Why Is Pokémon XY Evolutions So Expensive?

Pokémon XY Evolutions is a Pokémon trading card game series on which collectors have had their eyes. It is a popular collectible item for many Pokémon fans who can afford it. 

Today, XY Evolutions is so expensive because it is now becoming rarer. The printing of the cards has also stopped making the supply very limited while still being in demand in the market. 

There are also the scalpers with their bundle copies of XY Evolutions that were possibly bought when they were released. Adding the scalpers as a factor makes it more expensive than it is. 

However, it is not exclusive to Pokémon XY Evolutions cards. Most Pokémon trading cards have also been expensive, even the most recent series. 

Another thing that makes XY Evolutions so expensive is the most sought-after Pokémon character in the series. Usually, the Pokémon Charizard is the most sought card and is one of the most expensive as a collector's item. 

XY Evolutions so Expensive
Why Is Pokémon XY Evolutions So Expensive? 5

Why Did XY Evolutions Go Up in Price?

XY Evolutions’ price skyrocketed not only because they were rarer but also because of influencers. A particular content creator and influencer named Logan Paul significantly affected the cards' pricing.

Many of his followers have seen Logan buy XY Evolutions cards and enticed them to do the same. It made the supply of XY Evolutions in stores decrease significantly. 

Something to note is that the majority of the buyers are not only children. If buyers of a product are available from different age groups, it is not surprising that a store will get out of stock quickly. 

XY Evolutions so Expensive
Why Is Pokémon XY Evolutions So Expensive? 6

Why Are Pokémon Evolution Cards So Expensive?

Firstly, the main reason Pokémon Evolution cards are expensive is their affiliation to Pokémon. After all, Pokémon is also one of the most popular game series franchises globally. 

Because it is popular, the demand for most Pokémon-related products is high, including most Pokémon trading card games. And because The Pokémon Company releases most of their products in series, their supply will run out eventually.

Now, many Pokémon enthusiasts still exist and are willing to buy more of the Evolution cards. And if the demand for a product remains the same while the supply is decreasing, it means that the product's price will continuously increase.

When did Pokémon Evolutions XY come out?

Pokémon Evolutions were released on November 2, 2016. An XY Evolutions set also includes rare Pokémon cards in it. 

The card series were also released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon as a whole. It means that the cards released here are designed to be special ones.

It also featured 12 Pokémon Ex that included 5 Mega Evolved Pokémon. Aside from that, there are also four Pokémon BREAK and some reinventions of the first Pokémon cards. 

The mega evolutions cards are Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard, Mega Venusaur, Mega Pidgeot, and Mega Slowbro. These are the rarest cards that a collector can find in a set of Pokémon XY evolutions cards.

Another feature that older Pokémon fans appreciate is Evolutions' similar designs and art to the first Pokémon card series. And the XY Evolutions were also the final card series of Pokémon XY

XY Evolutions so Expensive
Why Is Pokémon XY Evolutions So Expensive? 7

Will Pokémon Card Prices Drop?

Possibly. And there are already some reported Pokémon card price drops.

The 90s Pokémon card expansion has already dropped its price in the market by at least 25-27% in March 2021. The grading of the cards has also decreased, and it has a value decrease as well.

However, it is not valid for other Pokémon cards like XY Evolutions. It would depend on the demand and supply of the cards if the prices were to drop.

Still, in the foreseeable future, as long as there are many Pokémon fans, the chances of Pokémon card prices dropping is less likely. 

How Many Pokémon Cards Are in XY Evolutions?

There are 113 Pokémon cards in XY evolutions in total. The cards include the secret-rare ones that are the most sought-after print copy. 

All Pokémon XY evolutions cards include reprints of cards from Base Set. Also, the Pokédex number, Weakness, Resistance, and Retreat cost are still included. 

And then, the HP of each Pokémon and their abilities, attacks, etc., were adjusted for the card's current design and format. Also, the Pokémon-EX cards have a golden border in them.

What Pokémon Products Have XY Evolutions?

The available and popular Pokémon products that have XY Evolutions are 

  • XY Evolutions booster pack
  • XY Evolutions Blastoise Elite Trainer Box
  • XY Evolutions Charizard Elite Trainer Box
  • XY Evolutions Pikachu Theme Deck
  • XY Evolutions Mewtwo Theme Deck
  • XY Evolutions Checklane Blister Pack w/Greninja Promo & Collectible Coin
  • XY Evolutions Checklane Blister Pack w/Weezing Promo & Collectible Coin
  • XY Evolutions 3-Pack Braixen Blister Pack w/ Collectible Coin
  • Pokémon 2016 Collector'sCollector's Chest

There might also be more XY Evolutions Pokémon products not included in the list.

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