Why did bestdressed stop uploading?

Why did bestdressed stop uploading?

There has been no explanation from Ashley as to why she stopped uploading on her YouTube channel called bestdressed, but fans have speculated their own reasons.

The bestdressed YouTube channel and content creator of this channel, Ashley Rous, became popular because of the high production value and the type of content that she uploaded to the channel.

However, because it has been over a year since Ashley has uploaded new content to this channel, and she has provided no explanation; fans have developed their own theories about why Ashley stopped uploading.

Why bestdressed became so popular

“bestdressed” is Ashley Rous’s alias on YouTube and other social media platforms.

When she started her YouTube channel in 2015, under the name “modelcitizen” at the time, she uploaded much of the same fashion and lifestyle content that the channel became known for later on.

Although Ashley (bestdressed) was present on other social media platforms, the vlog-style fashion videos on the bestdressed YouTube channel is really what garnered most of the fans.

New viewers and subscribers to this YouTube channel enjoyed Ashley’s content, because of the high editing and production quality of her videos, Ashley’s unique fashion sense, and her approachable personality.

This high-quality, relatable, and easy-to-watch content resulted in the bestdressed channel reaching the 1 million subscribers milestone on YouTube in 2019 and reaching 3.6 million subscribers just over a year later.

Why did bestdressed stop uploading?

Because the latest video on the bestdressed channel was uploaded on 18 December 2020, bestdressed has been gradually declining in terms of its views and subscribers.

After the last video on the bestdressed YouTube channel, there have been no more uploads, nor have there been any explanation as to why Ashley is not uploading content on YouTube anymore.

This has puzzled fans of the bestdressed channel, as Ashley is still fairly active on other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Furthermore, Ashley even uploads the same type of content, such as the popular thrift-flip and OOTD (outfit of the day) videos to the bestdressed TikTok and Instagram pages, but has not given fans any explanation about what lies ahead for the bestdressed YouTube channel, or even what caused the sudden halt in uploads to begin with.

This lack of explanation has caused bestdressed fans to speculate about the possible reasons for the lack of new uploads.

Some of these speculations are that Ashley just needed a break, that there were personal issues that were drawing her focus elsewhere, or that the controversies surrounding some of her previously uploaded videos had discouraged Ashley to post new videos, which is why she is focusing on other social media platforms instead.

However, none of these theories have been confirmed.

Why fans think Ashley just needed a break from the bestdressed channel

Although success and a growing number of views and subscribers on YouTube is a dream come true for many content creators, it also comes with a lot of added pressure for the creator.

This could make creators feel overwhelmed, which may cause them to stop uploading for extended periods of time.

As a film student, Ashley’s videos on the bestdressed channel were always highly edited and well produced. This production quality is part of what made the channel so popular, but it also takes a lot of time and effort.

Ashley even once stated in a video, posted to the bestdressed channel in March 2020, that since her videos have gotten longer and more detailed, but her production has remained of a high quality, the pressure was making her unsure of whether she would be able to maintain the same once-a-week posting schedule that she had upheld up to that point.

Why personal issues may have prevented Ashley from uploading to the bestdressed channel

Other fans have speculated that issues in Ashley’s personal life have drawn her focus away from editing, producing, and uploading YouTube videos.

This includes mental health struggles, since the COVID-19 pandemic started and Ashely alluded to one or two break-ups in other social media posts since the last video was uploaded.

As a result, if you take this into account, she may not have had the time or emotional capacity to deal with uploading new YouTube videos.

Controversies that may be preventing Ashely from uploading to the bestdressed channel

As with all popular YouTube channels, the bestdressed channel has been involved in a few controversies over the years. This has resulted in “hate” videos being posted on YouTube about the channel and Ashley’s content.

There is a possibility that, considering some of the personal issues that Ashley has faced, she just does not want to face this negativity on the YouTube platform any longer, and this is why she has stopped posting on the bestdressed channel.