Is She Wrong for Making a “Harmless” Joke About Her Formerly Overweight Friend?

She's been friends with James for almost a year. During that time, he's made significant lifestyle changes and she's been his exercise and motivational partner and he's lost a significant amount of weight. Sure, he's still overweight (according to her), but he's gaining confidence and that's what matters.

At a friend's party a few weeks ago, she and James were standing together when a drunk woman approached them. She was super interested in James, so OP was going to go. But then she asked very loudly whether she and James were a thing.

The Bad Joke

Not knowing what to say, OP quipped that the woman wouldn't have been asking that question if she had seen James last year. Not only did her friends immediately slam her for saying that, but when she looked at James, but he was also at a loss for words. Thinking that no one got the joke, she explained how he used to be much heavier, and then asked why the woman wanted to know.

The drunk woman shrugged, called James “hot,” and said she'd still him away from her if she was okay with it. Bored and irritated, OP left.

Afterward, OP spoke to James in private and he seemed to have gotten his feelings hurt. OP explained it was just a joke stressing that last year NOBODY would’ve assumed they were together. According to OP, the whole point of the joke was that he’s considered more attractive now but she adds that she knows his true awkward self and past.

OP finds it hard to believe that she acted out of character.

Redditors Put OP Straight

Redditor CantHandleThis4eva calls out OP for being TA. They think it's absurd that OP would say anything so dismissive of James' feelings as “he seemed to have gotten his feelings wounded.” It's like giving someone a good fist pump in the face and saying, “they managed to get their eye onto my fist.” OP needs to take a little responsibility and see if she can apologize for being mean-spirited and a lousy friend.

Redditor Material-Paint6281 could sense the “you're in this state because of me” vibe from OP, given that she mentioned that she was the “coach and motivator” for the past few months. So, as soon as he got a sliver of attention, she had to ruin it. She's not just toxic but almost feels entitled to the attention that James is getting because, without her, he would be nothing.

One other Redditor couldn't help but think that OP relished being James's “cool, sexy friend” and having “poor, obese, clingy James” hang out with her and depend on her. But now that James is, in fact, attracting attention from another female and working out himself, OP can't tolerate it. She goes as far as to label the woman paying attention to James as “tipsy” and “trashy.” They find it impossible to fathom how someone could be more interested in James than she decides to bestow on him graciously.

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