14 Laugable Movie Opinions That Could Ruin Friendships

Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson

Have you ever watched a film with someone who clearly didn't get it? Maybe they shared their confusion and voiced their dislikes, and their critique left you wondering if they even watched the same movie.

Here are some instances where filmgoers encountered awful opinions about beloved films.

1. Back to the Future Is Creepy

Back to The Future
2Image Credit: Universal Studios.

Yes, romantic love between a parent and child is universally regarded as creepy. However, that’s kind of why Marty is completely disgusted by the physical interactions with his mother’s past self. The film acknowledges that the relationship is creepy, and you, as the viewer, are meant to cringe at it with Marty.

2. Star Wars Requires Reading

Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back James Earl Jones, David Prowse
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Admittedly, having to read an entire book to understand a movie is annoying, but the opening scroll of Star Wars is everything but long. Well, apparently some disagree, as one forum member recounts when a coworker said she avoided Star Wars because of the opening text, stating that requiring reading to understand the backstory makes it a bady movie.

3. No British People

Four Weddings and a Funeral
Image Credit: Rank Film Distributors / Polygram Filmed Entertainment.

One commenter notes that they have a friend who couldn't stand to watch anything featuring British people because they sound “stupid and annoying.” Wow, they're missing out on a lot of quality viewing! Whether you're a Hugh Grant fan or not, there are tons of excellent British films out there.

4. Black and White Is a No-Go

Citizen Kane
Image Credit: RKO Radio Pictures.

One person writes that their ex refused to watch anything in black and white. Imagine being so closed off to cinematic entertainment simply because of a color aesthetic. We have to wonder if The Wizard of Oz counts as “unwatchable” to them.

5. Modern Movies Are Better

2001: A Space Odyssey
Image Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Too many people think modern movies are better than the icons of yesteryear. Not all modern movies are bad, but how can you say a classic like 2001: A Space Odyssey is trash? Or an intense film like The Vanishing doesn't deserve the hype? One film connoisseur claims they almost threw up when someone told them that E.T.  the Extra-Terrestrial isn’t very good and modern movies are better.

6. WALL-E Was Boring

WALL-E Ben Burtt
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

When WALL-E dropped in 2008, the robotic, post-apocalyptic love story warmed the hearts of millions. To this day, even those who despise Pixar give WALL-E a pass. However, film fans claim others refuse to watch the animated feature due to the lack of dialogue. According to this mindset, a movie with little dialogue is boring.

7. Zodiac Didn't Provide Closure

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Based on an actual series of murders that affected the San Francisco area in the '60s and '70s, Zodiac presents a chilling unsolved mystery. To this day, the identity of the Zodiac killer remains unknown, yet those who dislike the film still state their anger toward the lack of closure. 

8. Squid Game Has “Bad” Dubbing

Squid Game Lee Jung-jae, Oh Yeong-su, Park Hae-soo
Image Credit: Netflix.

A viewer shares that they remember when Squid Game was all the rage, and their mom said that she doesn't like subtitles and doesn't like the “acting.” The “acting” refers to the English dubbing not lining up with spoken words.

9. The Menu Was Unrealistic

The Menu Anya Taylor-Joy
Image Credit: Searchlight Pictures.

Perhaps the most riveting modern satire. The Menu is a tale about a celebrity chef who invites prestigious guests to a special dinner reservation. But, some viewers express they don't think the story is plausible. One fan spills a friend's interpretation of the movie, saying that The Menu is about the evils of famous people's influence and the demise of society because people are sheep. This person also thinks that knowing how sociopaths work in real life, there is no way Chef Julian would do what he did in the movie's climax. This makes the movie unrealistic and not good.

10. Comedy Is a Burden

Tracy Morgan (left) and Martin Lawrence star in Screen Gems' comedy DEATH AT A FUNERAL.
Image Credit: Screen Gems.

Drama, horror, animation, anime, and comedy fill theaters daily. Yet, some people don't observe comedy because they think it harms society. We're not entirely sure what that means, but we can tell that it's a ridiculous assessment of the genre.

11. Barney Is a Socialist

Barney and Friends
Image Credit: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Recently, Peacock released a two-part documentary about Barney. Some individuals show no remorse for the purple dinosaur and host parties to destroy replicas of the fictional character. Someone comments that their friend thinks Barney exists to instruct viewers on socialist values. That's why sharing makes up a large portion of the shows and films.

12. Pre-2000s Films Are Boring

Die Hard (1988)
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

This take parallels the first one and suggests that the entire catalog before the new millennia is not worth watching. This person says their mother, from the 70s, avoids any movie released before the 2000s due to their “slow, ugly, and boring” nature.

13. Endings Should Always Be Happy

Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

Believe it or not, moviegoers watch historical films and still think they should have happy endings. Titanic and The Boy in The Striped Pajamas are great examples. Both based on actual events, the films interpolate fictional characters with historical accuracy. Several forum members mentioned that they've had friends  and family finish a movie like Titanic and say, “I wish the ending was happier.”

14. Animation Is for Kids

Perfect Blue Bridget Hoffman
Image Credit: Madhouse.

For any animation enthusiast, Disney fan, Dreamworks fan, or cartoon lover, you know this is not true. Animation applies to everyone and usually fosters hidden (or blunt) messages for adults in children's targeted programming. Also, Perfect Blue is one of the best animated films ever to grace the world, and it is in no way, shape, or form for kids.

Source: Reddit.

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