at Bower’s door with a child in tow, a daughter, Samantha, played by Milano.

The cast would not be complete without Katherine Helmond, who played the feisty Mona Robinson, Angela’s mom. Mona is a free-spirited redhead who loves barging in on her daughter’s life and is also the biggest cheerleader for having her daughter hook up with Tony.

Unfortunately, Helmond will not be a part of the series. She died in 1992 at the age of 89 due to complications with Alzheimer’s.

Flipping the Script

The comedy explored the power dynamics of a working relationship, where the gender roles are reversed – the woman is the boss. Hence, the reason for the show’s name. Throughout most of the show, Micelli and Bower are attracted to one another.

However, each is hesitant and afraid to make a move – worried about the other’s reaction and uncomfortable with what the relationship would look like with the female as the primary breadwinner.

During an interview with Elle, Light talked about how this relationship was revolutionary at the time. “It was really on the cutting edge,” she said. “They reversed the roles. It was the first time that there had been a woman who was out in the workforce, and the man was taking care of everything at home. I can’t tell you how many young women have come up to me, your age, and even younger, who said they watch it, they watch it still, and the message is still impactful for them.”

During the eight years, the two become close friends. Micelli helps raise Angela’s son and provides a father figure to the young boy, whose father, Michael Bower (James Naughton), sporadically drops into little Jonathan’s life.

Meanwhile, Angela and Mona impart their female wisdom to Samantha whenever she has girl trouble, such as relationship issues – something for which Samantha is thankful since her mother died when she was young.

It’s not until the eighth and last season that the show’s main characters admit their love to one another, but the series did not end with the marriage fans had desired.

Instead, the show has an open ending, leaving fans wondering if the relationship will continue. Executives originally wanted to marry the couple during the middle of the eighth season but worried the show’s audience would stop watching.

So far, for the revival, only Milano and Danza have agreed to be a part of the show. The new show’s plot revolves around another newly-divorced mom. This time, Samantha needs help looking after her children. Who’s there to help but her father. After all, he has experience raising children.

However, there are many unanswered questions about the sequel. Will Angela and Tony marry? Will they have children? What about Jonathan? Mona? We're taking advantage of these unknown answers to come up with our own proposed backstory.

His Path Leads to Angela

“There’s a path to take and a path not taken. The choice is up to you, my friend,” the show’s theme song lyrics read. Tony always thought he would be a baseball player. He never knew he would fall in love with someone like Angela.

Tony and Angela did get married, and they’ve been married for 28 years. A few years into the marriage, they had a girl named after Mona. The two admitted Mona had played an essential part in their lives by pushing them into the relationship – even when they didn’t realize it. Now, their daughter is 26 and in graduate school pursuing a doctorate in sociology. She wants to study gender roles in different careers.

Tony also takes on a head baseball coach at the nearby community college, where he earned his degree. The sitcom did portray Tony returning to college and completing his degree. He’s a college legend.

Now a grandfather, Tony can’t wait to start helping take care of his two grandchildren. After working as Angela’s live-in housekeeper for eight years, Tony’s stay with his daughter is only temporary until she gets back on her feet and can afford daycare. However, that could be another eight years.

Advertising Executive Falls In Love

From the show’s start, Angela was a strong woman – a prosperous, career woman in a world that belonged to men. She did not let anyone intimidate her. When she wasn’t happy with work at her firm, she quit and started a successful agency.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Angela’s successful career skyrocketed, and she sold her advertising firm for a few million dollars. But, she didn’t stop working. Around 2005, she joined another advertising firm, “Women Rising,” as CEO, guiding the firm through the social media frontier. She was one of the first to market products through social media platforms.

Angela did fall into a depression about three years ago when her mother passed away. Mona had always been a rock in her life, and she didn’t know what to do without her. However, Tony helped her survive those black days. Now, she’s working on a memoir of her life. Her publicist assures her it will be a best seller.

In real life, Judith Light has gained one success after the other. In her 70s, she’s already had more than 15 gigs. She’s set to star in the upcoming Peacock series, “Poker.”

This Micelli Gains a Byline

After being married to Hank for 30 years, Samantha finds herself newly divorced. Hank is a famous puppeteer.

Parents throughout the Northeastern region seek him. While Hank traveled, Samantha remained alone with her children. She regrets not going after her career.

Samantha had always been talented with languages and had Aced her French classes in high school. However, there was one instance in high school where a boyfriend helped her cheat in chemistry in exchange for her helping him cheat in French. Tony found out and grounded Samantha, but since then, Samantha knew she had a passion for French.

In college, she double majored in English and French and wanted to pursue becoming a reporter. Unfortunately, Hank never understood her feelings, further isolating her in an already lonely marriage. She hopes she can start a new life as a single mother. She scores a reporter position at the local newspaper but has to work too many hours. Someone has to be there for her children.

That’s when she asks her dad for help. Being a journalist is not far from one of Milano’s passions – being a social media activist.

Bower Fighting for Social Justice

During college, Jonathan does some self-searching and discovers he is gay – much like the actor, Pintauro, who played him. (A year before graduating from Stanford University in 1998, Pintauro came out as gay. He was one of the first high-profile celebrities to come out as gay.)

Bower sees the discrimination many gays face and becomes an activist – campaigning for equal rights for everyone. Jonathan decides one of the best ways to protect human rights is to become a lawyer. Now, he works for Amnesty International. One of his main missions is to defend the rights of those victims who contracted HIV.

Jonathan is also married to a classmate he met in law school. The two have adopted two girls.

She Was The Boss

Mona found love again too, which surprised Angela because Mona always wanted to have fun. She dated many guys of all ages. However, when she met “Mr. Right,” she just knew. She had broken into a private swimming pool for some skinny dipping and discovered a tall, handsome man had already beat her to it.

She was excited to find someone as liberated as herself. Within one week, she and Mr. Right had eloped. Mona enjoyed living dangerously and was open to all adventures.

Angela wasn’t exactly excited that her mom married without letting her know.

Angela and Mona bickered for months, but Angela came to accept the marriage. Mona and Mr. Right were married for 12 years before Mr. Right passed away. Mona died shortly afterward.

And to finally answer the question of who’s the real boss, Milano had the answer in a Reddit AMA, “Mona. Duh.”

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