Why Is Pokémon Hidden Fates So Expensive?

Hidden Fates is one of the most expensive Pokémon trading cards today. Some Pokémon fans and enthusiasts have been interested since its release in 2019.

The reason why Hidden Fates is expensive is because of the high demand for those cards. Some sellers have also taken advantage of the situation and increased their prices more than their original suggested retail price.

Rare Pokémon cards are also sought after by collectors even more. The number of rare card collectors has increased even more, increasing the Hidden fates demand.

It is also why Hidden Fates Pokémon cards have a bit of a supply shortage. Another reason is the so-called ‘scalpers,' commonly known as resellers.

The way they operate is they will preorder a massive bulk of Hidden Fates to sell them after for a larger price. It is also why it seemed like there was an increase in the overall cost and demands of Hidden Fates cards.

However, although scalpers can affect the sales of Hidden Fates, there are also more factors to include on why Hidden Fates Pokémon trading cards have been so expensive. Factors such as shipping and taxes can also be considered and may vary in different countries.

Pokémon Hidden Fates
Why Is Pokémon Hidden Fates So Expensive? 5

Is Hidden Fates a Good Investment

Hidden Fates is a good investment for individuals who want to collect or sell them. It will still depend on the location of the seller, however. 

Also, the value of Hidden Fates cards has increased since its initial release. Similar to the earlier Pokémon trading cards, Hidden Fates cards are also projected to grow more in value as time passes.

Pokémon card collectors are looking for rare cards in the Hidden Fates cards. A card like the shiny Charizard GX can sell, ranging from $600 to $1,000, possibly even more. 

So, it is an excellent choice to invest in Hidden Fates cards. Keeping and maintaining them for some time is also recommended if you have one of the shiny and rare Hidden Fates.

Pokémon Hidden Fates
Why Is Pokémon Hidden Fates So Expensive? 6

Why Are Hidden Fates So Hard To Find?

The exact reason why Hidden Fates cards are so hard to find is unknown. However, there are possible and believable reasons why they are that way.

In its initial release, Hidden Fates was not sold in individual packs. They are sold mixed with other types of Pokémon trading cards.

How it was sold made it more difficult for some collectors to find the Hidden Fates. Also, the current demand for the cards added to its finding difficulty.

Card collectors are also active in different parts of the world. It means the cards would be more spread out and, thus, more difficult to pinpoint.

What Are The Most Expensive Cards in Hidden Fates?

The most expensive cards in Hidden Fates are Charizard GX, Umbreon GX, Espeon GX, Sylveon GX, Mewtwo GX, Greninja GX, Scizor GX, and Cynthia, not in any particular order. There's probably more to the list, but the cards above are the most sought-after Hidden Fates.

The pricing for Pokémon Hidden Fates depends on the grading of the Professional Sports Authenticator. Ungraded cards are lower than graded ones when it comes to pricing.

Yet, the Charizard GX card tops all of them, even the ungraded ones. And since it is the rarest Hidden Fates, even the Ungraded has more pricing than a PSA grade 9.

Still, it only applies to the Charizard GX card. Umbreon GX has an ungraded price of 70 US dollars and 138 dollars for grade 9, and 200+ dollars for the highest grade of 10.

The following price for the list ranges from 50 to 150 dollars, depending on the grading.

Will Hidden Fates Be Reprinted?

No, the last batches of Hidden Fates Pokémon cards have already been reprinted in the earlier months of 2021. The sequel to Hidden Fates, ‘Shiny Fates,' has also been printed.

Since Hidden Fates is a collector's item, there's a slim chance of them reprinting. They do it to release new versions of Pokémon cards instead.

Why Are Hidden Fates Prices Increasing So Much?

It is because rare Hidden Fates' pricing has also increased. If the rarest Hidden Fates cards' prices rise, the more common ones will also increase.

It also doesn't help when the scalpers of the cards exist. Some only keep the cards and sell them for an atrocious amount.

Also, it should not surprise a Pokémon card collector that its value in the market will increase over time. They're the most reliable reason why Hidden Fates' price is rising.

Pokémon Hidden Fates
Why Is Pokémon Hidden Fates So Expensive? 7

Is Shiny Vault in Hidden Fates

Yes. Hidden Fates expansion has featured the inclusion of the Shiny vault. The Shiny Vault contains shiny Pokémon cards, Trainer cards, and prized secret cards with a golden design and hue.