Why Did the Mandalorians Help Mando?

The crimes of being a Mandalorian were stated in season one of Star Wars: The Mandalorian:

You should be unconcerned with other individuals. You shouldn't give a damn about the riches you've amassed. It's as if you don't have a heart. Don't put your heart and soul into anything. But, as it turns out, empathy, compassion, and community were the only things that rescued our main protagonist in this week's episode.

All indications led to Mando having to give up the kid and everything he has worked for. The Mandalorians, Mando's genuine community, then emerge and kill all of the bounty seekers. The Mandalorians, who were formerly antagonistic toward Mando because he cared about his reward, devote their lives for him, defeating the bounty hunters. As a result, the Mandalorians get one of their own.

The Reason the Other Mandalorians Helped Mando

The Sin” episode opens with Mando and Baby Yoda returning to their home world. He gives the little kid to the revenge hunter's guild in exchange for his credits. However, you could see on Mando's face — actually his true face, however the emotions on his disguise — that he is dubious about handing up the youngster after the boy aided him in an assault the week before.

The Mandalorian doesn't make his move to reclaim Baby Yoda out of the Empire until later in the episode, when he comes to receive armor and a severe lecture regarding how he should just not worry about what transpires to Baby Yoda. And when he does, he's besieged by his other bounty hunters, all of whom are after Baby Yoda.

All evidence leads to Mando having to give up the kid and all he has worked so hard for. Mando's genuine community then emerge and kill all of the bounty seekers. The Mandalorians, who were formerly antagonistic toward Mando because he cared about his reward, devote their lives for him, defeating the bounty hunters.

The Mandalorians gain one of their own in the process.

Why Were the Mandalorians Hostile Towards Mando Before?

The Mandalorians are indeed a clan-based collective society made up of people of many races who shared the same creed, dialect, and code. Born on Mandalore, a desert world in the known universe Outer Rim Territories, they played a crucial role in cosmic history as famed fighters against the Jedi.

Mandalorians have colonized worlds like Kalevala, Krownest, as well as Concord Dawn after spreading over the Star Wars Galaxy and the cosmos at large.

Mando was clearly on his last legs by the finale of the last episode. He might have easily handed over the reward to the predators and then been gunned down (of course, we all knew that wouldn't happen). He didn't make it until the Mandalorians arrived to save him. Mando's community rallied behind him and assisted him when he needed it the most.

It's even more potent when you consider the Mandalorian community's shadowy existence. After trying to destroy their home world Mandalore, the Empire has compelled them into hiding. They function in the shadows and are unnoticed. With an attack like this, they're stepping out of concealment and putting all they've worked for on the line.

What Made the Mandalorians Change Their Minds?

The appearance of many other Mandalorian soldiers to help Mando safeguard the baby was among the episode's biggest shocks; early in the film, it was revealed that surviving Mandalorians struggle to keep their values and culture hidden, but their hostility towards the Empire and devotion to one another clearly outweighs their protection.

Mando's true colors were revealed when he sacrificed his life to save the Baby from the Client.

Doctor Pershing appeared to value the Child's life as well, and as a result, Mando saved him from a cannon blast to the face. Running up against the Rogue Hunters' guild is the correct thing to do, and Mandalorian supporters can finally rest at last knowing full well they're not supporting a horrible person.

If Mando can locate more Mandalorian Coverts scattered over the galaxy, he may find more individuals willing to assist him in caring for his small green son. Perhaps… There are two more Mandalorians. Three Mandos as well as a Baby, to be precise.

What Happened to the Mandalorians Afterwards?

Mando will need all the assistance he can get, as his acts in “The Sin” have rendered him unfit to serve among the Bounty Hunters' organization. Every individual participant was assigned a badge for the Child, so now Mando has reclaimed the property from the Client, each scruffy-looking, blaster-wielding nerf herdsman in the galaxy is on the hunt for him.

The scenario wherein the bounty hunters' badges are activated was uncannily similar to the scene at the conclusion of John Wick: Chapter Two, in which the whole assassins' group was named after John Wick. Every installment after “The Sin” becomes a parody of John Wick 3: Parabellum, in which John faced attackers from all sides, who were all eager to die to receive their bounty.

What will the new season hold for Mando and his adopted son, as well as the other Mandalorians and Jedi in the galaxy? We'll all just have to watch to find out.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian season 3 debuts March 1 on Disney+. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

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