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work from home with Amazon
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In the world of online opportunities, there are several platforms you can use to make money and earn without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Among these platforms is the opportunity to work from home with Amazon as a part-time or full-time worker. Amazon work-from-home jobs are such a hot commodity because the company is one of the best, and their job openings cut across several fields of study.

From being proficient at styling to a tech expert or scientist, you are guaranteed to find Amazon remote work that suits your credentials even if you are only a high school graduate.

When you go through the right portals to work from home with Amazon and get employed, you will surely get your weekly pay throughout your employment.


Why should I work with Amazon?

I guess one of the reasons why working with Amazon is so popular is because the company is a reputable one. You don’t have to worry about unpaid work or site crashing. 

Amazon is one of the world’s most valuable brands. It focuses on several sectors: e-commerce, artificial intelligence, entertainment, consumer electronics, self-driving cars, retail,  digital streaming, and cloud computing.

Amazon currently ranks at #4 on the Forbes best employer list. With over 1.6 million employees, Amazon is literally letting us know that there is a job for everyone. Also, they have virtual workers who work in various departments, including customer service, human resources, IT support, and even software development. 

If there is any reason why you should work with Amazon, it will be because it is a trusted and reliable brand that gives you several skill choices that you can work with.

Amazon work from home jobs
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How to work from home with Amazon

With the range of opportunities Amazon provides, it is no wonder it is one of the high-demand opportunities to make money online. You can find different work-from-home jobs on Amazon, and I have carefully curated a list for you.

  1. Amazon customer service

If you have no issue listening to ranting customers or helping a customer find solutions to their various problems, you can consider working as a customer service rep. You need to be computer literate, detail-oriented, and have good communication skills. You also need to have some problem-solving and critical thinking skills for you to be able to help customers solve their issues.

  1. Amazon HR agents

Surprisingly, Amazon employs people to look for people to hire at Amazon. It works somehow, I think.

The most common job openings are human resource assistant, recruiter, benefits specialist, human resources manager, and recruiting coordinator.

To work in this sector, you will need prior HR experience with good communication and analytical thinking skills.

  1. Administrative support positions

This job is a bigger group and includes openings for positions such as managers, receptionists, executive assistants, production assistants, and administrative assistants, among others. 

These administrative positions also offer you the opportunity to work as an intern, allowing you to work in these positions without prior experience and add it to your CV later on. Maybe the company can even employ you.

The requirements for these administrative positions might be a bit stricter compared to other jobs because it involves the smooth running of operations. 

  1. Stylist

You probably had no idea that you could use your fashion-based experience to work on Amazon, did you? Yes, Amazon offers a stylist position where they look for fashion-oriented workers that can cater to the needs of their fashion-based audience.

You need to be able to provide professional fashion advice, have good communication skills, with a few years of experience in the fashion industry, and work with a flexible schedule and under pressure.

  1. MTurk

On Amazon Mechanical Turk, you have an array of small tasks you can handle and earn from them. You need to sign up to gain access to the official Amazon MTurk and start completing tasks for money.

Although these tasks aren’t big on the payouts because they do not require much time to complete, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a way to earn quick bucks without too much work. Tasks can include transcribing, researching, or taking a brief survey.

Yes, Amazon MTurk is similar to side hustle jobs like taking surveys and completing tasks for money, but the added advantage is that you are sure of the payout, and cashout might be slightly better than these other sites.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Amazon boasts of over 900,000 affiliates worldwide. If you are an Amazon affiliate, you get a unique Amazon referral link that you share alongside the products you sell. You earn a commission for each product when others buy them with your referral link.

Several bloggers have their Amazon store where they select the products they want to share with their audience, which they use as a way to monetize their blogs.

  1. Amazon designing

There are job openings for designers on Amazon, from photography to graphic designing to digital entertainment. You might have to provide proof of your work, like a portfolio. Also, proficiency with current technology in that niche is an added advantage because Amazon is a technology company and will be up-to-date on new technologies in the industry.

  1. Content management

There is no company or brand without content, so Amazon has a job opening for content creators and editors on their team. Positions such as digital creators, content managers, and publishers are available. 

Teamwork is essential, and you must have strong creative and management skills.

  1. IT Support

This list wouldn’t be complete without this. In a technological company that offers stylist positions, inevitably, Amazon will also open IT support positions. This team is integral to what Amazon stands for, and it's no wonder you need an impressive IT background to get a job as an IT support.

Job openings include IT technician, support engineer, system engineer, and network engineer.

  1. Amazon merch

With Amazon Merch, you can create and sell T-shirt designs on Amazon. These shirts are printed on-demand, and you get a royalty for each purchase. You do not have to pay any upfront fee, and it can become a legitimate side hustle.

  1. Amazon KDP

You can create and sell ebooks on Kindle Direct Publishing, and it’s fast gaining popularity. You can even sell paperbacks, and you do these for free. Amazon takes care of the shipping, and you get to showcase your products to Amazon's over one billion audiences. 

You get royalties for each book purchase, which can be as high as 75%.

  1. Amazon Alexa

This is not a voice-over position but involves speech scientists, voice developers, voice designers, and other technical roles. This team works together to improve the Alexa experience with customers.

  1. Amazon Flex

With Amazon Flex, you can work around your schedule instead of the company’s schedule. You basically deliver packages from the Amazon warehouse to customers with the option of using your vehicle. 

Depending on your location and work schedule, you can earn a sustainable income with this side hustle.

work from home for Amazon
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While working from home with Amazon is possible, most job opportunities are hard to come by except those where you sell or market products yourself. It is not as easy to get employed by Amazon itself as utilizing the company's different opportunities to earn some extra cash, like Amazon Flex, Amazon affiliates, and Amazon KDP.

How to start the process

  • Create an account.

You can open an Amazon Job account to start. However, you can skip this step until you find the job opening that best suits you.

  • Research available positions.

On the Amazon site, you have to go to the virtual location page, where you will see the job openings available. You can use this list to research your best available option. 

  • Select the one that best suits your credentials.

From the list of available openings and the brief job description from this post, you can select the opening that best fits your experience and skills.

  • Send your application.

Apply directly on the site, and you will be asked to create an Amazon Job account if you haven’t already.

  • Follow up on subsequent instructions that the company will send to you.

How much can I earn on Amazon?

The amount you can earn on Amazon depends on your skill, experience, and working hours. Some virtual positions on Amazon might require you to work overtime or during the holidays.

However, even as a customer service associate, you get an average hourly rate of $12, not to mention the average hourly rate of an associate that starts at $17. With Amazon Flex, you can earn up to $20 per hour. 

You can earn up to $5,000 monthly as your royalties after commission as a Kindle Publisher. 

  1. Benefits of working from home.

There are several benefits of working from home and more so with Amazon. Here are some of my top reasons:

  • Amazon is a stable company
  • You can work around your schedule
  • You don't need the extra transportation expenses
 how to work from home with Amazon
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Conclusion: work from home with Amazon

If you are considering an online job with guaranteed pay and an opportunity of having more than just a side gig, then you need to consider working from home with Amazon.

The array of professional and not-so-professional job opportunities will leave you with many choices. 

Which of these Amazon work-from-home jobs will you like to do? Do you know other job opportunities available on Amazon?

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