Why the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team may just find their treasure in 2023

Is there any truth to the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch gallium theory?

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team has faced just about every setback imaginable, but they may be on the verge of something huge in this new season.

You may or may not believe that there really is a mysterious treasure hidden somewhere on the Blind Frog Ranch.

But one must admit that searching through a huge, 160-acre property which is wrought with a puzzling cave system that adds an additional 9,600 feet of previously-unexplored, is certainly an enormous task to undertake.

The new discovery at Blind Frog Ranch

As legend has it, there is some Aztec treasure worth about $3 billion just waiting to be re-discovered somewhere on the Blind Frog Ranch’s massive property.

And while Duane and  Chad Ollinger and the rest of their team have encountered every obstacle imaginable in their hunt for treasure – ranging from mysterious dead animals, to disappearing caves, to some unknown energy interfering with their equipment, it seems like the show’s third season may give way to their most valuable discovery yet.

So far, the Ollingers and their team have only discovered a small quantity of gold in the pond and iridium near the energy-zone.

But rumor has it that the team has now stumbled upon some compelling evidence that there may be a second, large treasure hidden on their property.

Although we will probably have to watch the entire third season to see how compelling this evidence truly is, having two hidden treasures instead of one certainly increases the team’s chances of finding something significant very soon.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s most significant and mysterious finds

While the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team has not quite struck Aztec gold just yet, they have had a few significant finds through the course of the  first two seasons of the series. These finds include:

Artifact found Episode
The gold nugget Season 1, Episode 1
The possibly-Spanish coin Season 1, Episode 1
The mysterious submerged box Season 1, Episode 2
The metal bracelet Season 1, Episode 3
The gold-plated coins Season 1, Episode 3
The markings on the side of the cave Season 1, Episode 4
The silver in the energy-zone Season 1, Episode 5
The iridium deposits Season 1, Episode 6
The gallium inside of the box’s rocks Season 2, Episode 4
The scratches on the inside of the cave Season 2, Episode 6

Season three will also bring some new mysteries

Sometimes, it seems like every new discovery on the Blind Frog Ranch just stirs up even more questions and unfortunately, it seems like this trend will continue for the team in this coming season.

So while there is a possibility that the team will finally get their hands on some gold soon, they will also come up against even more unexplained occurrences along the way.

Not only will the team have to try to navigate some strange key-hole formations found in the caves, but they will also find more evidence of a possible meteorite strike, which could alter all their plans.

Some of the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s other still-unsolved mysteries

Though Duane, Chad and the rest of the team may be getting close to finding their treasure, we cannot deny that there are a few mind-bending mysteries that we hope they find the answers to first.

Firstly, there are still so many questions about how the gallium got inside of those rocks, not to mention, questions about how and when the gallium was produced in the first place.

And while the possible smelters found near the end of season two is compelling, it would be great to see the team find something which ties all of this to the Aztecs in the next season.

But it would also be great to see the team find more iridium during their future digs, or even to see them finally figure out what is inside that box.

All about The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season three

After a wait of over 18 months, Duane, Chad and their close-knit treasure-hunting team are finally back for another season of exploring and mystery-solving.

The most recent, third season of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch officially kicked off on Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

And though we still do not know exactly how much gold the team will find during their explorations this season, it is already clear from the teaser-trailer and the first episode alone that this season should be one of the most nail-biting and exciting seasons of the show to date.

Moreover, at this point, we are all just itching to see what the team will discover when they travel deeper into the mysterious cave system which has always been just beyond their reach.