Woman Hulks Out on Husband for Gifting Her a New Gaming System When They Have Debts

Between inflation and shrinkflation, the cost of living these days isn't low. 

People struggle to afford the basics, like buying groceries or gas to get to work. More often than not, they're forced to rely on credit cards to bridge the gap between paychecks and the cost of day-to-day living. The stress and uncertainty of not knowing how to make it through the month can be overwhelming.

Not The Best Time for a Surprise

OP u/devastatedGamer has a similar living condition, struggling with the effects of the economy, constantly rising prices, and medical bills incurred during the pandemic. Living with her husband has been hard, and they have been doing their best to keep their heads above the water.

For the last few days, OP has been driving with her car with the gas light on, hoping she could keep making it to and from work. Last night, her husband took the car out to get milk and she would've assumed he'd fill the car with gas. 

But when she got in the car the next morning to go to work, the gas light was still on. 

Then, after a long day of work, she came home to find a brand new video game on the kitchen table — one she mentioned wanting, but knew they couldn't afford. The game itself was $60, and required a gaming system upgrade to even play it. 

Needless to say, OP was… upset. She confronted her husband about it, wanting to know how they could afford a brand new video game when she was struggling to afford gas for their car. 

OP Needs To Be Consoled

Her husband instantly got defensive and said he'd return the game. She reminded him that they needed that money for groceries, gas — to survive. She's the one who does the budgeting (along with handling all of the scheduling, shopping, housekeeping, and caretaking) and knows what they can and cannot afford. As much as she wishes they could afford it, they couldn't. Not right now. 

But that was before she saw that he had also bought a brand-new Play Station 5 sitting on their bed. 

OP burst out crying and made her way back to the kitchen, yelling at her husband, “NOT JUST $60 BUT $600 WHEN YOU’RE OBLIVIOUS TO THE FINANCES IN THE HOUSE?! WE ARE IN SO MUCH DEBT. WHY?!”

While he looked upset, her husband remained silent. Finally, after she explained again that they needed that money to take care of their child, he said he would return the game and the Play Station the next day. 

Husband Is TA

u/Heloise_Morris perfectly points out the importance of communication.

“NTA Spending $660 on luxury items without consulting your partner when your credit cards are maxed out, and your cars are running off fumes is irresponsible. Everyone deserves a treat every now and then, regardless of their circumstances.

We’re all human, but a new gaming system and games, yeah, no. I was thinking more like going out to dinner or splurging for your favorite dessert, but a gaming system isn’t a treat; it’s frivolous”.

u/SnowyQuartz understands what OP’s husband was trying to do but sees how he’s also wrong.

“NAH. Your husband probably shouldn’t have spent the money and pushed you further into debt. Still, it sounds like he was trying to make you happy with a sweet gesture that, unfortunately, just wasn’t appropriate with your circumstances.

Your reaction was a poor one, no reason to blow up, but stress can manifest in ways we aren’t proud of. Although your husband probably didn’t deserve to be blown up at, you were justified in being upset. If there’s a next time, do your best to walk away and cool down so you can discuss rationally why this wasn’t appropriate.”

Everyone knows how it is important to give gifts and kind gestures to people you care about. However, openness is an essential foundation, too, in any relationship. OP and her husband had debts to settle, but he bought an expensive gift without her knowledge, in return, she was mad at him. What do you think of this?

Who do you think is TA?

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