Why Is Palkia Water Type?

Palkia Pokémon

Palkia is the Pokémon that is said to be the god of space. It is obviously a dragon, which explains its Dragon-typing. But why is Palkia Water type for its second typing?

The Creation Trio are all dragons whose secondary typing represents the three states of matter. Palkia is given the liquid state of matter and hence, its Water-typing. This Pokémon's design also draws inspiration from pearls, fishes, and other water-related things.

Why is Palkia Water Type?
Why Is Palkia Water Type? 4

 Let's go more in-depth by answering the following questions.

What Makes Palkia a Water-Type Pokémon?

Heatran is a fire type because he represents the Earth's core. Meanwhile, Torterra is a grass type because there's literally a tree growing on its back. But what does Palkia have that makes it a water-type Pokémon?

Palkia's name is derived from the Japanese word, Paaru, which takes the English pronunciation of the word for pearl and modifies it. And pearl is a precious stone found in clams, which lives in the seas or oceans.

Furthermore, Palkia has a fish-like head, fins on its back, and pearls on its body. Those are some of the reasons for Palkia's water typing.

The vastness of the oceans also makes you think of space, and Palkia is the god of space.

Palkia, Giratina, and Dialga also represent the three basic states of matter with their secondary typing. And Palkia is assigned the state of liquid; thus, it was designed to be a water-type.

Does Palkia Look Like a Water-Type Pokémon?

Palkia does not look like a typical water-type Pokémon. That is why many people get confused with its typing.

Most water Pokémon resemble aquatic creatures. For instance, Kingdra, who shares the same typing with Palkia, resembles a seadragon or a seahorse. Walrein is a walrus, and Goldeen is a goldfish.

Meanwhile, Palkia is a bipedal dragon whose coloration does not hint at water-type at all.

Though to cut it some slack, its head vaguely resembles a fish, and the wings on its back are more like fins. There are also two massive pearls on its shoulder plates. 

What Is Palkia Based Off Of?

Palkia and Dialga are based on the Shinto legend of Izanagi and Izanami. They are the Shinto Gods responsible for creating the first land. To help the two, they were given a spear that was decorated with jewels. That's what Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are referencing.

Palkia's design is inspired by European dragons and the legend of Imugi – the same inspiration used for creating the Dragonite line. 

According to that tale, an Imugi is an Asian sea serpent with a pearl on its neck. Suppose it survives 1000 years, the pearl drops. If the Imugi catches it, it becomes a true dragon. 

That explains the pearls on Palkia's body.

Plateosaurus, Oviraptors, and other dinosaurs appear to be the inspirations behind Palkia's physical appearance.

Will Palkia Get a Water-Type Fast Move?

The Pokémon combat system in Pokémon Go is different from other games. Each Pokémon only has two moves: categorized as Fast and Charge. The Fast move is what you spam to charge the more powerful attack.

Why is Palkia Water Type?
Why Is Palkia Water Type? 5

The type of your Pokémon's Fast move matters because it affects how effective it is in battle. Right now, Palkia only has Dragon-type Fast moves.

That means that it can only span super-effective attacks against other dragon types. If it had a water-type Fast move, it would be different. Palkia will perform more excellently against fire, rock, and ground-type Pokémon.

So, would Niantic allow that to happen?

There's always a possibility. Maybe Palkia would come back to raids during important events. And to sell the Pokémon better, the company would update its moveset.

What Are Palkia's Best Water Moves?

Because Palkia is a box-cover legendary, it is an overpowered Pokémon. It has a 120 Attack and a whopping 150 Special Attack stat. So, not even the bulkiest of Pokémons would appreciate taking any move it dishes out.

Still, it would be best to be aware of Palkia's best moves for the best possible outcomes.

Palkia is used more as a Special Attacker in singles because of that stat distribution. So, its best water move is Hydro Pump.

If you choose the Physical Bulk-up set, that would be Liquidation instead. While it has a lower power compared to Hydro-Pump, its secondary effect – 20% to lower the opponent's defense – makes it on par. 

But bear in mind that Palkia in BDSP can't learn Liquidation. So, Aqua Tail becomes Palkia's best Physical move in that game. It has a higher Power than Liquidation but does not have a secondary effect.

In doubles, Hydro Pump is also Palkia's uncontested best water move.

On the other hand, in Pokémon Go, Hydro Pump is the inferior option for Palkia's Charge water move. It hits hard but needs a lot of energy, so you can't use it often. 

Meanwhile, Aqua Tail does less damage but requires less energy. So overall, you will do more damage with this move.