Woman Highlights a Portable Car Vacuum That’s Like The Swiss Army Knife of Car Accessories

What's worse, getting into somebody else's messy car or having people get into yours? Either way, nobody likes getting into a messy vehicle. From offensive odors to unsightly stains and the grimy feeling of greasy fast food wrappers scattered around your feet, it's an experience most wish to avoid.

Cleaning a car can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Some people will come up with car cleaning hacks ranging from interesting to being entirely off the wall to save time and money. For those who aren't interested in messing around with makeshift cleaning remedies, or leaf blowers and trash cans, but still want cost-effective methods of keeping their car clean, products are available to make that happen.

The Swiss Army Knife of Car Accessories.

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Available on Amazon.com for under $30 is the Fahuac 4-in-1 portable vacuum cleaner. The Fahuac comes with an assortment of tubes, hoses, and a brush to meet cleaning needs in various situations. Hard-to-reach spots under or in between are now easily accessible with these attachments.

One woman loves this product so much that she made a TikTok video to praise it. (It also comes in various colors; its Amazon page shows it being black, while the woman in the video has a hot pink one.) Easily cleaning hard-to-reach places is only some of what this versatile little vacuum can do. It's a 4-in-1, after all. As the woman shows in her video, the Fahuac can inflate car tires and even has a built-in sensor that stops it when the tires reach the appropriate level of air pressure. It also comes equipped with inflation accessories to pump up bicycle tires, sports supplies, and beach toys.

You can charge it using your vehicle's 12v power port, and with the Fahuac's 16-foot power cord, it's a breeze to reach any spot in or around your car. One handy feature the woman doesn't highlight in her video is the built-in LED work light it comes with.

Technical Aspects.

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Anyone familiar with vacuum cleaners knows how frustrating one with inadequate suction capabilities can be. But that's not the case with the Fahuac because it comes equipped with a 130w motor capable of producing 32,000 RPM – this baby is strong! Conveniently, it comes with a transparent container and a protective lid, so it's easy to see when it's full, and all the trash you've vacuumed won't spill.

Moreover, the Fahuac comes with a high-performance HEPA filter that can be washed up to 500 times, so it's as durable as this vacuum is powerful. For extra convenience, this compact vacuum comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to transport and store, along with all its accessories.

Source: thegetawesomestuff on TikTok