Woman Accused of Bullying Childhood Bully, Decides She Has Had Enough

Bullies are often explained away as being insecure: people being mean in order to make themselves feel better. But that doesn't take into account the trauma the person being bullied experienced. 

One woman was bullied by Sarah (not her real name) for almost a decade. Years later, she ran into Sarah at university and knew she couldn't relive her childhood nightmare. She made sure Sarah knew she wouldn't be bullied anymore. 

In The Beginning

When they were younger, Sarah made sure this woman was so isolated as a child that she ended up having to switch schools. She basically grew up friendless, which had a devasting effect on her social growth and self-esteem. 

Fast forward to years later, and OP is now at the same university as Sarah. Not only do their majors have overlapping classes, but somehow she and Sarah were put in the same workgroup in their psychology class. 

It’s like the universe just wanted them to meet again, even though they weren’t exactly fated lovers.

When she gave Sarah the silent treatment, Sarah actually had the audacity to confront her about her behavior. Sarah wanted to know why OP was treating her this way. So, she told Sarah exactly why. 

OP tried just to leave the conversation at that she didn't like Sarah. But when Sarah kept pushing, she couldn't hold back anymore. Finally, the woman gave a highlight reel of the eight years she suffered from Sarah's bullying. 

Still a Bully, It Seems

Sarah burst into tears and ran away to email their teaching assistant to report OP for bullying.

So, she explained to the TA exactly what happened between her and Sarah all those years ago. She even sent him proof — proof that was so serious that Sarah might be blacklisted from the medical program she wanted to go to. 

Now, she's wondering whether she took things too far. Sure, Sarah made her life a living nightmare for eight years, but now even her own parents are siding with Sarah. According to them, she needs to forgive Sarah for what happened and move on. Childhood bullying shouldn't ruin someone's chances at a medical career.

Sarah Got What She Deserved

Redditors don’t think that OP messed up in this situation. They have a lot of opinions, but all of them boil down to the same point: Sarah got what she deserved.

u/whatjjread thinks OP should try to forgive Sarah, too.

“You will be better off if you eventually forgive her and are able to let all this go—but you’re NTA in this situation.”

Another Redditor u/Theogkyller thinks that Sarah might still be a bully, and OP did the right thing.

“Her character shouldn’t be involved in a profession that relies on an obligation to do the right thing when self-managing. Her current actions show this is still an issue within her. You highlighted a potential issue where a life could be the cost of this mentality or action.

Head high, back straight, and best foot forward! Smile. You did the right thing…”

u/Ok_Emotion_3881 believes that Sarah deserved to lose her chance, doubting she was right for the field.

“NTA. I find it so frustrating when bullies are called out and people feel sorry for the bully. Eight years of constant harassment and gaslighting. The bully deserves everything she got. And given her reaction to being called out, I don't think she would have made a very empathetic doctor.”

Redditors have agreed that OP is not to blame. Sarah was, and it seems, is still a bully who perhaps needs a setback like this to set her on the right path. We have no idea how many more students' lives she may have ruined.

On a side note, I feel proud of OP for standing up for herself and not letting Sarah get away with all she did.

What do you think?

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