Discover What Is The Best Blog Hosting Sites For WordPress

In this post, I will reveal why I choose the below 3
Web hosting companies as the best blog hosting sites for WordPress

With the vast increase of websites built using WordPress
According to W3Techs, It is estimated around 34% of the world websites

This drastic increase in market share led users and developers look for
What is called the best WordPress hosting as a way to increase
The security of their WordPress and also to fine tune their websites performance

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Best WordPress Blog Hosting

At the beginning, most web hosting used to host WordPress without any issues
After that, Web hosting companies competed to modify their web hosting to
Convince bloggers and site owners for being the best fit for hosting their WordPress blogs

While it is very challenging to do a comparison for all the top WordPress Web Hosting
I will list 3 of them where I tried 2 personally for hosting my WordPress blogs
I tried Hostgator and Siteground where the latter is my current one where I am hosting this WordPress blog

1) Siteground

This web hosting company started in 2004, hosting around 1,800,000 domains worldwide

It offers the following features that makes it stand strong in the Web hosting

  • Top reliable 24/7 customer support
  • Technical Support team can do free migration for your site
  • If you are technical and decide to do it by yourself, then you can use their Free Siteground Migrator plugin
  • You don't have to worry about upgrading your WordPress on every new release as they have Automatic upgrades
  • They offer a secure https by offering a Free SSL
  • Improving your performance when certain web pages are requested frequently from different users by offering Built-in WP caching
  • Built in CDN (Content Delivery Network) with CloudFlare by protecting websites from malicious activity like DDoS attacks and increasing performance by distributing and caching your web pages on lighter servers
  • They offer an easy to install your WordPress called One-click Install from their cPanel 
  • They guarantee 99.9% Uptime according to their service level agreement
  • Keeping all changes made to each of your WordPress by creating a backing up for 30 days, you can revert back your site to any day you like
  • Multiple PHP version at your own disposal where you can choose your PHP version per any WordPress site, actually I used this feature on one of my WordPress site where I got a PHP error message on my homepage I called Siteground technical support and they fixed it for me, they realized that my WordPress theme is old and requires my PHP version to be downgraded
  • Running enhanced Artificial Intelligence Bot prevention tool developed by their Tech team where it blocks between 500,000 to 2 million brute force attempts hourly 
  • Finally they offer 30 days money back guarantee

Siteground plans

Siteground has the following plans, StartUp which allows 1 website for up to 10 GB, GrowBig which allows unlimited websites for up to 20 GB and GoGeek which allows unlimited websites for up to 30 GB

Although their plans are little bit more than BlueHost and HostGator but you still can secure a great deal if you sign up for 24 or 36 months with the price of $3.95/month for StartUp, $5.95/month for GrowBig and $11.95/month for GoGeek

Discover Best WordPress Blog Hosting

2) BlueHost

This web hosting company first started in 1996 before renaming it to BlueHost in 2003, hosting around 2 million websites

Compared to Siteground it shares many of the above features like

  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Automatic WordPress version updates
  • Themes and plugin notification updates
  • Integrated with CloudFlare CDN same like Siteground
  • Uptime up to 99.97%
  • Keeping up to 30 days of automatic backup like Siteground
  • Most plans come with unlimited disk storage 
  • You get a free domain for one year within your purchase
  • Enhanced cPanel which is easy to use 
  • One click WordPress install similar to Siteground 
  • Very clean and simple user interface where everything is well explained
  • Cheaper than Siteground

BlueHost has the following 4 subscriptions ranging from $2.95 to $13.95 per month when you sign up on the initial contract then original price ranges from $7.99 to $25.99 per month on your renewal

3) HostGator

Web hosting company located in Houston, Texas which started back in 2002, they passed the 200,000 mark on hosted domains

I web hosted my first WordPress site on HostGator with good experience but I decided to switch to Siteground

HostGator offers for first time users picking up your hosting package for very cheap sometimes including a domain name for free for only one year

HostGator has the following features

  • Excellent 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Affordable Prices.
  • 45 Day Refund Policy. …
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space.

Again I know the decision is hard to choose a web hosting as it is a long commitment, although not anymore with most of web hosting companies offer a free migration and helpful technical support to migrate your existing WordPress sites

Make up your mind, I don't want to convince you with any one but I am using Siteground, I believe it is the best blog hosting sites for making money with WordPress and I don't feel sorry for paying a little extra as the benefits outcome extra charge

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