Winn Dixie Money Order Policy FAQs: Hours, Limits, Fees, etc.

Check out the Latest Winn Dixie Money Order Policy and other FAQs!

Winn-Dixie is a supermarket of America with its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. It was started in the year 1925 and got its present name in 1955. It provides excellent quality products at a reasonable price. It has almost 500 stores across. It is known for its soft drinks of different flavors.

What are the store services Winn Dixie offers?

They offer shopping, saving, rewards, and pharmacy sections. They have discount tickets, floral arrangements, lottery tickets, gift cards, money transfers services. You can get a money order here easily and securely.

You can connect with them through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. One may also download their mobile App for iPhone and Android from their home page. Their home page also helps you find the nearest Winn Dixie outlet for you.

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What is a Money Order?

A money order is a mode of making a payment wherein you pay an amount given on that form and get a payment order. It is safe when compared to cheque mode as you pay the amount and then buy the form.

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Money Order services at Winn Dixie

Money Order available at Winn Dixie linked to Western Union for transactions processings. Western Union does global financial payments in around 200 countries and involves 130 currencies transfers. You can purchase money orders in the United States from any store of Winn Dixie. It will have the logo of Western Union.

What is the payment mode to buy Money Order in Winn Dixie?

You have to pay cash and purchase a money order as credit cards are not accepted here. Some stores may have provisions to buy with a debit card. But direct cash is the preferred way. Fill the Money Order form with the details that are required.

How to buy Winn-Dixie Money Orders?

To buy a Winn-Dixie Money Order you need to visit the nearest Winni-Dixie store. You need to pay cash at the Western Union counter and provide an ID issued by the government for verification. Make sure that the ink is not faint in the form to avoid any issues further.

Western Union is one form of retail Money Order sold. Because of the limitations of more fees and no options to buy with debit cards we prefer buying one from stores in Winn Dixie.

What is the amount charged as the fee for buying a money order at Winni-Dixie?

To purchase a Money Order one has to pay $0.79 for $500 and $1.58 when you buy the highest amount of money order available.

What is the highest amount of money order at Winni-Dixie?

$1,000 is the highest amount of money order at Winni-Dixie.

Contact your nearest store to check out the limits of money orders they accept in their store as it may vary with locations. 

Remember Winn-Dixie will not Cash Money Orders. They will provide us with a list of places where you may get it cashed. The fee for money orders is currently $0.75 per transaction.

What should be done when Money Order gets stolen or is lost?

You can always ask for a refund by paying a processing charge of $15.00. But for this, you should have a receipt of buying that Money Order from the Winn-Dixie. In case the receipt is missing you may have to pay $30.00 for processing. You should also fill a research form. But once paid this fee is not refundable.

How to track your Money Order?

Once we buy a Money Order we will always be wanting to know if the person we have made a Money Order to has received the amount. There are ways to track a Money Order. As you buy it with cash it is not connected to your bank transactions. You should place a request with Money Order issuing agent for tracking. Always keep the receipts safe until the amount is received by the intended person. You can wait until the person on the other end confirms or you may contact them and confirm the status. One more option is to fill forms for the tracking paying fee.

Tracking in Western Union

  • You can call 1-800-999-9660 and confirm
  • Service of Money Order Tracing/Refund request can be used if you have the receipt
  • Waiting for 30 days for the processing is recommended to avoid unnecessary processing charges for tracking
  • Submit refund requests by offline or online modes

How to cash the money

  • Request your bank for processing
  • Verify with the issuer if you have any fraud concerns
  • Wait for a clearance notice to use the amount

Conclusion: Winn Dixie Money Order & Check Cashing FAQs

Winn Dixie has provided its customers with an easy mode of making a Money Order. You may contact the customer support team for any clarifications related before buying.