Wish App Review: Is It Safe to Shop With Wish???

wish app review

Have you ever been on Facebook or another website and saw an advertisement for something that is right up your alley?

Perhaps you even clicked on it and it was not only the perfect item for you but also incredibly inexpensive. Wish is one of the foremost online direct-to-consumer retailers. Therefore, you might have come across Wish and considered purchasing a gift or something unique for yourself.

However, you might be wondering if these cheap prices are too good to be true. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the Wish app, how to use it, and the reasons behind why the products are so cheap.

Is Wish Shopping Legit?

Wish is a legitimate business. In fact, it’s just as legitimate as shopping on Amazon.com or Walmart.com. The company is real, and other real companies use the app or website to sell their items, just like your other favorite online retailers.

However, previous clients say that you must be careful about the products that you purchase on the app or in the online store. It is quite easy to purchase an item that is exactly like its description but will still fall short in its quality.

Therefore, be sure to read the description and reviews on an item well before you order an item. Even then, it can be difficult to tell if an item is genuine or of good quality until you receive it, so you might not want to purchase anything expensive such as an engagement ring or electronics.

Where Do Wish Products Come From?

As you shop on Wish, you’ll be able to click into each seller and see who they are and where they are located. Most of the time, the individual sellers on the website are people selling merchandise made in Chinese factories.

While many Chinese companies manufacture goods and ship them to the United States, Wish retailers are shipping directly from the factory rather than from a U.S.-based warehouse. There are no middlemen and reduced supply chain costs. This allows for lower prices, but also less quality-control.

Why Wish Is So Cheap

Because Wish has eliminated the middleman as well as the need for storage and brick-and-mortar stores, there are no employees to pay for stocking shelves and other activities.

Therefore, the savings on items go directly to the customers. All these eliminated costs keep items on Wish at an exceptionally low price.

How to Shop on Wish

Shopping on Wish is like shopping on other apps and online retailers. While it can be great to shop while being frugal, you should be aware that Wish has a slightly different shopping experience than other retailers. The website and app both have a user-friendly design, and the shopping experience feels familiar.

Getting Started

To get started on Wish, you’ll only need to download the app on your phone or log in on the computer. Then, you’ll select ‘create an account’. After you enter your first and last name as well as your email address, you’ll be asked to create a password. This is all that’s asked of you to set up an account, and once you have it set up, you’ll be ready to start shopping.

What You’ll Find on Wish

If you like what you’ve read so far, then you might consider shopping on Wish. There are several product categories to choose from. Here are a few of the most common items people shop for on Wish.

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Home Goods
  • Children’s Products
  • Jewelry
  • Cosmetics

Avoid Scams

The best way to avoid a scam is to do your research before making a purchase. You should read through customer reviews of both items as well as the sellers. You can carefully examine photos posted by the seller as well as in the reviews. Users can leave star ratings, photos, and descriptions of their items as reviews, so you are likely to get accurate feedback if there are a lot of reviews.

It is important to note that many product descriptions are in broken English. Wish is a global marketplace, so both the customers and merchants are located around the world. The product reviews, as well as descriptions, might be written by people who are not fluent in English. This is not a sign of a scam, but rather an opportunity to continue digging for reviews if you do not understand the review that was left.

Getting Great Deals

It is common for Wish to advertise huge discounts on products. These discounts often reach 60% to 90% off. While you’re shopping, you will be able to see the original price of the item as well as the Wish price. This helps you to see the discount that you’re getting as well as get a feel for the value of the item that you are purchasing. There are several other ways to get great deals on Wish.com and the Wish app.

  • Blitz Buy – The Wish app offers in-app games to play. You can spin the wheel daily to earn special deals and discounts. Blitz buys are only available for minutes or hours at a time, so you will need to pay attention to the timer after you spin the wheel. For example, you may spin the wheel and receive an additional 25% off an item for 30 minutes. You must purchase your item within the next 30 minutes to receive the additional 25% off.
  • Daily Giveaway – Every day, Wish gives away free products. These items are given away between 9 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. and these items are available to the first 10 to 50 people. The item and quantity of the item differ each day. While it’s more difficult to get your hands on a freebie, it is a nice perk and keeps shoppers engaged in the app.
  • Wish Cash – If you purchase something and are unhappy with it, customer service may offer you Wish Cash. If you have Wish Cash, it is automatically applied to your next purchase. While Wish Cash can’t be redeemed for a refund or transferred between users, it is a nice perk that customer service uses to keep customers happy.
  • Reward Points – If you sign into the Wish app, you will earn reward points even if you don’t make a purchase. Therefore, you should log in to your Wish app daily to earn rewards. These rewards points can be used towards any purchase but may not be used to pay for shipping costs. You can use the points to receive an additional percentage off your purchase.

Receiving Your Wish Items

Most items from Wish will ship within two business days. However, because they are often shipping from China or other countries, the item may take weeks to arrive. Many users report receiving their items a month after placing an order. Therefore, do not purchase something that you need immediately. You can visit a local retailer or a different website if you’re willing to pay more to receive an item that you need right away.

Making Returns on Wish

If you do receive an item that does not meet your standards, you can return the item to Wish for a refund. However, returns can be exceedingly difficult. Because Wish does not use U.S.-based warehouses, the cost of shipping your return is not covered by the company.

To make a return on Wish, you will need to initiate a conversation with customer service via the chat feature on the website and app. You may return an item up to 60 days after receiving it, but typically the return policy is 30 days. If you choose to send the item back, Wish will refund you the cost of the item after they receive it.

Should I Shop on the Wish App?

There are several pros and cons to shopping with Wish. While every online retailer has its merits and deficits, Wish is unique because they cut out the middleman and ship directly to the consumer.


If you love getting a great deal, then Wish might be the app for you.

  • Inexpensive items – Because Wish cuts out the middleman and ships directly to you from the manufacturer, it is easy to get interesting items for a small price.
  • Easy to use website and app – The website and app are very user-friendly. The user experience is clean and similar to the experience of shopping on other online retailers.
  • Unique selection – You might find items on Wish that you didn’t know you needed, or try something new for the first time. Wish also makes suggestions to users, so you can find fun new items regularly.
  • Rewards Program – You can earn rewards simply for signing into the app, even if you don’t make a purchase. The discounts you earn are automatically applied to your next purchase, making it one of the easiest rewards programs we’ve found.


With the good comes the bad. You should exercise caution when purchasing low-cost items from abroad.

  • Low-quality items – There is a chance that items on the website are of low quality or knockoffs. Be sure to do your research on an item before purchasing it.
  • Slow delivery – Items are shipping directly from the manufacturers, typically from overseas. Therefore, shipping can take several weeks.
  • Inconsistent sizing for clothes – Every country and manufacturer sizes clothes differently. Therefore, you may order a size large shirt, but it feels like a size small to you. Many manufacturers list their exact measurements to help alleviate this issue.

The Bottom Line

Wish is a legitimate website and app. The company supports its customers well with myriad discounts and a generous return policy, but it is up to the consumer to ensure that the items they purchase are quality items before purchasing them. Overall, if you love a deal and don’t mind waiting to receive your items, then Wish might is a great app to use to save money.

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  • Low Quality

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