Why a $16 McDonald’s Meal is a Big Problem for Democrats


In December 2022, TikTok user Christopher Olive took to his favorite social media platform to make a common complaint. A high meal cost had made him angry, and he wanted to tell his followers all about it.

It’s a typical incident that must happen many hundreds, if not thousands, of times each day, so why did Olive’s complaint go viral, and why is it still causing headaches for the Democrat administration?

Sixteen Dollars of Controversy

The meal in question was purchased from McDonald’s, and according to the receipt, it cost the consumer $16. Sixteen bucks for a burger, fries, and a drink shocked the purchaser, but this was no ordinary burger.

Christopher Olive’s unhappy meal consisted of a limited edition Smoky BLT quarter pounder with cheese, large fries, and a large Sprite. The special burger came with a special price as the average cost of a Big Mac, without fries and drink, comes in at $5.58.

Few would argue that $16 is steep, but Topher Olive, as he is known on TikTok, wasn’t clear on his motives. We can be sure he paid for the meal as the video shows him flaunting the receipt. McDonald’s does not hide their prices, so we have to assume he was aware of the cost, but CNN could not track him down for comment.

It’s an odd post, but it has become a symbol of the economy.

Sign of the Times

While economic analysts are relatively upbeat about the country’s position, the average American doesn’t share their positivity. In a poll conducted by CNN, 72% of those questioned felt that the U.S. was underperforming, while 66% stated that the economy was “extremely important” to their decision on who to vote for in 2024.

The price of one man’s burger may seem irrelevant to the bigger picture. Still, Olive’s viral video won’t go away, and the extreme publicity surrounding it is a constant headache for the Biden administration.

TikTok Sticker Shock

That moment when you receive a bill, and it’s so much more than you had anticipated, has its term. It’s known as “sticker shock,” and it’s been around since the dawn of dining out.

In pre-social media days, we might have expressed our surprise to the management, but there was little we could do to make the outside world aware of our unfortunate situation. All that has changed, and millions of Christopher Olives are ready to head to TikTok, X, and the rest to make their complaints public knowledge.

Click on your regular social media platform now to see many similar stories. If you’re dining on Salt Bae’s gold leaf steak and haven’t checked the prices, you’re in serious trouble, but many everyday restaurants are called out for perceived overpricing.

The issue with the McDonald’s $16 burger is that Topher Olive’s post has gone viral, and it’s been seen as a metaphor for an increased cost of living under the Democrats. On many occasions when rising prices are discussed, the TikTok post is cited as a form of flimsy evidence.

The reality is that the U.S. economy is performing well, but the burger says otherwise, and some feel that a $16 meal deal could yet bring down a government.

Source: CNN.