WildEarth: Has Lauren Arthur left?

WildEarth: Has Lauren Arthur left?

Lauren Arthur has not left WildEarth as she is still shooting with the channel, but she is also working on independent projects with her partner, David Eastaugh.

WildEarth is one of the leading nature live channels that is available on YouTube with over 504 000 subscribers currently.

One of the show’s hosts is Lauren Arthur, who was believed to have left the channel. But this is untrue as Arthur continues to work with WildEarth, while creating her own content as well.

Who is Lauren Arthur?

Lauren Arthur is from Edinburgh, Scotland. Before her fame as one of the hosts of WildEarth, she reportedly did not envision a career in front of the camera for herself.

This is as professionally, Arthur is awildlife biologist with a BSc in Zoology followed by a MSc in Tropical Coastal Management, who has a “love for conservation and creative natural history storytelling.”

WildEarth: Has Lauren Arthur left?

Lauren Arthur seemingly took time away from WildEarth and travelled to the coast with her partner, David Eastaugh.

This destination seems peculiar when scrolling down her Instagram page, considering the dry and sometimes green vegetation of the images that fill her timeline.

As such, it seems that fans of the WildEarth host believed that she had left the nature channel. However, the change in scenery was not an indication of a change in jobs or leaving WildEarth.

The trip that Arthur took with her partner in September 2021 was a leisure and working trip, since September was her partner’s birthday month.

Moreover, the couple was working on their own independent nature project. They first travelled to Hanifaru to swim with mantas.

After spending Eastaugh’s birthday in the Maldives, the couple travelled to Fuvahmulah, where they swam with sharks and collected footage and content for what was going to be their three-part mini documentary titled Too Wild.

What is Too Wild about?

In partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Lauren Arthur and David Eastaugh shot their three-part docuseries premised on their trip to the Maldives where “they go searching for sharks, their relatives and a forgotten ecosystem.”

Where can I watch Too Wild?

Too Wild is currently available to the public to binge on the WWF’s YouTube channel, and the docuseries has its own playlist.

What is Lauren Arthur doing now?

Lauren Arthur is still working with WildEarth, her last appearance was on Thursday, 21 July 2022, on its latest live episode on YouTube.