12 Awesome Women Directors That Deserve More Recognition

The film industry is home to many exceptionally talented women who have made significant contributions to film. These women have made films that have provoked solid emotional responses from moviegoers, questioned established norms, and expanded the scope of the medium. Here are fantastic female filmmakers whose exceptional work deserves more attention.

1. Kelly Reichardt

Kelly Reichardt
Image Credit: IMDb and Godlis.

For a director whose every work “she's made is magnificent,” it's become a wonder why she hasn't had more recognition than she does. She has a good list of nominations for her films but fewer nominations in the Best Director category, let alone a win.

2. Andrea Arnold

Andrea Arnold
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One award in a short movie isn't recognition enough for this four-time movie director whose work has been nothing but outstanding. Even her documentary, based on the strange premise of the lives of two cows, gained universal acceptance. Yet the coveted significant recognition continues to elude her.

3. Celine Sciamma

Céline Sciamma
Image Credit: IMDb.

Regardless of the high praise she has received over the years for her works, Sciamma will wait a bit longer before her films gain world recognition. She has the sheer talent already and has put together the founding blocks of trophies.

4. Lynne Ramsay

Lynne Ramsay
Image Credit: IMDb.

Ramsay is another prolific director with nominations and awards to show. She may not yet be in the public eye as her work is for something other than conventional viewers. But it will eventually change if she continues to woo household names in the industry.

5. Karyn Kusama

Æon Flux Karyn Kusama
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

After over two decades of directing, Karyn Kusama has struggled to break the Hollywood jinx and receive significant stage recognition for her skills. She possesses the potential to blow audiences and critics away. The latter is just a sturdy wall.

6. Greta Gerwin

White Noise Greta Gerwin
Image Credit: Netflix.

An actor herself, Gerwin has risen the ranks in the Hollywood world of directors. She's cherished by so many for her personality and hit debuts such as Lady Bird (2017) and Little Woman (2019).

7. Jane Campion

The Story of Film: An Odyssey Jane Campion
Image Credit: More4.

As record-breaking as it is, being the third woman in history to win the Oscars for Best Director is a meager return for her directorial resume since her debut in 1989. Since the Academy has hit the gas on female awardees in this category, Campion might soon be in the spotlight again.

8. Lorene Scafaria

The Meddler Lorene Scafaria
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Classics.

Hustlers cap the series of works by this American filmmaker going by the progressive higher ratings she receives. Her nominations are already light at the end of the tunnel for the major stage.

9. Lulu Wang

The Farewell Lulu Wang
Image Credit: A24.

The Farewell, a touching family dramedy from rising star Lulu Wang, became one of the most cherished movies of the year. Despite receiving unanimous praise from critics, the director and her film failed to receive any recognition at this year's Oscars, in what was likely the biggest snub of the season.

10. Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The Australian director Jennifer Kent is undoubtedly the most exciting newcomer on this list. Her first feature film – a horror one, The Babadook, quickly rose to the status of a cult classic after its initial release. Even though her second movie didn't live up to the first, her prowess is powerfully encouraging for the big stage.

11. Marielle Heller

The Diary of a Teenage Girl Marielle Heller
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Classics.

Four Oscar nominations is a good attempt for this three-time director whose debut received high praise. At this rate, the red carpets will come calling soon. Let's see what Nightbitch (her fourth movie) has in store.

12. Sofia Coppola

Somewhere Sofia Coppola
Image Credit: Focus Features.

Definitely a chip off the old block(s) after following in her parent's footsteps in filmmaking. However, a comparatively scanty award list tells the tale of how much more recognition she merits given her trademark works.

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