Embarrassed Woman Gets Last Laugh With Savage Roast of Fiancé’s Sister

Interacting with extended family can oftentimes be uncomfortable. A recent Reddit post by user @shesaidhesaid7, OP, showed just how ‘painful' those situations can become. OP's soon-to-be sister-in-law kept commenting on OP's breast size, so OP put her on blast. But OP's soon-to-be husband didn't defend her! Should OP reconsider the marriage? Here is what happened.

The Back Story

OP says that as a young woman, she suffered from health and growth issues, leaving her small-chested. Still, she's accepting of her body and is proud of herself.

During a recent trip to her fiancé's parent's house for a birthday party, OP was put in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation, thanks to her fiancé's sister.

According to OP, her soon-to-be-sister-in-law “Mel” noted the sweetheart-shaped dress OP wore and felt the need to comment on it.

Mel said, “This dress needs boobs, you ain't got any.” Apparently, this isn't a new issue for Mel, as she feels comfortable often commenting on OP's chest size.

OP ignored her until dinner when Mel asked OP if she planned on “getting plastic surgery so she wouldn't ‘ruin' her wedding dress.”

OP was offended, especially because other people were present, but still, she didn't say anything.

Later on, when everyone was in the living room, OP noticed Mel was having trouble with her nose.

Apparently, Mel had a cold and was suffering from a stuffy nose. OP admits Mel's nose is rather big, and so she smiled and asked, “Do you need help with that? I could get the plunger for you.”

The room fell into an awkward silence, except for Mel's husband, who laughed. Afterward, Mel lamented how OP had ruined her daughter's birthday and humiliated her.

After being asked to leave, OP's fiancé told her she ‘shouldn't have caused a scene.'

When she tried to explain how his sister's comments made her feel, OP's fiancé defended his sister by saying her comments were ‘out of concern.'

Then he went as far as to tell OP that her comment was said ‘out of hate.'

Now OP is wondering if she went too far.

Redditors Speak Up

User @Teresa_Chavez wants to know how a man could sit back and let his family bully his fiancé. “Where are you women getting these men that wouldn't stand up for you against their family bullying? You might want to consider the relationship? NTA, by the way. She deserved every bit that came to her.”

@000-Hotaru_Tomoe agreed. “Came here to say the same. If someone commented on my partner's chest offensively like that, I'd roast them to ashes, and finally go NC with them. Folks, choose people who love you, respect you, and stand by you when you are wronged.”

Redditor @Curious-One4595 thinks OP should reconsider her ‘man.' “The moment your fiancé didn’t stand up and say “Well maybe next time you’ll think twice about insulting her breast size, nosezilla!” Was the moment you should have yeeted him through the window and noped right outta there.

Still, I believe In Redemption. You should make a single apology to her but only after she makes a separate apology to you for each time she has mocked or insulted your breasts.”

@MattDaveys had a warning for OP. “And don’t forget when you marry your spouse, you marry the family. And this is not a family I would want to marry.”

Redditor @East_Donut2862 thinks wonders how a comment on OP's chest size could be construed as ‘concern.'

“I didn’t get why he said his sister said it out of concern. That makes zero sense to me. Concern for what?

How is stating her smaller chest would ruin the wedding something that comes from a loving, caring place? How would having a smaller chest ruin a wedding at all?

Fiancé needs to check his own feelings on the matter and if it bothers him so much that OP has a smaller chest, he needs to grow up and get over it and love her the way she is or if he can’t, leave so she can find someone who will love her the way she should be because she’s perfect as is.”

In The End

Dealing with family becomes twice as hard once you've married into that family. Do you think OP went too far, or did she give her fiancé's sister exactly what she deserved? Would you have done the same?

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