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Have you hired influencers to find that they are not really thatinfluential?”

Today, everyone claims to be a self-appointed influencer or cutting-edge guru. Unfortunately, in a world where almost everyone seems to be peddling influence, it can be challenging to know who to trust or hire.

Virtually every brand we have spoken with has stated that they were disapointed with their previous efforts to engage bloggers and influencers to promote their offerings.

This feedback has led me to obsess over why many influencer campaigns fail. I could write a novel on what I perceive to be the shortcomings of the current “best practices” of influencer marketing; however, we can save that discussion for our discovery call.

My mission to fix influencer marketing has taught me one major truth; marketing campaigns are more successful when working together for the same goal. (Not exactly rocket science, I know)

However, consider the standard practice in online marketing today.

Brand A hires influencer A to promote their product or service, and then brand A hires influencers B, C, D… to promote their product or service.

What's the Result?

You have a half dozen or even hundreds of influencers all trying to scream over each other to promote a product. Even worse, all these influencers are trying to slug it out in Google and social media.

Sounds Good, Right?… Wrong!!!

  • Question: What causes content to perform in Search Engines?
  • Answer: Backlinks and Social Media Shares

Sure, there are other factors to ranking, such as quality content, site speed, page optimization, etc. However, you are kidding yourself if you don't think quality backlinks are still a MAJOR ranking factor.

Let me ask a question, is influencer B going to link to influencer A's review of the same product influencer B is trying to promote? Yeah, not likely!

This is why most influencer marketing fails and why I HATE affiliate offers.  Everyone who should be working together for a common goal is forced to slug it out for table scraps-Everyone loses.

The Best Traffic Is Search Traffic

We feel the best quality traffic you can receive is search traffic. So our process is built around ensuring that content performs well in search.

How We Are Fixing Influencer Marketing

We work with a team of influencers, who all work together to help promote a brand. This ensures a unified message and provides that we can stand out amongst all of the background noise.

We call it The Money Mix Influencer Network.

We have carefully hand-curated a network of bloggers representing the highest level of influence and the best value for brands based on a proprietary process.

Together, we work jointly to help ensure that the brand's marketing campaign is a huge success.

The Result? 

So Far, the network has demonstrated that by working together on a sponsored post, we can drive conversions at a lower cost per action than search CPC advertising, paid Facebook ads, and CPL, CPA, or Affiliate deals with influencers.

Our goal is to produce excellent evergreen content for a sponsor that will drive long-term traffic for a brand. 

We find these posts deliver the best value and the lowest cost per action for a brand in the long term.

Do We Do Affiliate Deals?

Short Answer; No.

As I discussed above, affiliate deals are not conducive to teamwork.

Slightly Longer Answer: I am open to ideas (But probably still no)

“But We Only Do Affiliate Deals?”

It is totally cool if Wealth of Geeks is not the right site for your advertising spend. However, many blogs (Like millions) are willing to rep brands on a pure affiliate model.

We didn't fix what was broken with blogs and influencer marketing to end up like everyone else. 😉

Given the time and cost to produce quality content that performs, we are only looking to partner with a few select brands that understand and respect our process to rank content, and more importantly, support our mission of making personal finance fun.

Services We Do Offer

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Reviews
  • Round-ups
  • Giveaways
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Email Sponsorship

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