Is She Wrong for Dating Her Best Friend’s High School Bully?

Besides bullying, Priscilla has been the only constant in his life.

She was there for him when his girlfriend cheated on him with his cousin. She was there when his family disowned him for not forgiving his cousin. He would've thought that after seeing him through all of that heartache, he could've trusted her not to hurt him.

But he was wrong.

Here’s How It Went Down

When he was in high school, he was the sole focus of Mitch's bullying. He, and his lackeys, beat him up physically and emotionally, and when OP complained to the school, nothing happened. Then, he had his fallout with his family over his cousin and his now ex-girlfriend.

At the time, Priscilla was a refuge. Her parents let him move in when his parents kicked him out. She was there for him through the constant torture from Mitch and his gang of followers.

So he wasn't expecting, after a night of drinking, for Priscilla to confess to dating Mitch.

The Confession

To make matters worse, Priscilla wasn't planning on telling him about her new boyfriend. When she woke up the next morning and realized her “mistake,” she tried to call and text OP.

After spending some time thinking, he decided he needed to cut Priscilla out of his life. He didn't think he could trust her, not after such a betrayal. So, he told her to come to meet him so they could talk. And she did.

When he saw her, she looked like she'd been up crying all night. When she stood up to hug him, he pushed her away. She was struggling to say anything besides apologies. But as they got talking, she admitted that she hadn't just started dating Mitch as he thought; Priscilla had been lying to him for a year.

Worse, she's trying to convince him Mitch has changed since high school. Apparently, Mitch even wanted to apologize to him for everything that happened; OP just had to meet with him.

All the while, she couldn’t tell OP why she chose to be with his bully.

Break Up

When Priscilla said Mitch wanted to meet with him, she also hadn't been clear. Much to OP's chagrin, Mitch walked over and joined them. That's where things got out of hand: people were yelling and Mitch punched OP. Finally, OP knocked Mitch down and looked back up at Priscilla. She'd been watching the whole time, speechless.

After that, OP and his friends walked out of the cafe.

OP had to move in with his friends as the apartment he lived in belonged to Priscilla's parents. However, before leaving, OP called them and told them about the fight and stuff and that he was moving out. They were surprised and reassured him that their daughter would not cause him any issues. But he declined.

He was living there while paying minimum rent to them, and he did not think it would be a good idea for him to live somewhere Priscilla could find him. He thanked them for all they had done for me over the last few years and reassured them their relationship was still the same. OP could feel it was tough for all of them, but this farewell was necessary.

Was OP right to end the relationship?

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