10 Inventions That Will Make You Want to Move Overseas ASAP

Traveling opens our eyes up to new foods, cultures, and people. Here is a list of ten items American Redditors wished existed in the states.

1. Respected Bike Paths 

In Florida, bikes and cars merge into the same congested lane. Yes, we have bike paths. No, bikers don’t use them. For the most part, these bike paths come into contact with careless drivers. This is Florida, after all. Waiting for a bike to cross the street is as aggravating as being a biker terrified for their safety on Florida roads. 

In the Netherlands, everyone rides a bike. Bikes fill up the streets more than cars, and they have earned a high level of respect from citizens and visitors. I will say, it was intriguing to witness swarms of bikers pass by in the Netherlands, and I can’t fathom that in Florida. 

2. A Good High-Speed Railroad Network 

The US has Amtraks and bus systems, but reliable, train systems have not yet been introduced to the states. One user mentioned they wish the states would implement a system similar to the one in Spain

France and England have great public transportation options, too.

3. Heated Towel Racks

Who wouldn’t love a heated towel rack? 

U/Poes_Raven_ said, “Everywhere we stayed in France had them, I’ve never seen them in anyone's home or hotel here, it was so cozy to wrap in a warm towel after a shower.”

4. Public, Private Bathroom Stalls

In the US, you have two kinds of bathrooms, stalls with gaping cracks alongside the edge, allowing for others to peer in, or private, single stalls. In Japan, you can adjust the seat’s temperature and the water pressure. In France, the toilets clean and dry themselves in between each user.  

5. Decent Healthcare 

America’s healthcare system is warped. Most people who need treatment cannot afford the exorbitant treatment costs, insurance is for the rich. 

Several Redditors aired their wishes for socialized and universal healthcare, like the system in the United Kingdom or New Zealand. 

6. No Tipping Culture

Outside of North America, tips are included in the bill. In Japan and China, tipping is looked down upon, and in Iceland and England, tipping is factored into the bill. 

North America is one of the only continents that permits a tipping culture. 

7. Bullet Trains

Like regulated train systems, bullet trains will take you where you need to go, but at triple speed. In Japan, bullet trains transport passengers between cities and countries at a whopping 186 mph. 

8. Food Without Preservatives 

No-Basket-5993 wished the US would adopt the food practices other countries use. “Food without all the chemicals like we have here in the States. Which is why we always bring an empty suitcase with us, and we fill it to the brim. I bring back everything, anything I can get in, including flour.”

9. Bidets

In America, bidets and self-cleaning toilets are for the elite. In other countries, bidets (or bum guns) are acceptable and hygienic devices anyone can access. And, bidets pose less environmental risk than American toilets.

10. Espresso Vending Machines 

For those who love espresso, rolling up to a vending machine for a piping hot espresso is a blessing. 

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