Wildcat’s Revenge Opens June 2 at Hersheypark

Entrance to new coaster Wildcat's Revenge

The Sweetest Place on Earth just got a little wilder with the opening of Wildcat's Revenge! This wood and steel hybrid is the first Rocky Mountain Coaster at Hersheypark. With the debut of Wildcat's Revenge, Pennsylvania's largest amusement park is now home to the most coasters in the Northeast. Wildcat's Revenge debuts 100 years after the first Wild Cat ride opened at the park, which was also the first coaster founder Milton S. Hershey ever purchased.

Wildcat Is Back!

Arial view of Wildcat's Revenge
Image Credit: Hersheypark.

Wildcat is back and seeking vengeance! On July 31, 2022, Wildcat took the last riders along the twists and turns of its 3100-foot wooden track. The Wildcat opened in Hersheypark on May 26, 1996. Shortly after the ride closure, Hersheypark sent a social media message that sent coaster fans into a wild guessing game. “Any suggestions on what we could do with 3,100 feet of the wooden track?” the park cryptically asked in its Facebook post. “Stay tuned for details later this year.”

Hersheypark announced in November 2022 that Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) was converting the ride into a steel hybrid coaster named Wildcat's Revenge. The team at RMC said,” Hershey came to us with a precise vision for what they wanted. They didn't want a massive coaster, they wanted something unlike anything else they had, but it had to be family-friendly.”

Wildcat's Revenge Opens June 2

Entrance to new coaster Wildcat's Revenge
Image Credit: Hersheypark.

This coaster is the first hybrid Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) manufactured in Pennsylvania. Wildcat's Revenge adds an all-new steel track with unique elements to the original wooden framework for a one-of-a-kind coaster found only at Hersheypark. The 2-minute and 36-second thrills begin as you climb a 140-foot hill, plunge into an 82-degree drop, and hit a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour along 3,510 feet of red track on a black steel and wood structure.

The pursuit continues as riders stalk their prey through four inversions- including the World's Largest Underflip, an inversion that begins with an upward climb, followed by a counterclockwise 270° roll and a dive down towards the side.

Located in the Midway America section of Hersheypark, Wildcat's Revenge features a fully renovated coaster station with a design that goes back to the iconic 1923 Wild Cat station, with low-pitched gables around the roof's perimeter. Guests meeting Hersheypark's height requirement for the ride (48 inches) will sit in one of three custom trains, showcasing fully-dimensional black, charcoal, and silver wildcats exacting revenge on their wooden predecessor.

Wildcat's Revenge Food & Beverage

Food and beverage offerings to celebrate Wildcat's Revenge opening June 2.
Image Credit: Jennifer Greene.

To celebrate the opening of the 15th coaster at Hersheypark, several culinary items themed to Wildcat's Revenge have debuted across the Park and Hershey's Chocolatetown.

I tried a few of these, and they are a fun addition to the park's vibrant food scene. The Wildcat's Revenge Sundae is enormous, so be sure to share it with your friends. You can even find a Wildcat's Revenge-themed hot dog in the park!

The Chocolatier Restaurant Bar + Patio

The Chocolatier offers a Wildcat's Revenge Cocktail- Exotico tequila, blood orange puree, jalapenos, lime juice, simple syrup, cranberry juice, and ancho bitters with a black salt rim.

You can also purchase a Wildcat's Revenge Sundae– Cookies' n cream ice cream, wild strawberry ice cream, Wildcat's Revenge ice cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, crushed Kit-Kats, crushed potato chips, waffle cone chips, whipped cream, cherry Twizzler, and a cherry.

Milton's Ice Cream Parlor

At Milton's Ice Cream Parlor, they have a Wildcat's Revenge Ice Cream & Cone: Dark chocolate ice cream, crushed Kit-Kats, and a raspberry swirl. The red velvet cone is dipped in chocolate and rimmed with crushed Kit-Kats.

The Sweeterie Confectionary Kitchen

Swirled fudge exclusive to opening of Wildcat's Revenge.
Image Credit: Jennifer Greene.

Over in The Sweeterie Confectionary Kitchen, there is a Wildcat's Revenge Cheesecake: KitKat, brownie, strawberry cheesecake topped with white chocolate cream. Additionally, they have Wildcat's Revenge Fudge: chocolate, raspberry, and vanilla fudge topped with crushed waffle cones and potato chips.

Revenge Beverages

Beverages available to celebrate Wildcat's Revenge opening June 2.
Image Credit: Jennifer Greene.

Adults will enjoy the Revenge-a-Rita. It is a signature margarita with a tropical fruit twist featuring hints of cherry and orange with a sweet and sour kick. This fabulous drink will quench your thirst after the wild ride!


Berks is where you can find the Wildcat's Revenge Coaster Dog. It is a footlong hot dog topped with sweet & spicy marmalade and potato sticks.

Simply Chocolate

Finally, don't forget about Wildcat's Revenge King Size Shake: A chocolate shake drizzled with chocolate syrup. Rimmed with vanilla icing, rolled in sprinkles. Served with a chocolate-dipped pretzel, Twizzler loop, chocolate drizzled bacon slice, and a maple bacon waffle.

Wildcat's Revenge Merchandise

Merchandise available for Wildcat's Revenge opening June 2.
Image Credit: Jennifer Greene.

Stop by the HP Supply Company to commemorate your ride on the first RMC Hybrid in Pennsylvania! Grab your favorite coaster gear, including shirts, magnets, keychains, drinkware, and plush. If you forgot to get something, visit the online store for Wildcat's Revenge items.

Go Wild at Hersheypark

hershey park
Image Credit: Hershey PA.

Wildcat's Revenge is truly a fantastic experience. From the transformed coaster station and sleek trains to the smooth inversions and maximum airtime- you don't want to miss the 15th coaster at The Sweetest Place on Earth. It's perfect for the entire family with the Hershey Bar height requirement; it packs excitement and thrills that coaster lovers of all ages will enjoy.