Why Bloggers Fail Online – Find Out The Top 6 Reasons

In this blog post I am going to talk about why bloggers fail, this is one of the most controversial topic

Where everyone seeks an honest reply with no benefit whatsoever from the adviser who wrote his/her answer

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Usually you read an article that answers or covers this topic

Only to find the writer convincing you to buy his/her course

Convincing you that it is super extra amazing well proven with testimonials

Top 6 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail Online
why bloggers fail

That if you follow his/her course,  you will make money in few days (usually they claim 1 month)

[bctt tweet=”Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. (Winston Churchill)“]

What happens is you start blogging and you either put effort based on knowledge you built by yourself or applying it from an online blogging course

Time passes by and no money at all

You go and check all of your affiliate programs, nothing is there, still no sales yet

Then you check Adsense or any pay per click you are in and again few cents here and there

Very frustrating and not really worth the effort and energy you put in when you started

So here I am trying here to list the top 6 reasons why bloggers fail online

Top 6 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail Online #bloggers #bloggertips

I will start with (keep in mind that this is not a negative tone, I am doing my best to transfer a realistic impression but I seriously hate negativity and I always adapt all possible methods to keep me positive)

1-Blogging requires a lot of patience

To tell you how long you need to be patient

I would say 6 months (if you really know what you’re doing and following some good Facebook blogging groups) to one year or 2 years

Obviously working on your blog almost daily but how many hours daily? (wait, I will answer this under item # 2)

All I can say now is that when you start blogging, you cannot promote your blog right away as you still don’t have many blog posts published yet 

Talking about myself, I started this blog on July 27th, 2018 and I decided that I would dedicate the first three months for writing 15 long epic posts

Keep in mind that the first few posts are the most important ones as you extract all your knowledge and enthusiasm into your blog

2-Blogging requires a lot of time

This one I was able to measure when I started this blog, I told you that I started almost end of July so I was keeping track of my initial activities 

Most of these activities are writing the first few blog posts while adjusting and setting up my WordPress 

I would like to share with you my excel sheet which I used when I started

Do Your Blog With Me Excel Time Tracker Part 1
Do Your Blog With Me Excel Time Tracker Part 2
Do Your Blog With Me Excel Time Tracker Part 3
Do Your Blog With Me Excel Time Tracker Part 4

I spent 8315/60 (to get the hours) ~ 138 hours in my first 84 days

That's almost more than 2 hours per day as I skipped few days

I felt it is going to be hard to keep doing this record keeping practice

As when I decided promoting my blog I knew it would take me 2 – 3 minutes here and there 

So keeping track of every task or action will be a waste of time by itself 

At least this excel sheet will give you a clear indication of how much time is required for your end

Remember promotion in my opinion takes less time but it requires consistency 

If I say that you need a set of time daily after your third month

A minimum of one hour daily (two hours are the best option)

Assuming that you keep writing frequent blog posts (one blog post every week or two) 

I would suggest to take the hours from the excel sheet

Add your ability to keep the one or two hours daily 

Now question, how many hours from the total hours you collected you can achieve in a short period of time

Can it be less than one year?

That’s why not all bloggers are born with the same talents, some are really good at writing while others are born with artistic talent

[bctt tweet=”Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. (Henry Ford)“]

Anyway now you know that writing blog posts and promoting your blog are the keys to your blogging success, you write first then promote

3-Blogging requires a lot of traffic

I started promoting this blog on October 29th (almost 3 months after I started) 

Being lucky to get one sale for ebook called how to get instant Followers on Facebook page on November 24th, here is what I noticed 

Trying multiple traffic sources on my first week then I realized it is impossible due to very limited time constraint 

So I decided to keep Pinterest as the only source of traffic for now while trying to build some links to my blog when possible 

I realized that this sale happened because I picked a product which I chose carefully and I already bought it so I knew what I was writing about 

