Woman Shares Her DIY Custom Car Blackout Window Coverings That Cost Less Than $50

Deep in the south, we’ve been experiencing multiple days in a row of triple-digit weather. When you step outside, it feels like you’ve stepped into an oven. One day this past week, when I started my SUV, the temperature gauge read 122°F. Absolute misery.

Now, if I had these superb car blackout window coverings, I can guarantee that it would have significantly reduced the temperature, and my ride home would have been much more pleasant.

Unfortunately, they don’t make blackout window coverings for every single window in your car like I need, but this woman on TikTok seems to have found a solution.

Check out her DIY project tutorial:

@chippysdaughter Going on a road trip and want to block out the light or unwanted visitors 👀? Me too haha. I decided to DIY custom, blackout window coverings which cost less than $50! 🏕️ 🌙 #campinghacks #solotravelling #diy #camping #carcamping #rav4 #adventure #roadtrip #fyp #foryou #westernaustralia #solotravel #windowcoverings ♬ Au Revoir – Sweet After Tears


Materials Used in Her DIY Window Covering Project

She started off purchasing 5-6 aluminum-looking sunshades from Kmart that you would typically use to protect your car dashboard. She also bought two rolls of duct tape, one roll of the more narrow PVC tape for the edges of the coverings, and a can of spray adhesive.

She taped together newspaper and old cereal boxes to form a material that she could use to make a pattern. She traced each of her car windows and cut out each one from the newspaper. She used these to cut sunshade material and then used duct tape to reinforce and blackout the coverings. Then, she used the PVC tape around the edges to give it a finished look.

Once she had made each piece, she showed off her creation and popped each shade into the window, resulting in a fully blacked-out car.

This creator frequently takes road trips and loves to use this hack to block out her windows when she sleeps in the car. Not only does it do a great job blocking out light and peeping Toms, but it also helps with controlling the temperature, which is what I need them for.