Why is Jimmy not on Yellowstone?

Why is Jimmy not on Yellowstone?

Jimmy is not on the Yellowstone ranch in season five because he left the ranch to work on the 6666 ranch in Texas.

Season five of Yellowstone has only recently been released, but it has already exceeded season four’s ratings.

Jimmy is one of the characters who had an interesting arc on season four, but he has not yet appeared in season five, since he left the Yellowstone ranch to work at the new 6666 ranch in Texas.

How many people have watched season 5 of Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is a neo-western series that was originally created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson in 2018.

The show is currently in its fifth season and after the fourth season managed to rake in 9.3 million viewers with its final episode, the show was primed to exceed its continuously high ratings with this new fifth season.

Fortunately, the fifth season, which first aired on 13 November 2022, has lived up to these great expectations and has helped the show to stay one of the most-watched scripted drama programs on television.

The premiere episode of the fifth season of Yellowstone brought in 12.1 million viewers.

Why is Jimmy not on Yellowstone?

Although Jimmy Hurdstrom is not part of the immediate, central Dutton family that the main plot of Yellowstone focuses on, he has become one of the most memorable characters on the show and had a notable role to play in the show’s fourth season.

Jimmy was first introduced in the show when he was brought to Yellowstone ranch by his grandfather who is a dear friend to John Dutton.

However, it is apparent from the beginning that Jimmy is much more interested in becoming a real cowboy than he is in becoming a ranch hand and this often gets him into trouble on the show.

The real critical point for his character came near the end of season four when Jimmy decided that he would be returning to the 6666 ranch in Texas, where he had previously been sent by John, so that he can be with his new girlfriend, Emily.

Behind the scenes, it is evident that Jimmy’s story arc in this fourth season of the show was a way to introduce the main plot of the upcoming Yellowstone spin-off series, 6666.

Fans had been speculating that the 6666 ranch would be getting its own show for some time, and when Jimmy decided to leave Yellowstone for good, it was clear that he would most likely become the lead character of this new show.

However, this does not mean that Jimmy will never return to Yellowstone, as the actor who plays Jimmy, Jefferson White, has confirmed that he will be in the fifth season of the show.

Why did Jimmy decide to leave Yellowstone ranch?

Jimmy’s decision to leave Yellowstone ranch and move back to Texas was definitely a complicated one. It is evident that even though he had many different things to consider, he is content with this decision by the end of season four.

When Jimmy decided that he would move back to Texas to be with Emily, he decided to choose her over his ex-girlfriend Mia. He would also have to leave many of his friends behind.

However, Jimmy does explain that he makes the decision partially because there is less fighting in Texas. The idea of becoming a real cowboy is also obviously a part of what draws him to Texas and the 6666 ranch.

Why was this decision so important for Jimmy’s character?

Part of what makes Jimmy such an endearing character is the fact that he is deeply flawed.

Fortunately, Jefferson White, who has played Jimmy since 2016, has explained that although his decision to stay in Texas may be selfish, it actually shows a lot of growth for him as a character.

Deciding to stay at the 6666 ranch is one of the first real and serious decisions that Jimmy has made for himself in his life and learning to thrive on his own without Rip and John in Texas will allow him to grow even more in the future.

All about the 6666 spin-off

Paramount officially announced that they would be producing the 6666 spin-off series during a presentation on 18 May 2022.

Since then, the network has not released much information about the spin-off series, but fans have inferred that it will be focused on Jimmy and Emily as they build their lives on the 6666 ranch in Texas.

It has also been confirmed that Jimmy will appear on the fifth season of Yellowstone, but this will most likely only be him visiting friends while he is in town.