I imitated a post about this product from a very similar well known blog

But I wrote it from a different angle and I was able to do that because I purchased the product already 

So not only you require a lot of traffic but also a very reliable well known trusted product that other bloggers are highly promoting

This sale happened with around 100 visitors per week and 89 visits to only this blog post that is promoting this Facebook page product

Top 6 reasons why most bloggers fail online

4-Blogging requires dedication and focus

One of the reason why bloggers fail when it comes to dedication

I was very realistic when I decided to start creating this blog

I knew that I will not be able to put time every single day due to taking care of my two lovely little boys

But I was very determined to stop few things like reading novels as my hobby and only if I have time, it will be for my blog

Also focus to get what you want to accomplish first before you get distracted by any other things 

For example, if I am working on my manual Pinterest pinning

l will make sure to pin first whatever the pins that caught my attention, then checking their associated landing pages after 

If you don’t have this strategy, you will start doing one pin

Then because of our human curiosity you will end up visiting the web page linked to that pin

If it is a professional one, you may end up signing up to this website newsletter

Or navigating through this website (you got the idea)

You may even forget that you actually started the pinning task

5-Blogging requires setting a clear goals

Why bloggers fail is that they are not setting a clear goals

Clear goals don’t occur unless you set up very short term goals first

Best way to reach your short term goals is to plan 2 weeks of tasks and activities on your calendar (some bloggers write it down on a physical calendar) 

This is totally up to you, for myself I use an app on my iPhone to plan my 2 weeks

Your tasks/activities should include writing at least one blog post (I say at least because I struggle completing only one blog post) 

Also planning 2 weeks of submission on social media using Social Media automation tools like SocialPilot or Buffer

Plus the main driving traffic task like Pinterest or any other things on your calendar

6-Blogging requires some creativity

I am very positive personality and I hope you don’t see a negative message in my few sentences below 

The formula for making money online is a recipe of writing contents that are all about specific problem written from different angles 

Also written with many different blog posts as you are not sure which one will convert the best so try to cover your best affiliate products in different blog posts 

Plus adding the blog design/testing to the formula to make sure you have an easy to navigate blog posts when using especially mobile phones and laptops

Plus adding the traffic to the formula as you will not be able to make decent money with 50 visitors a day, you need way more than that (maybe 20 times, it all depends on your power of writing converting words)

Finally adding to the formula, the final piece which is your creativity 

With creativity you manage to create your own product, convince your visitors that it is the right fit for them 

With creativity, you can convert the same content which you have on your blog to different forms of data like video, podcast, PowerPoint presentation or PDF (by the way, the list did not end with PDF, sky is the limit)

To recap, the top 6 reasons why bloggers fail online

1-Blogging requires a lot of patience 

6 months to 1 year working very hard and if you have questions always ask on bloggers Facebook groups

2-Blogging requires a lot of time

How much time,refer back to my excel time tracker which I listed above

3-Blogging requires a lot of traffic

If you think it is 50 visitors a day,I would tell you starting with 50 x 20 times

4-Blogging requires dedication and focus

If you don't get distracted and you keep focused on your task for at least half an hour

Then you are on the right track

5-Blogging requires setting a clear goals

I recommend you to create a bi-weekly plan on either a physical calendar or mobile app

6-Blogging requires some creativity 

You have to come with your own ideas and to believe in yourself

My final advice here

Bloggers quit (I don't blame them) after not seeing any significant results from their blogs due to

  • Skipping so many days not doing anything, these days count toward measuring your overall success
  • Not contributing consistently a daily time like an hour minimum to your blog (if you miss a day or two, you can cover it later)
  • Paying for so many services that pulls money out of your pocket (start with only SiteGround as your web hosting – this is the best web hosting service)
  • Not building a solid relationship with other bloggers as they will understand your pain and speak your language

Finally if you realized why bloggers fail, please share this post with your friends using social media to the left hand side or bottom (mobile)

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