Will there be a second series of Magpie Murders?

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Magpie Murders has yet to be confirmed for a second series, which makes sense considering that it is still promoting and making season one available in the US.

One of the new crime drama series that has been introduced by ITV in 2022 is Magpie Murders.

This series is premised on an editor, Susan Ryeland, who gets involved in intrigue and murder when she receives Alan Conway's unfinished manuscript of the Atticus Pünd mystery.

Its initial television run was in February 2022 on BritBox as the series is touted as an original adaptation series introduced by BritBox.

Given that it has been almost eight months since it first premiered, fans are interested to know whether there will be a season two or not. But it has yet to be confirmed by BritBox.

Is Magpie Murders based on a true story?

Magpie Murders is not based on a true story, but the murder mystery series is based on a novel which has been adapted into a successful series.

The author of the novel, who shares the same name as the title series, is Anthony Horowitz. Besides writing the novels that inspired the series, Horowitz is touted as one of the writers of the series.

This allowed the series to circumvent the need of another novel as source material as Horowitz could simply write the series before adapting it into print.

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Will there be a second series of Magpie Murders?

BritBox original, Magpie Murders, was introduced on the leading English paid subscription video-on-demand platform in February 2022.

Upon its arrival, all six hour-long episodes were made available to watch. Due to the success of the series on the streaming platform, you would have expected a quick turnaround in terms of the confirmation of a second season.

But as of October 2022, no news has been confirmed about a second season, which is not surprising in light of the series being rolled out across the pond. Magpie Murders has yet to have an official television run in the US.

This is set to be rectified in the coming couple of weeks as it has been confirmed that Magpie Murders will have its US television premiere on Sunday, 16 October 2022 on PBS’ Murder Mystery channel.

Only then can fans of the series that are calling for a second season worry about the future of the series.

However, given the fact that the PBS Murder Mystery run is going to end in November 2022, a provisional waiting time into 2023 should be realistic with regard to BritBox confirming that the series has been greenlit for a second season.

How to watch and stream Magpie Murders?
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What is the standard waiting period for a series to be renewed?

A number of factors affect when a series is confirmed for a new season or confirms that it has been cancelled. One of the main ways this is done is through the reveal of the new and renewed shows roster which is usually released in September.

However, there are series and shows that get an early renewal which happens earlier in the year. Sometimes, the matter is revealed before the beginning of the new season.

It is all dependent on the popularity of the series and why announcing the renewal at that specific time serves the future of the series better.

Magpie Murders season 2 teased

While BritBox has yet to confirm a second season of Magpie Murders, it seems that the cast and crew of the series are optimistic for a second season.

As such, Executive Producer, Jill Green, expressed that she is optimistic about the future of the series. She asserted that the cause of the delay in the announcement of a second season is due to the series not yet having a PBS television run.

She went on to add on RadioTimes, “They're (BritBox and PBS) both very excited, the financiers, and we're really hoping (it will get the green light).”

Lesley Manville may delay Magpie Murders season 2 production

Another factor that might affect the delay in the production of season two of Magpie Murders is the availability of the lead actress, Lesley Manville, who plays the role of the book editor, Susan Ryeland.

Manville has already been part of four productions, including Life After Life, Sherwood, and Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

She is in a production that is still in post-production titled Dangerous Liaisons, and in 2023, she has The Critic lined up and she is currently filming Disclaimer.

Hence, even after the series is greenlit, Manville’s availability may affect the second season rollout.