Why Scooter from Hotel Hell never opened a bakery

Did Scooter from Hotel Hell finish college?

Scooter Telford, who impressed Gordon Ramsay at the Cambridge Hotel in Hotel Hell, has not opened his own bakery, because he is now a family man.

Hotel Hell is a drama-filled show in which Chef Gordon Ramsay tackles everything from ugly room décor to unappealing menus.

Scooter Telford, who was featured in the “Cambridge Hotel” episode of the show, has not gone on to open his own bakery, but he still has big plans for the future.

The Hotel Hell premise

After the renowned celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, had tried his hand at rescuing failing restaurants in the United States and the United Kingdom in his Kitchen Nightmares shows, he decided to move on to failing hotels.

The first season of Hotel Hell, also hosted by Ramsay, first started airing on Fox in 2012.

This show tests Ramsay’s business-rescue prowess by challenging this established restaurateur and businessman to venture outside of his comfort-zone. He tackles everything from these lodging establishments’ rooms to their marketing tactics and more.

Why Scooter from Hotel Hell never opened a bakery

If you have ever tuned in to watch Hotel Hell (or any of Ramsay’s other popular business-rescue-type shows), you will likely know that it is not out of the ordinary for the owners, managers, or other staff members at these lodging establishments to get into shouting matches with Ramsay during the course of an episode.

However, one staff member from the third episode of the show’s first season managed to break this mold completely.

During this episode, Ramsay visited the Cambridge Hotel, located in Cambridge, New York, and found everything from bland and microwaved food to headache-inducing room décor.

Ramsay was also introduced to an aspiring chef named Scooter Telford in this episode, who blew Ramsay away with his focus and passion.

Scooter ended up making such an impression on Ramsay during the filming of this episode that the celebrity chef even promised to help pay for the remainder of his education in culinary school.

And although Ramsay ultimately did end up paying for two years of Scooters’ education after the filming of the episode ended, Scooter never ended up opening his bakery.

Scooter did get married, however, and his wife, Amber Lee, has attempted to explain everything that has happened since this episode’s initial airing in an update video posted to her TikTok account.

In this video, Amber Lee explains that Scooter left the hospitality industry a few years after the Hotel Hell episode aired, because he wanted to spend more time with her and their two children.

Scooter now works in the HVAC industry as a technician instead.

Did Scooter finish culinary school after the show?

Amber Lee posted a different update video on her TikTok account in response to all of the questions that she was getting about the first update.

In this video, she explains that Scooter did not end up finishing culinary school on account of an unfortunate instance of miscommunication with Ramsay’s team.

However, in the two years that Scooter did attend his culinary classes, he had actually learned that he preferred cooking over baking and that he is much more likely to open his own restaurant (rather than a bakery) in the future.

Did Scooter ever give Gordon Ramsay his loaf of bread?

Since Scooter did not end up opening his very own bakery, he has not had the chance to give Ramsay the loaf of bread that he was promised during the “Cambridge Hotel” episode of Hotel Hell yet.

However, Amber Lee and Scooter have expressed that there is no bad blood between them and Ramsay (even after the mix-up with Scooter’s tuition).

They also said that they will be more than happy to serve Ramsay a fresh loaf of homemade bread if they ever do end up opening their own restaurant.

Scooter and Amber Lee’s future business plans

Although it may seem strange that a young chef who showed so much promise and passion for the culinary arts has now seemingly left the industry behind completely, Amber Lee, has explained that this is not exactly the case.

According to Amber Lee’s update video, Scooter is quite content working in the HVAC business and having more free time to spend with his family for now.

However, the couple has expressed interest in opening a restaurant (not a bakery) of their own once they have the finances to do so in the future.

Amber Lee has even confirmed that they have looked into getting a food truck, as opposed to opening an actual brick and mortar restaurant location, since this might be more feasible financially, but nothing has been set in stone just yet.