12 Worst Anime Parents Of All Time

While there are various anime parents that dedicate their lives and love towards their children, there are those who are their children’s living nightmare. Parenting seemed to not be in their priority at all, whether it is glory or power, they're willing to do anything to achieve their selfish goals and some might even throw their children to it without hesitation. Or even, maybe dump all the expectations and trouble to them without a care to the point they are abusive and perhaps become one of the reason their children are the show's antagonist.

In this list, we explore a few of anime’s worst parents. Ranging from just straight up abusive to maybe even worse like experimenting and violating them. 

Worst Anime Parents Of All Time

12. Vinsmoke Judge from One Piece

Vinsmoke Judge from One Piece

Believing that being royal meant to be served not serving, he disowned Sanji, his son, after he found out that he has a habit of cooking for others. He also has no qualms in using and experimenting on his children. He doesn’t care if they’re turned into monsters as long as they’re able to help him achieve his goals, which is, reforming the Vinsmoke to its former glory. 

He doesn’t consider Sanji as his son, making his other children bully him and telling him not to associate himself with the Vinsmoke family. Due to shame as he sees Sanji as his biggest failure. Once Sanji made a name for himself, he sees him as a pawn to be use for fulfilling his goals, doing whatever it takes to the point of blackmailing him. 

11. Kazekage Rasa from Naruto

Kazekage Rasa from Naruto
12 Worst Anime Parents Of All Time 14

Kazekage Rasa is Gaara’s father, Sunagakure is facing an economic problem and he wants to focus on making more powerful ninjas. In order to do that, he seals Shukaku, one of the powerful tailed beasts, in his unborn child. Causing his wife to die at childbirth and Gaara to be born prematurely. 

As Gaara grows up, the beast’s powers start to manifest and he starts to lose control. Rasa saw Gaara as a failed experiment and attempted to kill him. Though it’s unsuccessful, he kept trying to assassinate him over and over until eventually, Gaara learned how to control it after finding ideals in being alone. Only then, he stopped trying to kill him and hopefully make him a useful tool–rather than a son.

10. Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill

Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill
12 Worst Anime Parents Of All Time 15

The main antagonist of Kill La Kill is a terrible mother. To her, her children are nothing but tools to destroy all humanity and replace them with Life Fibres, basically, clothes from space. She violated her first daughter, Satsuki then heartlessly disposes of her second daughter when she believes she’s dead from an experimentation. She doesn't even feel anything towards her children at all, seeing them as a stepping stones for her to achieve her dream.

To top it off, she orders her third child to sacrifice herself too without a second thought. As long as she manage to fulfill her goal, she seemed to be satisfied and content with the idea of killing her children who comes to oppose her ideals. For sure, Ragyo Kiryuin is definitely one of the worst parents in anime.

9. Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion

The infamous father of Shinji Ikari, who abandoned him at a young age when he needed him the most. Instead, he pursues the idea of being able to meet his dead wife again that involves human extinction. Still, to top it off, when Shinji thought that he and Gendo would reconcile, he instead told him to get into a giant mechanical robot and fight an equally giant non-human creature who threatened to kill them all. 

Despite doing what Gendo wants, Shinji is greatly neglected by him. From not giving any guidance on how to pilot a giant robot to not supporting him afterwards. And no, a monotonous “good work Shinji” one time doesn’t count. 

8. Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater

Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater

While Medusa makes a good, interesting villain of the series, she’s a very terrible parent. From experimenting Crona, her child, and only seeing her child as nothing but a tool to also neglecting and deemed Crona a failure. Yet, she is still willing to manipulate and use her child for her grand scheme of plans. 

Due to her negligence and detachment to them, Crona becomes very unstable and mad. It can't be blamed after all, who wouldn’t have if your mother forced you to kill animals in different ways brutally? 

7. Endeavor from My Hero Academia 

Endeavor from My Hero Academia

Despite his redemption arc that happened recently, it doesn’t mean that he’s forgiven for the acts he had done. From driving his wife insane and ruthlessly training Todoroki, the only children he acknowledges, to surpass All Might in which is his ambition and goal. He saw his family as a stepping stool for his goal, straight up abusing his children and wife as he never cared about them at all before his redemption arc. 

Acknowledging your wrongdoings is the first step, Endeavor still has a long way to go to redeem himself. 

6. Ging Freeces from Hunter x Hunter

Ging Freeces from Hunter x Hunter
12 Worst Anime Parents Of All Time 16

With how much adoration and determination Gon has about his father, you’d think that we’ll have a heartwarming reunion between the father and son. But no, Ging Freeces just has to be an awful father and a jerk. He’s absent for most of Gon’s life in order to pursue his ambitions, then when they’re reunited, he doesn’t want to do anything with him. 

To add up, the lack of care when Gon was dying and never bothered to visit him when he’s in the hospital. Thus the satisfaction when Leorio punched him in the face, the thing that most of us had wanted to do for a long time. 

5. Grisha Yeager from Attack on Titan 

Grisha Yeager from Attack on Titan

Dedicating yourself to your country isn’t really a bad thing, though neglecting your son shouldn’t cut it either. Being obsessed with taking down Marley and restoring Eldia, Zeke gets the short end of the stick due to his father’s negligence and is forced to join the military thanks to Grisha.

He’s not a good parent for Eren either, injecting your clueless son with the titan serum and turning him into a titan. Thus forcing Eren all of his responsibilities when he ate him and also causing him to have a short lifespan. 

4. Dario Brando from Jojo Bizarre Adventure

Dario Brando from Jojo Bizarre Adventure

The father of Dio Brando, the series’ antagonist. While Dio has done a lot of questionable things, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that his biological father is not a better person. Dario is not only an abusive father but a terrible husband. He verbally and physically abused Dio and even made his wife work to her death. He was glad when she passed, meaning he can sell her things for money.

Due to a misunderstanding with Jojo’s father, Dio got adopted by them after his father passed away. Though we kind of understand why Dio was glad when his father passed.  

3. Saki Arima from Your Lie in April 

Saki Arima from Your Lie in April

The mother of the show’s protagonist, Kousei Arima. She was a well known pianist throughout Japan, due to her terminal illness she stopped playing the piano. Her expectation towards Kousei on becoming a pianist is the thing that ruined Kousei’s love for piano. She’s harsh, strict and straight up abusive towards him that he couldn’t make any mistakes or else she’ll berate and beat him. 

After she dies, she still manages to haunt Kousei, making him unable to hear music anymore. Also the reason why he cannot enjoy playing the piano as he used to before. 

2. Saika Gasai from Future Diary

Saika Gasai from Future Diary

Saika Gasai is the mother of Yuno Gasai, the reason why Yuno Gasai is insane. Initially, she was a loving mother to Yuno but she started to lose her mind due to strain of money and with her husband’s lack of presence in the house. Thus, she takes it out on Yuno to the point of caging her with no food until she eventually breaks. 

She, along with her husband who does nothing after finding out she’s been abusing Yuno,  ends up being locked by Yuno in the same cage. They eventually die from starvation because Yuno forgot to feed them. 

1. Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist

Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s here. He’s known as the Sewing-Life Alchemist for his breakthrough of producing a chimera capable of human speech. In order to keep his title, the man then uses his alchemy to fuse his five year old daughter and pet dog into a chimera. What’s worse, he tries to confide with his daughter-turned-chimera that he’s misunderstood. 

In the fear of losing privileges gained from becoming a state alchemist, he sacrificed his own daughter and pet dog. The most heart wrenching part about this is that her daughter is too young to understand how horrible her father is and stood up for him.